Divine Guidance Teleprogram with Jeanna Gabellini

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Entrepreneurs and Leaders…

Are you tapping in to your most powerful resource for rockstar solutions, creative genius and masterful manifestation?

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Divine Guidance Magic WandAccess the very best knowledge on ANY topic of your focus
  • Make the perfect decisions in your life and business
  • Create amazing pathways that lead directly to your goals
  • Increase your profitability in days vs. years with simple and easy inspired actions
  • Experience ease, flow and synchronicity as normal events
  • Release ALL struggle and fear based thinking
  • Never second guess anything you do
  • Create short cuts to marketing and attracting clients
  • Find the missing piece that will make all your goals easier to manifest
  • Feel tapped into well-being no matter what bumps you hit in your business

Divine Guidance is available to everyone. Other names for your Divine Guidance are Inner Magician, soul, higher self, or inner being. It is not separate or outside of you.

Nancy Tierney“Jeanna & Bridgette’s Divine Guidance class gave me what I’ve always craved: a direct and dependable connection with my own Divine Guidance. As a result, I’m loving my life, finding new inspiration and ideas every day, attracting new career opportunities and having a blast! My work is easier as creativity flows through me in a way it never did before… and my clients love the results!

Plus, anytime I have a question, whether silly or sophisticated, I’ve got a pipeline to the answer! How cool is that!

I’ll admit, at first, I thought “Only certain people get to have a clear, undeniable connection to their Guidance.” But this course showed me, step by step, how to move past my doubt and into a magnificent, joyful and playful relationship with my Guide… a relationship that continues to grow and deepen to this day.”

Nancy Tierney, FirecrackerCommunications.com

Ana Clason“This course gave me huge support in crucial moments with my finances, buying my house, shifting my mind set towards money, and with my loving relationship. I know that anything is possible to achieve. Miracles happen. I trust my Divine Guidance, relax and expect results instead of looking at my reality of lack, going mad about it, loosing my patience and being very needy.

This course was perfect and I felt very supported. Jeanna’s coaching was very empowering, wise, and quick. I love the combination of Jeanna and Bridget´s teaching/coaching.”

Ana Clason

 Everyone has an ‘Inner Business Expert’ and you can have access to this powerful resource 24/7.

The big question is, “Are you milking this resource for all it can do to make your business and life an epic experience?”

When you partner with your Divine Guidance (which is YOU!), you will experience your divinity. It is all knowing and gives you Universal truths, creativity, brilliant ideas and guidance on how to align with the prosperity, relationships and the health you desire. Divine Guidance is your short cut to all good things. Your connection to it will allow you to live your highest and best day every day.

Wouldn’t you just love to UNLEASH Your Inner Magician?!
Especially when it comes to your business?

Of course, you would! Deepening your connection to this powerhouse energy source is the key to manifesting every little and BIG thing you’ve ever wanted to experience.

Join me, and one of my favorite coaches on the planet (and self-made millionaire), Bridget Engel, in a 9-week tele-program that will train you to easily and consistently tap into YOUR Divine Guidance in your business.

“I wanted to tell you both how much I appreciated this class and your wonderful instruction, contributions and support. Your unique styles melded perfectly to create a very rich learning environment. In addition to you both being awesome, I thought the meditations, groundings, class content and structure to be divine.

Tania Hess

Ann E King“So much abundance from one class…lots of fun, laughter, open and honest real-life examples, coaching, comfort and security. The love and support are palpable. I have transformed the way I operate. I don’t worry anymore; I choose. I also have a noticeable increase in the abundance of every area of my life. I feel like I’ve launched from a sling short into the field of all possibilities.”

Ann e. King, KingCityStudio.com

Gomati Goodbody“Thank you so much for the delicious coaching. The guided meditations were fun and relaxing. I felt a strong clear connection that I’ve never experienced before.”


“I’ve opened a new channel of communication with my higher self. I’m using my tools daily, expanding ‘those’ muscles. Before this course I was sailing around aimlessly and now I’m on course. I’m being deliberate, authentic and a powerful nucleus attracting what I set as my intention.

My marriage has shifted to a wonderful space! I now have a relationship with my mom (it has been on the rocks or non existent since I was 15!). My hot buttons are gone.

I’m grounded everyday again. I’m in love, peaceful, safe, confident, happy and having fun. The synchronicities and miracles are abundant. People are showing differently for me because I have transformed.”

Nadine Jackson

In this 9-week tele-training you’ll learn….

  1. Bridget Engel QuoteHow to meet your Inner Magician up close & personal
  2. The tools for connecting to your guidance no matter your situation or desired outcome
  3. How to create daily success habits that align with your most important goals
  4. How to tap into intuitive intelligence
  5. Bust up and release any stories you have about things being hard in your business
  6. How to leverage attraction principles to the umpteenth degree
  7. The most powerful ways to get solutions and answers from your guidance
  8. How to Unleash your magic to get the perfect clients, revenues and people to support your business in being the way you always imagined … and better
  9. How to ground your energy so you can be laser focused and on purpose
  10. The short cuts to energizing your goals and receiving rockin’ results
  11. How to snap out of worry and stress in nano seconds
  12. How to be excited about your desires without getting attached to the outcome
  13. How to delegate all unwanted tasks, ideas and needed solutions over to your Guidance to handle
  14. How to step fully into your power and be the CEO of your business and life
  15. To trust more fully that you will always get your intended outcome
  16. How to dream and create bigger than you ever have before
  17. How to jump on inspired actions immediately

The Divine Guidance tele-program is a journey to completely understand, experience and embrace your divinity. The most successful people on the planet are tapped into their Inner Business Magician and the dividends are huge. Plan on experiencing more profits, ease, and ideas handed to you on a silver platter. This ensures higher levels of peace and joy!

If you are ready for your life to take off and you feel guided to be on this ride with us, then please join Bridget and me! We would love share 9 magical weeks together Unleashing Your Inner Magician. You will be using your Divine Guidance to focus on 2-3 of your most important goals.

Cheers to your divine business and life!
Jeanna & Bridget

Laura Salvaneschi“Thank you Bridget and Jeanna for your love, enthusiasm and caring so much about each one of us. This was the perfect class at the perfect time for me. I’ve received so much more than I would’ve dreamed.”

Laura Salvaneschi, ForWonderfulWomen.com

Natalie Ekberg“I have developed new habits around setting intentions, grounding and releasing. I also realize that connection can be an ongoing state. I’m definitely calmer and more trusting. I’m aware of the power I hold and depend on my own judgment/intuition rather than those of other people.”

Natalie Ekberg, LBLifeCoaching.com

Jackie Adams

Listen to Jackie Adams’
(aka Agent JLove) testimonial here.


Stay Tuned For the Next Class Date Which is To Be Announced.
To learn more about divine guidance now, visit our home study page here

Yes! I’m ready to commit to having a deeper connection to my inner guidance, allowing in more revenue and creativity than ever before.

I will allow my business to thrive the way it was meant to with Jeanna Gabellini and Bridget Engel.

I will allow my business to thrive the way it was meant to with Jeanna Gabellini and Bridget Engel.

You’ll receive training and coaching from, Jeanna Gabellini and Bridget Engel.
We’ve made the investment so low for this course that you won’t be able to let your money gremlins scare you away from breaking free from their negative thought loops. Plus, we’re offering a special price if you pay in full!

When I enroll in this special 9-week telecourse, I will receive:

Divine Guidance Star Nine, 60-minute, LIVE coaching and training calls taught personally by Jeanna and Bridget.
Divine Guidance Star MP3 audios of all nine coaching & training calls. These are accessible the day after each call in the event you miss a call or want to hear any call again.
Divine Guidance Star Unlimited email coaching in between classes.
Divine Guidance Star 7-card meditation set called “Owning Your Magnificence” created by Bridget
Divine Guidance Star Downloadable Divine Guidance Manual

Option One: Enroll in this 9-week teleseries
for just four easy monthly payments of $349.55

Divine Guidance 4 Pay

Option Two: Enroll in this 9-week teleseries
for just three easy monthly payments of $465.66

Divine Guidance 3 Pay

Option Three: Enroll in this 9-week teleseries
for just 1 easy payment of $1197

Divine Guidance Full Pay

I also understand that reserving my seat is safe and easy, since my purchase will be processed through your secure servers!



About Bridget Engel:

Bridget hails from New Zealand and now lives in Northern California. After an education in business and much success, she followed her Divine Guidance to travel and flew to California with a one-way ticket, two suitcases, and not knowing a person there.

Bridget pursued her love of teaching and empowering others and became a Certified Life Coach from the Coaching Training Institute. In addition, she studied under Dr. Doreen Virtue, the renowned Angel teacher, and became a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner.

Bridget is also a real estate maven. Her special recipe for success stems from listening to her Divine Guidance and following this inner expert.

When Bridget works with her clients she blends her business background, coaching principles, and intuition, and teaches her clients how to partner with their Divine Guidance, which is a short cut to all good things. This is the place that gives you universal truths, creativity, brilliant ideas, and guidance on how to align with the prosperity, relationships, and health you desire.

Bridget infuses joy and inspiration with her clients while encouraging them to live outside of their boxes, to play a bigger game, and enjoy their lives to the fullest.