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Art Of Practice

“The Art of Practice”

Available in Ebook, MP3 format, Audiocassette, and CD

Everything you do repeatedly becomes your “practice.”

Whether good or bad, when you do something again and again and again, it becomes a routine … habit … practice. Overeating is a practice. Worrying is a practice. How you handle disappointments is a practice. Even the way you approach money is a practice.

Want to change your practices and start some new ones? Want to learn how to overcome things in life you don’t like … but keep doing? Or perhaps there’s something good in your life you would like to keep practicing, but want to move up a notch.

Then you’ll want to order “The Art of Practice” because it tells you how you can “interrupt” your practice and bring it into line with what you really want.

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Business Rx System

The Business Rx System

Stop the Chaos and Get Into the Flow!

Are you giving everything you’ve got to your business, doing all the “right things,” listening to all the right people … yet you feel like you’re always behind the times and under the gun?

Look, we all expect some stress and more than a few challenges when it comes to making our businesses work, but if you’re feeling stressed, stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed more often than not, you need some serious Business RX!

Luckily, the doctor is in! And she’s making house calls!

This home study version, The Business Rx System is packed with the same information I share in my popular Business Rx tele-coaching program, and it is guaranteed to give you the same results … at less than half the price.

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Divine Guidance System

Divine Guidance Home Study System

Learn simple yet powerful ways to connect to your Divine Guidance. Leverage your time and enjoy more spacious days filled with joy, freedom and peace.

Develop your skill to tuning into this “inner expert” and it will always be your companion. You will make proactive decisions with spiritual guidance that can always be trusted. No more knee-jerk reactions to people, obstacles or deadlines.

You will be forever in the driver’s seat of a fast track vehicle to manifestation and success.

We know you’re hit all day with choices about “stuff” that’s supposed to make your life better. This system will teach that you have the ability to be your own best expert about all ideas, decisions, business, health and relationships. This is the only product you will ever need to tap into your inner expert.

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Infallible Health Home Study System

“Infallible Health” The Home Study System

It’s a scientific fact: YOUR HEALTH and WEIGHT are not determined by what you eat, what exercise you do or your genetic makeup.

Jeanna Gabellini and David Di Francesco are not fooling you when they say that you can have the super healthy fit, attractive body you’ve always wanted without depriving yourself of the foods you love or slogging through some kind of fascist fitness regime. They understand if you’re a bit skeptical at this point, but give them a chance to share what they have learned to be true.

See, one of the reasons you’re not happy with your body right now is that you haven’t been given the right information about what really works when it comes to creating a healthy, fit body you love living in. In fact, almost 90% of what you believe about aging, disease, food, exercise and your body is totally bogus!

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Mind Games Visualizations

Mind Games Visualizations Audio

Mind Games is for anyone who wants to ground themselves in peace and possibilities.

Guided visualizations are a virtual journey to take you out of your “thinking” mind and into your “creating” mind. These visualizations are active mind exercises injected with fun and will leave you feeling content, magical, uplifted and inspired.

When your mind is positively focused, you will be in alignment with every desire you want to attract. Mind Games has visualizations for stepping into your power, chilling out, creating wealth, improving your health, clarifying your goals and your next action steps. Each visualization is no longer than 11 minutes.

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Speed Dial The Universe

Speed Dial the Universe Journal

The processes in Speed Dial the Universe are your short cut to infinite ideas, solutions and connection.

Speed Dial The Universe is a tool that guarantees your alignment and focus with the things you want most in your life. Manifestation of those desires will be your outcome when you use this journal consistently.

This isn’t rocket science. Most people do not have the peace, relationships, money, fun and health they desire for one reason. They are not taking the time to be deliberate about what they want, how they feel and what their most important focus is in any given moment. There is more reaction than inspired action!

All you have to do is take about ten minutes a day to fill in the journal. The time you spend in your Speed Dial the Universe will literally be the most productive time of your day. It will set you up to create your desires with ease and flawless results.

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