“The Art of Practice”

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Art Of Practice

Everything you do repeatedly becomes your “practice.”

Whether good or bad, when you do something again and again and again, it becomes a routine … habit … practice.

Overeating is a practice. Worrying is a practice. How you handle disappointments is a practice. Even the way you approach money is a practice.

Want to change your practices and start some new ones?

Want to learn how to overcome things in life you don’t like … but keep doing?

Or perhaps there’s something good in your life that you would like to keep practicing, but want to move up a notch.

Then you’ll want to order “The Art of Practice” because it tells you how you can “interrupt” your practice and bring it into line with what you really want.


Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover:

  • How to let go of old habits (practices) that don’t work for you and replace them with something better.
  • Numerous tricks and techniques to use to redirect your actions and bring your practices more in line with your goals.
  • The real meaning of “mastery” (it’s not what you think) and how to achieve it in your life.
  • How to overcome those moments when you feel ‘stuck’ so you can continue to move forward in your new practice.
  • Why failure can be one of the best things to happen to you.

The source of the incredible content in “The Art of Practice” is Lance Giroux, Adjunct Professor of Management School of Business and Management at the University of San Francisco, and the leader of Allied Ronin Leadership and Training, an organization that offers training and workshops in personal growth and expanding one’s potential.

I was privileged to interview Lance and pick his brain on how our practices influence the way we move towards our dreams. I was blown away by his insights into human nature.

I truly believe “The Art of Practice” will provide you with powerful resources to attain your goals. It will help you ‘get outside of yourself’ so you can objectively observe your practices, and then use the presented techniques to achieve personal and professional success.

“This is a brilliant, useful and listener-friendly guide to the art of Mastery… one which I highly recommend.”

George Leonard, author of Mastery and The Life We Are Given

“There’s no doubt about it…we become what we practice. This program shows you how to enjoy practicing what really matters so you can succeed with greater ease and fulfillment. Whenever I listen to this tape it helps me create new momentum and I move into the flow.”

Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success

“Is it time to move ahead? You’ve started a process and could use some help staying on track for the long-term? Ready to acknowledge and let go of some old habits?

Jeanna and Lance have put together a clear, practical, and punchy set of tools to further your positive forward motion. This tape gave me the answer to my “NOW WHAT?” inquiry. It will be a part of my daily practice for a long time to come. Thanks for the powerful support. “

Mark Norris, Senior Consultant, SafeNet Consulting

Start learning TODAY how to bring your “practices” in line with your goals.

“The Art of Practice” is available in two formats:



MP3 File


I know that once you experience “The Art of Practice,” you’re going to wonder why the price isn’t much higher.

I’ll tell you why. I want YOU to have the opportunity to make dramatic, positive changes in your life, so I’m keeping the price down to the bare minimum.

You will have access to the Ebook or the MP3 file within moments after your order is approved. 

Believe me, this is a purchase you will not regret. Don’t put it off another second.

Jeanna Gabellini