Assumption Junction

Assumption JunctionWe’ve all heard how making an assumption of another person “makes an ass out of you and me.” Yet, people still make assumptions all the time about why a person did or didn’t do something and what they will do in the future. Many of the stories that are made up about people are so far off target but assumptions continue to be made. You can spend a lot of unproductive time wondering why something happened, especially if you know attraction principles. You assume it was this thought or that thought that created your negative circumstances…again, many times your guesses are far off base. However, there is great place for assumptions in your life. Assuming that you are going to get exactly what you want leads to consistent results. Assuming that the game of manifestation is never over, even when the rulebook says so, will get you everything you want at any time.
Don't assume…      Assume…
You won't make your financial goal this month or year. You will.
Your health will decline as you get older. It will improve.
That employees are hard to manage. You will attract the IDEAL team.
That a BIG goal would be a miracle to achieve. It's normal for you to achieve it.
That there is not enough time. There is an abundance of time.
You have to do it all by yourself. The Universe has your back.
You have to sacrifice your own needs for clients. Your ideal clients will honor you.
You can't afford it. You can and the money will come.
You are stuck in a rut. The time is now for a   breakthrough.
Assumptions are happening hundreds of times a day and you don’t even notice. Make it your practice to tune into your assumptions. See if each one serves you or creates a roadblock. A good assumption keeps the door not only open to possibility but ensures success. If you think it’s not as easy as this, you’re wrong. But you’ll end up being right if you keep assuming things are hard work or impossible. Catch my drift? No more excuses. No more yucky assumptions. It’s time for an assumption revolution within you. Assume that you are worthy of all good things and that by you choosing your own rules that feel good, miracles WILL be an everyday occurrence. © 2010 Master Peace Coaching WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE, BLOG OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini, CPPC, assists solopreneurs and business teams in creating high-octane results. If you're ready to easily attract more profits, alignment with your team, fun and ease, get her weekly ezine Designing Your MasterPeace at
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