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The Program Begins:

Tuesday, January 14, at noon PT, 3:00 pm ET.

Class sessions will be 75 minutes every month for 4 months on the first 3 Tuesdays of the month at the same time.


Your Conference Access:

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You can listen by Phone or Computer:

Phone: Dial in number: 1 (425) 440-5100*

Enter pin code: 250129#
* There may also be a local number: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/
* You can also call in with Skype: https://www.instantteleseminar.com/Skype/

IMPORTANT: To ensure the best teleclass experience for everyone involved, please call from a quiet environment, and if at all possible, use a land line for this class. Speaker phones, cell phones, cordless phones, headsets and VOIP (Skype or Vonage) lines may cause static or create echoes and crackling which can impact the other callers, as well as the class recording. If you are unable to use a land line, or if you are calling from outside of the United States, please press *6 on your telephone to mute/unmute your individual line.


If you choose to listen by computer you will not be able to speak live, but can ask questions via the Question Box on your web page. Links for your classes are as follows:

January 14: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=46389513
January 21: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48026820
January 28: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027072
UPDATED THIS WEEK ONLY: February 3: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027198
February 11: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027261
February 18: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027324
March 4: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027387

IMPORTANT – The U.S. switched to Standard Time on March 8th. If you are in Arizona, Hawaii, or Outside of the U.S. please check if this will affect your class time:


March 11: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027513
March 18: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027576
April 1: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027639
April 8: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027702
April 15: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027765

Bonus Calls

November 21, 11am PT / 2pm ET: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027828
December 18: 11am PT / 2pm ET: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=48027954


  • Master Launch Plan Visual Map Template
    Download here: Happy Wealthy Launch Map
  • 1 Month in a Mastermind with my launch strategist, Rob Goyette, Rob will be personally reaching out to those who qualified with details
  • 1 Group Call with my launch copywriter, Nancy Tierney, to dial in your launch opt in page. Here are the details:How to Write Opt-in Pages That Pump Up Your Prospects – a fool-proof formula for building your list, engaging your audience and creating a connection with your ideal clients.

    Date: Tuesday, February 25 at 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET
    Dial: (425) 440-5100, Pin: 250129#
    Link: https://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=49750185 This call is complete. You can access the replay here.

  • Access to all of my launch plans, launch copy, strategies, and insider resources: Download here: Launch Checklist



Happy Wealthy Launch Map – Download PDF Here
Launch Checklist – Download PDF Here
*5-Star* Team Member Creation Process – Download PDF Here
*5-Star* Client Creation Process – Download PDF Here
*5-Star* Promotional Partner Creation Process – Download PDF Here
Launch Copy Plan – Download PDF Here
Download the Webinar Pitch Example Here.


Lesson #9: 03/18/14


Missed a class? Want to listen again? Recordings will be available approximately 24 hours after each class. Instructions to listen to the recording of each class are listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Phone recordings are only available for a limited time! Please download the files onto your computer if you wish to listen again when your classes have finished.


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Bonus Call #1:

Download MP3

Bonus Call #2:

Download MP3

Group Call with Nancy Tierney on How to Write Optin Pages That Pump Up Your Prospects:

Download MP3 Here

Download PDF Slides

Lesson #1: 01/14/14

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 1

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 1

Next Steps:


Choose your date, even if you don’t know WHAT you’re launching yet. Let’s make this real.

Schedule in time each week or every few days to prep, take action, brainstorm, ponder your launch. Even if it’s in 20-30 minute segments … if you schedule it, you’ll be more intentional.

Script out the testimonial you would LOVE to send me about your launch results. Write as if it’s already happened and you got everything you wanted and much more from your launch. It’s your launch so YOU dictate the process, how you feel and your end results. I’d love to see it if you want to share.

If you’re not yet an affiliate specifically for my ProfitQuest program, you’ll want to be so that you can see what all of my partners get sent during my launch. You may want to create a folder to keep all of my JV emails (even if you’re not planning to using JVs for your next launch). Register here: https://www.ProfitQuestPartners.com

Lesson #2: 01/21/14

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 2

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 2

Next Steps:


Plan for spending/investing for your launch profits. It can be as simple as a list or do a vision board.

Lesson #3: 01/28/14

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 3

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 3

Next Steps:


Choose your story/theme for prelaunch festivities. Mine is: Massive increases in profit are created with simple, doable steps that you consistently follow.

Brainstorm prelaunch festivities … you don’t have to know the content yet. But decide the WHAT. Mine is book, video #1, video #2, webinar #1, webinar #2, free template.

Then plug in the date that you will deliver to your launch calendar. This is your structure for your launch. And you can now brainstorm the actual content once you have this in place.

Lesson #4: New Date: 02/03/14

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 4

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 4

Next Steps:


Create the framework for your offer.

Lesson #5: 02/11/14

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 5

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 5

Next Steps:


5-Star Promotional Partner Attraction Process.
Create your Dream Team, even if you don’t plan on using JV’s …what if it were easy? What if you could get WHOEVER you want?

Lesson #6: 02/18/14

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 6

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 6

Next Steps:


If you haven’t already, map out when you’ll be sending your emails to your tribe and what you want your JVs to send and when.

Lesson #7: 03/04/14

Audio For Lesson 7

Download MP3 Here

Maps For Lesson 7

Download Map Here For Lesson 7

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 7

Next Steps:

Download the Webinar PItch Example Here.


Write your pitch from your heart. Even if you’re not doing a verbal presentation to use it, this will ground you in your offer and you can incorporate it into your sales page.

Lesson #8: 03/11/14

Audio For Lesson 8

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 8

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 8

Next Steps:

Decide what each of your festivities will be and the 3 main points of content in each. Then decide in what order they should be released. Each one will build on the other creating an avalanche of value for your optins. Also, decide where/when you’ll first announce your offer.

Audio For Lesson 9

Download MP3 Here

Download Map Here For Lesson 9

Download Map Notes Here For Lesson 9

Next Steps:


Make a list of where you’re going to promote and flesh out what kind of copy and graphics you’ll need for promotion.

Lesson #10: 04/01/14

Audio For Lesson 10

Download MP3 Here

Lesson #11: 04/08/14

Audio For Lesson 11

Download MP3 Here

Lesson #12: 04/15/14

Audio For Lesson 12

Download MP3 Here

Happy Wealthy Launch Wrap Up Call: 08/19/14

Download MP3


Alternate Conference Info:

Technology being what it is, if you are ever unable to call in to the regular teleconference line, we have an alternate for your use.In the event you are unable to dial into your class at the appointed time, please try our alternate service. Here are the details: **ALTERNATE **

Dial-in number:1-567-314-6666
Your Conference Passcode: 1440#
NOTE: This is an ALTERNATE. Please do NOT use this number for your class unless you are unable to get in with the regular phone number.


Happy Wealthy Launch Member Forum:

To join the private Facebook group for coaching:

1. Please “FRIEND” Jeanna here: https://www.facebook.com/jeannagabellinifan
2. Send an email to jeanna@masterpeacecoaching.com with Subject Line: Please add me to the ProfitQuest Facebook Group!

If you are already a member of the group you can access it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/530538250362078/

Need Help?:

If you have a concern, question, insight or anything else you’d like to share – please let us know! This way everyone learns and wins. Instructor: Jeanna Gabellini – jeanna@masterpeacecoaching.com Assistant: Lauray Walsh – lauray@masterpeacecoaching.com


Have questions? Please email: lauray at masterpeacecoaching dot com

In support,

Jeanna Gabellini


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