Significantly and consistently increase your profits, alleviate financial stress, and ditch your old money stories so you can create exciting NEW results to your bottom line!

There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ profit strategy.

(Although, some experts will tell you there is!)

There is a special combination of changes that will unlock your profit code. When you click it open you’ll find inspiration, innovation and a kick-ass attitude immediately replacing any frustration, apathy or struggle about attracting wealth through your business.

Consistent increased profits are guaranteed to follow. Yes, guaranteed!

This process doesn’t have to take years. It can be done in months … painlessly.

In this 75-minute complimentary webinar and bonus videos you’ll discover:

Which actions and thoughts actually create results to your bottom line and which ones keep you in old profit paradigms.
How to create an inspired wealth plan that will cause you to immediately step into your financial potential.
How to use your inner focus to attract more profits without killing yourself marketing, networking or experiencing strategy overload.
The way to adjust your pricing to reflect the true value your company delivers and attract even more ideal customers and clients.
How to create a healthy relationship with debt and watch big chunks of it disappear each month (POOF!).


The process to transforming your profits doesn’t have to be messy, complicated or depressing! I’ll show you how to unlock your personal profit code with easy-to-implement actions that will work for any business owner, no matter your current profit reality!

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Monday, June 17h at 12:00pm PDT/3pm EDT.
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Kathleen KrushasNot only has my income doubled, but my company has expanded to a national brand moving from one location in Chicago to having a second in New York. I can make it anywhere and with Jeanna’s help I have no question that I will. My wildest dreams are coming true (just like she always has told me.)!”

Anna Livermore, V. Mora

Kathleen KrushasMy income has increased 7 times over since I worked with Jeanna!”

Bill Girone, The Girone Financial Group

Cathy AnesiI have gotten CLEAR about the value of what I offer and more than doubled my rates. I have also revamped my core program, re-built my rock star team, clarified my niche and have been supported through the process of "standing loud and proud" in what it is I can do for people.”

Julie Gray, Profound Impact

Cathy AnesiI will reach record numbers this year with a six-figure income.”

Catherine Anesi, The Lighthouse Retreat and wellness Center