Anatomy of a Bonus Package

Many online marketing experts tell people they have to have a fast-action bonus package to get anybody to buy anything.  

Or worse, they say you have to discount your offers or give fast action or early bird discounts.  

Not true. 

I used to do early bird discounts on my programs. I stopped doing that years ago. And my income has 10x since then. ;-) Discounting is usually a result of not believing people will buy at regular price.  

Do I ever put stuff on sale? Yes, but a sale has a different motivation behind it. 

But let’s get back to giving bonuses. There’s a time and a place to give bonuses. And it’s a myth that more bonuses is better. 

I’ll set the record straight in a minute.  

And before you get yourself all wound up thinking… 

I don’t have anything to give as a bonus.

Stop. You have a lot to offer. You’ll see. 

So here are my loose rules for giving bonuses with an offer. (And rules can be broken.)

  • Only give when inspired to give.

  • Don’t give anything that’ll suck up your time and make you resent giving it.

  • 1:1 clients don’t need bonuses. Build perks into their package.

  • It’s not about quantity or dollar value. Focus on quality.

  • Create hot names for your bonuses and take the time to describe them so people truly understand their value.

  • Give bonuses soooo hot, clients might buy just for the bonus. 

And the most important rule I’ve learned from my mentors is that the best bonuses help your potential clients overcome objections to investing in your offer. 

As an example, when I offer my Launch Your Money Maker mentoring program, one of the biggest objections to buying is that potential clients don’t know what would be their “money-making offer.” 

So I offer a special call to help them nail it down before the program officially begins! I also give them a bonus course on how to create an online program. ;-) 

Here’s an example of putting some deep thought into a bonus package. I believe it’s my most abundant in terms of the outcome you’ll receive. It’s also the most bonuses I’ve ever given… I usually give about 3–5 different bonuses. But the number doesn’t matter. One really thought-out bonus can be the lynchpin to getting lots of yeses. 

The bonus package below is for people who invested in Christian Mickelsen’s Big Money Business Coach Training and Certification Program through my link. I’ve been promoting Christian and masterminding with him for almost a decade and totally believe in what he delivers… he’s helped me 10x my income since the first time I met him, so I wanted to go all out with my bonuses. 

As you read through the bonuses, notice how I give things that are of high value, help clients overcome objections to saying yes to what they want, and offer products that will be easy for me to deliver. (Everything but the live coaching has already been created, so it’s not extra work for me. And I love doing the coaching.) 

—> Bonus #1: I’m coaching YOU for 90 days! ($5,000 value)

After 90 days with Christian in Big Money Business Coach, I’ll be by your side for 3 more months! You’ll get monthly live group mentor calls, plus a 24/7 on-demand coaching forum to 10x the power of your strategies and mindset and get kickass results for the rest of the year! BAM! 

—> Bonus #2: $10k in 10 Days Intensive ($2,000 value)

Make BIG money anytime you want! You’ll release your upper wealth limits to attract $10,000 in 10 days or less. Or make $100,000 in 5 days like others in this program have done to instantly attract clients. You’ll receive 10 super-charged videos, 4 live coaching calls with me, and a 24/7 on-demand coaching forum throughout this 30-day virtual event. 

—> Bonus #3: “That’s How You Do It” 6-Figure Program Swipe Files! ($10,000 value) 

Once you fill your biz with high-paying 1:1 clients, you’ll want to offer a program to serve many clients at once. To make that easy, here’s everything I used to create a $360,000 program launch with zero videos. You’ll get all of my email, opt-in, and sales copy plus my webinar scripts. The whole enchilada! 

—> Bonus #4: $360,000 Live Launch Debrief ($2,000 value)

I’m doing a special live VIP call to share how I attracted dozens of $10k clients using a free online challenge. I’ll share what worked and what I’d change the next time. Plus, live Q & A with me to leave no stone unturned! 

—> Bonus #5: Accountability Coaching ($1,000 value)

Guaranteed you’ll implement what you learn in Big Money Business Coach with these 3 monthly live calls with my productivity coach to ensure you win! Move past any blocks that keep you from taking money-making actions.  

—> Bonus #6: Ecstatic Marketing Program ($1,000 value)

Release the headaches of marketing to get clients and tune in to your Inner Marketing Genius. Grow your list and make record-breaking sales with marketing that’s fun to create and feels good from beginning to end. Kaching-a-ling-a-ling! 

—> Bonus #7: My $75,000 free strategy session script! ($1,000 value)

This is the script that took me years to perfect… and you can tweak it to fit your personality and niche. I’ve used it to enroll my $75,000 private clients and high-end $25,000 masterminds! <- EASY! 

I had to put on my creativity hat and ask my Inner Business Expert to help me make it my best ever. But it’s fun to give a bonus package you know will rock your potential clients’ world.

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Your Inner Guidance Knows

Success in your business always comes back to the point of origin…which is you. 

You’re responsible for being the creator of all things and experiences in your life, which means that everything is personal. Everything you experience in your life is simply a reflection of you. This is the reason (and it’s a good one!) that so many folks are investigating what they can change about their inner world to make a greater impact in their outer world.

My entire business is based on assisting people to change their thoughts, focus, habits, and actions to serve them in a more positive way. I have my own coaches that I rely on for uncovering and discovering how I can experience more peace and joy in everything I do. 

With all of that said, it takes more than a coach, book, or seminar to have the best experience possible in your business.

I’d like to introduce you to the best expert you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. This would be your Inner Guidance. I also refer to it as your Inner Business Expert.

It’s the highest evolved part of you. You may have already met this part of you in a roundabout way. When you feel guided to do something on a whim and it turns out to be a great decision… that was the handiwork of your Inner Guidance

You may have marveled at how wonderful your intuition is, and again, that is your Inner Guidance. Here is the really cool thing about your Inner Guidance: it goes beyond intuition and hunches. It is the guru of gurus on all business topics. 

It literally has all the information you’ll ever need to guide you to exactly where you want to go and how you want to feel. And it’s available to you at all times. 

With practice and focus, you can develop a relationship with your Inner Guidance that will prove to be your most trustworthy source for making all decisions in your business and personal life. It’ll also allow you to feel a new level of security, clarity, inspiration, creativity, and peace. 

Your Inner Guidance can assist you with your business, health, real estate decisions, investments of all types, relationships, solutions to any problem, and so much more. 

When you are tapped into this guidance on a daily basis, you will begin feeling more energy and joy. It’s like having a genie in the bottle except you’ll receive an unlimited number of wishes!

And your Inner Guidance will also guide you to the best people to support you in growing a 5-star business… including coaches, mentors, webmasters, admin support, and everything else you could ever want!

High-five to the best business partner you’ll ever have.




You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Outrageous Solutions

Have you ever vacillated between solutions only to make no decision at all? Or have you made a choice so fast that you didn’t even look at more ideal options because you just wanted to move forward with your project or business?

The truth is, solutions abound on all topics. And within that buffet of choices lies the most ideal choice ever… for you. The catch? You have to be willing to push your chair back from your desk and take a time out. Solutions will bubble up at a rapid pace if you allow them.

Daniel Burrus, who wrote Flash Foresight, puts it this way, “When you look in the opposite direction from where everyone else is looking, you see things nobody else is seeing.” I like this perspective because often it can seem like you’re thinking outside the box but you’re still trying to create a solution from inside the problem.

Another reason why it can be challenging to nail down your ideal solution or a super fab idea is that you are trying to attack the symptom. You have to go way beyond that.

Susan wanted to upgrade her website. It was outdated and pieced together in a haphazard fashion. Her focus was to generate extra income so that she could hire someone to make the changes. She began to think of ways to make money fast… $3,000 to be exact.

If she had kept that focus, she would’ve eventually saved up the money, and her new website would be up for public viewing. But is that what she really wanted? No. Not really.

As Susan took a pause for the cause, she got to the real desire. She wanted to remodel her website, and hire someone to make the changes and do the day-to-day maintenance. She also wanted to generate more than an extra $3,000. She needed to uplevel her yearly income by $50,000. The solution to that desire would be very different than a solution for creating an extra few thousand.

The problem was that if she knew how to create the additional $50,000, she’d already be doing it, right?! Susan and I began the brainstorming process with one of my favorite games, “What If UP.” We threw out logic and her history

What if she:

  • Could get a single big contract vs. dozens of smaller ones?
  • Doubled or tripled her current fee structure?
  • Made friends with some BIG dogs in her industry and they promoted her work to their fans?
  • Created a whole new program in an area of her expertise and generated $100,000?
  • Let go of her past struggles and considered herself the rock star of her industry? 

What would she do different?

Do you see how this line of thinking opens Susan up to completely new territory? 

You have to get wild and crazy in your mind. Go beyond your immediate needs and focus on ideal targets, not what will just get you relief. Go beyond what you have experienced or are familiar with in your business. Have some fun and be outrageous. 

You WILL attract your most perfect solution

Trust the process, and trust yourself to carry out the ideas.





You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Create Momentum in 3 Minutes Flat

It’s common to experience fulfillment in some areas of your life while feeling like you’re backpedaling in another area.

Have no fear, if you want to move forward in that one area.

Here’s something you can do right now. Seize the moment! It’ll only take about one minute longer than it takes for you to read this article.

Bring to mind the optimal outcome you want. Just spend a moment articulating, in one or two sentences, the end result. For example, “I found my perfect house on the water and the financing easily fell into place.” Notice I put this in past tense, as if it already happened.

Now, what can you find that’s working well about the current situation? What can you appreciate?

I began looking for a house before my financing was in place and before my mate was on board with this goal. It looked like an impossible dream at the time. When I was house hunting, I focused appreciation toward my realtor, who was patient, enthusiastic, and compassionate. I appreciated that many people gave me creative ideas for my financing. Every house gave me a new design or decorating idea. 

Make the obstacles less significant.

Remember that no matter what aggravating evidence is revealed to make it look like your goal is being stomped on by the Universe, don’t give it too much attention.

You’ll always find a way to get your outcome if you release the obstacles as relevant.

Whenever I found a house that piqued my interest, either the price tag was several hundred thousand above my budget, the view was the size of a postage stamp, or my mate would find something wrong with the deal. I kept holding out that the Universe would find a way to bring together all the pieces in an ideal way.

When you’re not feeling inspired or ease around the goal, stop all action and attention to it.

This is the time to go get involved in the areas of your life that are working well.

Trust me, you will not benefit from trying to make something happen when you are feeling agitated. Even if the area you need movement in is finances. Your finances can’t improve when you’ve got your panties in a wad about them. You’re only a vibrational match to trickles of income when your attitude is in the dumps.

Every moment is an opportunity to acknowledge that there are good things happening in your life. There might only be one or two things you can find that seem to be okay. Give some energy there. You’re always in transition, and this moment is only temporary. The good stuff is coming, but you have to chill out in the meantime.



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Get Yourself on Stage to Get Clients

Speaking gigs are a great way to get clients, but they’re not my expertise… so I asked my friend Tiamo De Vettori to share some wisdom he’s gleaned from speaking on 250+ stages to create a multi six-figure speaking biz.

Speaking on other people’s stages is easily the fastest way to get high-paying coaching clients because…  

  1. When people see you on stage, you are an expert, a leader, and a mentor in their eyes.
  2. You are where they want to be… on stage! They look up to you and are eager to learn from you.
  3. You are in front of your perfect target audience! They are already a great fit for you, and they want what you have.
  4. This saves you an incredible amount of time and effort! You can get a FULL YEAR’S worth of coaching clients just from doing a one-hour speech!
  5. Connecting with audiences in person builds the greatest amount of trust, rapport, and bonding with them… which means you don’t have to “sell” them on your coaching because they already want it.

If you want to get booked to speak on stages, what you DON’T say is actually more important than what you do say.

Here are the top 3 things you shouldn’t say if you want to get booked to speak: 

  1. I speak about everything… from empowerment, to living your purpose, to growing your business. Plus, I’m a healer and energy worker too! I have a universal message that’s perfect for all audiences, especially yours!
  2. I’m so passionate about speaking, and I would love to speak on your stage! I know your audience would really love my work. I’m sure everyone says that to you, but my message is really different and inspiring!
  3. I’ve been interviewed on (list podcasts), I have a book I’m working on called (insert name of book), I’ve been recognized for (list accolades), and here is my extensive background (include a really long bio that will put them to sleep here).

Instead, just say a few simple words that create immediate intrigue and value. Start the conversation (rather than end it). It’s not about trying to impress them. It’s about…



Tiamo is a soul-driven healer at his core… and he knows how to translate that into a powerful speaking biz. He’s got a directory with 100 places you can speak and get paid. It’s free here.

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Sanity in a Money Crisis

Stressed out about money?

It feels like a tidal wave of panic. It sucks you down farther as you wonder how you got in this mess. You really start drowning, searching for air, when you can’t seem to find clarity on how you’ll fix this TODAY! Everywhere you turn seems like a dead end.

I understand. I’ve been there more than once!

My advice? Stop the head trip. Put the analyzing on hold for a moment… or two. Allow yourself to fully experience the emotional reaction you’re having to this situation. If you feel helpless, let it bubble up.

Mad as heck? Let it rip. Full permission here.

It does feel AWFUL. It feels like you have no control. It really feels like crud when you know you could’ve done some things differently to avoid this mess.

But you’re here. So be here fully.

NOTE: Don’t allow this process to happen in front of anyone who’ll try to fix this or get stressed out with you.

Once you’re done having your reaction, then you can move forward. But don’t take action just yet.

You have to not only be thinking clearly before you act, but you must be able to give all your attention to where you want to land on the other side of this crisis. Clearly outline the results you want—not just to solve this crisis but to also discontinue the behaviors and habits that helped you arrive here.

Begin by looking backward to see what actions and thinking patterns need to change. You can do this on your own or use your financial planner, accountant, and/or coach to sort through the rubble.

Next, ask yourself if there’s any action that will give you some breathing room. You may have to ask some hard questions of people you don’t want to ask. I’ve had to call my financial planner, on more than one occasion, to pull money out of my investments to pay for unexpected tax bills.

Take the time to truly assess your overall financial picture… without emotional reaction. Knowing your numbers is very powerful even when you don’t like what they say. It may even soothe your nerves. If you’ve been in denial, this may be a wake-up call. Either way, it gives you a sense of control.

Now you’re ready to brainstorm solutions that’ll feel good. The first few options that come to mind are generally the ones that feel like a negative trade-off if you take them. Don’t move forward yet.

Do you feel confident that you are up for this change? Do you see the possibility of becoming a person who consistently has a good relationship with money? You don’t have to feel totally sure about the future, but you have to have a glimmer of hope.

Give yourself a break with the amount of time this process may take you. One foot in front of the other. Breathe. Deep breaths.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, although you may have to look really hard to see it. It’ll be important to have someone to check in with during this process.

I turned around a three-year financial fiasco in less than a year. As a result of thinking differently and taking consistent baby steps, my income doubled. The main focus was appreciating every small effort I made. I did not allow myself to sink into a black hole, thinking about how slow the process was for me.

I stopped judging myself.

You can do this too. You’re not stuck. Consider yourself unstuck, perfectly sane, and take a baby step right now. When you’re done, breathe some more.

I’m rooting you on! 




You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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The One Percent Rule

Just because you’re getting stuff done doesn’t mean you’re happy, profitable, or growing your business.

Let’s look at Jack’s business. He’s a truly intelligent man with a revolutionary way of helping mid- to large-size companies create rock star teams. When people hear Jack talk, they listen. He’s inspiring and innovative.

Jack built this business himself with blood, sweat, and many tears. He’s made some nice cash, but nowhere near what’s possible.

Nothing about Jack’s business is going the way he thought. In fact, he’s not even sure he still likes his business. It seems like too much work and not enough freedom, I have coached a lot of Jacks. They think because they’ve laid out a business model, worked on their systems and marketing, and gotten some coaching, they should be making loads of dough and feel free.

No way, Jose.

I don’t care how much drive, passion, and smarts you have, if you aren’t connected to your heart while you move from action to action in your business, you’ll never achieve the dream. Period. It will always come with a harsh price to pay.

You have to be relaxed. You can get a boatload of tasks done in a day and still feel chilled out while you do it. You can be having a ton of fun and feeling the flow looong before you reach your annual goals.

If you’re a fan of the Law of Attraction, you may be thinking, “Honey, you’re preaching to the choir.” But I’m not.

Somehow, no matter how many times I preach about how critical it is to pay attention to how you feel while you work on and in your business, CEOs still pay more attention to pushing for quantity and speed. They worry about results.

I say, “Slow down to go fast.” And they whine, “I tried that. I did it for a couple of days and it felt good. Then somehow, I got caught in a rut again.”

Abraham-Hicks says, in A New Beginning Volume 2:

“By giving 99% of your attention to bringing yourself to the feeling that you seek and giving 1% of your attention to inspired action—you will be in a place of powerful motion forward while you exist in a continuous state of joyful well-being.”

This isn’t fluff. I tripled my income the first year I practiced this formula. It felt weird at first. I felt like I was a slacker if I wasn’t on a stress and adrenaline high. And sometimes I felt like a crack addict kicking my brain to the curb. It was painful.

If you focus on success through action, you won’t have the pleasure of a smooth-running business. You’ll end up sick, too. Your body can’t take the stress or the unsettled feeling you experience when you’re constantly uptight about manifesting your goals.

I say, make huge targets in your business, but follow the 1% rule above. Make your state of mind more important than any other factor.

The result will be more money, peace of mind, a healthy bod, and a kick in your step because you know your business is a freakin’ blast!

Have you ever tried to implement these ideas to your business? How did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below!




You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Is Your Story Working for You?

We’ve all got limiting beliefs. You know some of them. Others you don’t. You may have gone to personal growth workshops and thought you discovered them all. (Although, you probably didn’t.)

Do I have a limiting belief about you not knowing all of your limiting beliefs? Yep.

It’s all a story.

You live in a story about the way things work. You buy into the story like it’s truth… even if it’s disempowering.

Here are some stories that you may be living out in your business:

  • I have to charge $_________ for this product or service or it won’t sell.
  • I have to use these marketing techniques or people won’t flock to my store or website.
  • There are some things in business you just have to do even if you don’t like it.
  • If my customers only knew ________________, they wouldn’t like me.
  • It takes years to build a six-figure business.
  • Hard work, lots of time, and good work ethics will yield success.

The way you live each day is based on a story about what you’ve made up as the rules of engagement, the path to success, expectations of your family and friends, what you think is healthy… on and on and on.

It’s ALL made up.

If I were to sit down with you and point out some of your stories about business, you might argue with me. You’d justify why you can’t do business another way. Or why you can’t invest money into your business.

And I’d say, “Oh, hogwash! Create a new story.”

What’s the story you want to live by?
How would you be in your business if you got to do it 100% your way?
What if customers and clients were guaranteed to buy an offering at any price?
What would you offer and at what price?

You’re already making up all the stories, so how about living into a new one that actually feels freeing and abundant?

If you aren’t already making six or seven figures and totally loving the way you’re doing business, what do you have to lose? Your face? Your reputation?

That’s a story, too.

You can only live an exhilarating journey when you take away the story about how things work and how they’re supposed to be.

Question everything that feels hard or uncomfortable in your life. Ask yourself, “What’s the story I’m living right now?”

I thought because I had little stress in my business that I didn’t have many stories. HA! I’ve got tons of stories.

  • Not enough time to put all my ideas into action.
  • I’m not doing enough to build my mailing list.
  • I should only check my email a couple of times a day.
  • I’m not as effective as I need to be with my copywriting.
  • I need more time! (Did I already say that?)

I could go on and on. And I think I’m being business savvy with some of these stories. Question any stories that feel confining, confusing, unauthentic, and wimpy.

The thing is, stories that inspire and make us smile are good. Keep living them. But what if there’s an even BETTER story?! 

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Turn Your Business Model Upside Down

I never thought much about my business model until almost twenty years into being an entrepreneur. I know: crazy, huh? My model was to get an idea, implement it, and keep doing it… if it was fun. But I didn’t have criteria to gauge what was working and what wasn’t.

Who cares if I’m constantly reinventing the wheel, as long as I can put food on the table?

Are you doing something similar? Maybe you have a well-thought-out model, but you’re unhappy and not producing as much profit as you’d like. Your model might feel confining or boring.

How about chucking your current model for something better? And what if you created a model that worked in harmony with your behavioral style, values, and lifestyle?

What if you kicked it up another notch and created a business model so cool that it put your creativity at an all-time high?

Turn your business model upside down, shake it out, and put it together in a way that 100% turns you on. You might be cringing right now at the thought of figuring out a business model. It might sound complicated.

Nah! It can be a simple, easy, and creative process. In fact, the end product can fit on an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper.

Get your fantasy hat on and ditch the voices of every business expert you’ve ever heard for this exercise. Answer the following, not worrying about how each question relates to the next. You’re connecting with your Inner Business Expert to speak your heartfelt truth.

  1. What do you love doing or offering? (You’re so energized by it that you could do/offer it all day long and be ready for more.)
  2. How involved do you want to be in the process?
  3. Do you want to sell to a few or to many clients/customers? (You’re not worrying about monetizing yet, so be honest about your preference.)
  4. Who do you freakin’ love serving?
  5. Do you enjoy offering a few things or many?
  6. If your business were a party, what would be the theme? Is it intimate and mellow? Is it high energy with fun food, drinks, and dancing? Are you playing poker and giving awesome prizes? Are people showing up in costumes, tuxes, or jeans?

Get all the components on paper. And if you weren’t worried about how all the pieces fit together, what would you be thrilled to offer and in what way? If you weren’t worried about offering products and services in the low, mid, and high price points, what would you offer?

Next, weed out any ideas that seem fun but won’t sustain your passion.

The last step to creating your model is to piece the components together in a way that flows for you and your ideal customers. And your pricing has to feel good in your heart yet support the profits you claim as your desired outcome (you might need some coaching on that, right?).

Your business model needs to support you. There are many models out there that shouldn’t work based solely on what business strategists say. And yet they do, because they’re passion mixed with well-thought-out plans.

When you do it your way, it’ll work much better. 



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

Original Publish Date: May 14, 2013
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Focus Frequently On Your Frequency

If you’re wondering how to ensure your business plan becomes a reality and your biggest goals are achieved this year, there is one strategy that blows all the others away.

Focus Frequently on Your Vibrational Frequency! (If you want a brain twister, look up what Wikipedia has to say about vibrational frequency.)

I’m the kind of person who thrives on taking bold action, but action means nothing when it is generated from lack or fear. In fact, those actions can do more harm than good.

How you feel about money and success is more important than what you do to create it. How you feel determines your vibrational frequency.

Imagine a conveyer belt coming straight toward you. It’s loaded up with piles of money, super duper smart people, and amazing opportunities that are guaranteed to give you everything you desire in your business.

The speed of the conveyor belt is determined by how you feel. If you’re fired up about your business and completely inspired when taking action, that belt is moving miracles right atcha. Everywhere you turn, you experience helpful people and awesome synchronicities.

If you’re procrastinating, doubting your success, and stressing out, that conveyor belt has all but stopped. Nothing good reveals itself to you. You seem to experience one setback after another.

Your emotional state determines how fast or slow you vibrate (manifest) abundance into your business.

So why do you place more importance on productivity, getting it “right,” and efforting than feeling good?

When it comes to success, paying more attention, more often, to your connection to your Inner Guidance will yield massive spirals when it comes to your income.

As Abraham-Hicks has preached for decades, “Nothing is more important than I feel good!”

Whip out your business plan for the year and write in the biggest font possible:
Paying attention to how my goals, practices, and actions feel is my secret weapon.

If it feels good, it goes on the Hell YES List. Everything else is placed on the Hell NO List.

Get that conveyor belt moving at full speed by Focusing Frequently on Your Vibrational Frequency! 



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