Entrepreneurs and leaders who are tearing your hair out to find a way to double
your impact in the world as well as your profits, while spending less time working –
YOU need a break!

There is an easy way for you to access your six or seven figure
business and it’s DOABLE, EASY and a TON OF FUN!

You’re about to learn that by taking two days out of your old routine, you can amp up your vision, create the practices, mindset and plan to have your business dreams unroll like a red carpet at your feet.


Visualize. Plan. Mastermind. Get Coached. Push All Boundaries.

Listen in to a message from Jeanna:

Everything you need to DOUBLE your list, impact, profit … and FUN! In fact, you’ll be able to double anything, anytime you want.

You’re here because you are hungry to leap into a magnificent and exciting business that screams, “I’m kicking ass in my niche and I’m loving the heck out it!”

You have got to resist the pull to keep doing your business the same old way. I know it’s a bit scary to step out of your comfort zone. It can conjure up all sorts of “gremlin” conversations in your head. But don’t succumb to sameness.

You don’t want to be five years down the road and still be dealing with the same stuff that drives you bonkers in your business. Plus, wouldn’t it make you happier to be making more money while you do more of the stuff you absolutely love?

And I personally want to assist you to allow it to happen. Now. In the most intimate setting … my home.

Kathleen Krushas“I had fallen out of love with my business and Jeanna’s event has forever changed how I live and run my business.. If you’re thinking about doing this event, Just do it! Jump in. Whatever is holding you back in your business, this is the catalyst to move ahead.”

Kathleen Krushas, ToThePointPublications.com

Cathy Anesi“I felt stuck, overwhelmed, over worked and stressed. Jeanna’s live program gave me a chance to breakthrough barriers that were holding me back and the confidence to plan ahead.”

Catherine Anesi, CatherineAnesiLCSW.com

Picture this:

  • You drop all resistance to time, knowledge and money so that you can make a real plan for doubling your profits.
  • The plan is easier to execute than anything you’ve done before in your business.
  • You’ve created your marketing calendar through 2013 and it feels thrilling, spacious and well laid out.
  • You’re completely in your power and feel FIRED up to make new connections, raise your fees and leverage your time and systems.
  • Law of Attraction is on your side and you are using it to your advantage.
  • You know the exact steps you need to take in the next 60 days.
  • You’re smiling BIG!

How did you get there?

You were one of the 12 business owners who threw down the gauntlet and said, “It is MY TIME to run my business like someone who knows their power!”You were open to new ways of being, bigger strategies and bolder inspired actions.

Here’s your opportunity to be in the most caring, powerful and highly vibrating space for two days.

Be prepared to BE different when you go back to your business. Be willing to change patterns, because you’ll have to. It will be EASY because you will be creating the shift and new patterns while we’re together.

October 5 – 6, 2012 I will be opening my home in the San Francisco Bay Area to a dozen business owners that are ready to get more fired up than they’ve ever been and to do something about it.

I’ve been pre-paving this experience with you for months. There will be visualizations, exercises, masterminding, coaching and experiences. You will leave with a clear inspired plan of actions bigger than you’ve ever had before.

This is an ALL-NEW retreat. If you’ve been to one of my retreats before, this will be different. While we’ll be serious about transforming your business into an easy 6 or 7 figure bottom line, you will be lounging in comfy couches and chairs. You’ll be inspired by the water view and sunset. And you can explore our adorable town on the bay.

The investment for this business and life changing 2-day retreat will be $4997. But quick decision makers can SAVE with the EARLY BIRD special pricing … see below! I have ten spots left since a couple of my clients heard about this before I announced it. If it’s time to change things up and you’re tired of not living in a place of ease and fun – come.

Make the decision that a seven-figure CEO would to grow their business. Tevo your fave shows, reschedule the vacation and clients, and take time out to change the evolution of your business.

If not now, WHEN? And HOW?

Demi Karpouzos“I felt confused, stagnant, disheartened and frustrated. Jeanna’s event was essential and transformational to uplevel my business and life. The content, support and ideas were absolutely amazing! Your energy is crazy good and addictive.

Thank you for your generosity Jeanna and for what was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a great deal and I feel alive! You rock in a HUGE way!”

Demi Karpouzos, StrategicalCoaching.com

Stacey Corrigan“I was confused, unfocused, uncommitted and uncertain about my new business. At Jeanna’s live event I learned that it’s okay to pursue a venture that provides me joy. Jeanna is a masterful facilitator and gets to the heart of the matter directly in a loving and patient way.”

Stacy Corrigan, ManifestYourman.net

I promise that this will be everything you want, because I’m creating it just for you. You will get to make requests and prepare long before you arrive at my door.

If you have questions, email me directly and we can set up a time to discuss your ideal outcomes and if this event will perfectly fit your needs.

BONUSES: A prep call to get you grounded before the event, and a follow up call to keep the momentum as you begin implementation of your plan to DOUBLE your impact, profits and FUN!

Breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks will be provided. Transportation, lodging, and dinner are not included. I will provide you with a list of B & B’s and hotels that are walking distance from my home.

Questions? Contact Lauray at Lauray@MasterPeaceCoaching.com