Stop Complaining

Back in my thirties I set an intention one year to stop gossiping. I don’t necessarily consider myself a big gossiper, but I do it. What’s the big deal about gossiping? I don’t feel good when I am repeating a story about someone that doesn’t need to be told, if you know what I mean.

(Keep reading, even if you don’t give a poop about gossiping. I have a bigger point to make.)

I consider gossip to be talking about someone, or even myself, for any reason other than to celebrate, acknowledge, learn, or create a solution. If I am not seeking to empower someone with the conversation, I’m actually depleting my own power.

If I’m gossiping, it is usually because I have an unconscious desire for something. It may be to get attention or to feel powerful or maybe even to get sympathy (i.e., “Can you believe Joe Blow did that to me?!”). So, now I’m feeding myself from a place of lack. Retelling a negative story is not a logically good decision.

And you are spending time and energy on something that doesn’t thrill you in the first place. So now you get to experience the negativity two times or more, depending on how many times you repeat the story.

Another thing that potentially happens is that you enroll the person you’re talking to into the same negative emotions. Pretty soon they are colluding with you and getting all fired up. Now you’re both sending negative waves of emotion.

The bottom line is, whatever you focus on, you get more of. Ever notice that when someone close to you does a few irritating things in one day that capture your attention, it feels as if there’s been an avalanche of bickering by day’s end? That’s because the world is mirroring your thoughts back to you.

All of the above applies to anytime you complain about any circumstance in life, not just about certain people. When you catch yourself repeating negative stories, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I really want from telling this story?
  • What will be the impact on the person I am talking to?
  • What will be the impact on the person or circumstance I’m talking about?
  • How does it feel to be telling this story?
  • If I could have any result I wanted about this situation or conflict, what would it be?
  • What are two or more positive actions I can take to turn this situation around?
  • Is this how I want to spend my time with the person I am talking to?

These questions will support you in stepping fully into your power.

I’m a big advocate of telling a story to a respected person in your life for the sake of creating a solution or to shift your energy by having a different perspective. If you simply need to vent, let the person you’re talking to know that you’re venting and then set a time limit. Five to fifteen minutes is usually enough to give a good emotional dump. Any more time and you are just rehashing all the little details.

The flip side of all this is when you’re the person listening to the complaining. You have a choice. You do NOT have to listen to anything that does not feel good. You can simply request that the person talk to someone else about the situation or gently guide the conversation in a positive direction.

If you catch yourself joining in the negative downward spiral, stop. You can even tell your friend, “Hey, I just noticed that I was supporting you in keeping the problem alive versus feeling better. Let’s switch our conversation to something more solution oriented.”

Complaining your life away usually comes from a fear that you can’t have what you want.

If there are two ways to communicate, either from love or fear, I lovingly remind myself to come back to love. ;-)



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Six Ways to Rock Your Money Game!

I asked financial independence expert Belinda Rosenblum to share her best tips on long-lasting ways to make more, save more, and pay down debt faster. Here are six ways to rock your money game!

Six Ways to Rock Your Money Game!

Everyone wants more money and less debt, right? Here are six tips you CAN do this week to save more, pay off debt, and even earn more—how many will you try?

  1. Begin with a S.M.A.R.T. goal in mind.

It’s all well and good to say you want to pay down debt, but when you have no specific target in mind, it’s a lot easier to break out the credit card when something unexpected comes up.

Set a goal for when you want a certain account paid off, and then do the math to see what you’ll have to do in order to make that goal. If you find it’s really unreasonable, you can of course adjust your parameters, but try to stick with it until the end. With a clear objective and monthly plan, you may actually get there way faster than you thought!

  1. Learn to say no—creatively.

Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one struggling with money, so when your girlfriends want to go out to dinner, you feel compelled to join in the fun and keep the money troubles under wraps.

Instead of shutting off your social activities entirely, look for low-cost ways to spend time and connect with your friends. Instead of spa days or pricey dinners, try hosting a BYOB wine-tasting at your place, or head out for coffee and pastries.

  1. Automate!

When payday rolls around, the last thing you want to do is take a large chunk of your hard-earned cash and stick it into savings.

You won’t miss the money you don’t even see, though, so set up your account to move money to savings automatically, or have your employer direct deposit into two separate accounts. You might feel a pinch at first, but you quickly get used to “the new normal,” and VOILA—you’re a saver!

  1. Everything’s negotiable.

Quick! When’s the last time you looked at your cable bill or your car insurance? Let me guess—it’s been awhile…

Grab all the bills, set up a spot on your calendar, and start dialing. You can ask your cable provider, cell service provider, insurance company, and many more for discounts, and even your utilities, like your electric company, might have suggestions on how to lower your bills. This one can take a few minutes per call, but the savings LAST.

  1. Ask for that raise already (or just decide to raise your own rates).

When you get an annual cost-of- living increase, you barely even see or feel that 4%. Bummer.

So many people—women especially—don’t feel comfortable asking for more and, therefore, leave money on the table. Just because you get a small annual increase does NOT mean you can’t ask for a merit-based raise too, though. Pull together a thorough analysis of the extra value you’re bringing, decide on a number you want to go for, get your courage up, and GO FOR IT. The worst they can say is no—literally! But guess what? If your employer really values your contribution, there’s a good chance they’ll actually say YES.

  1. Give yourself a raise.

Self employed? You can do this, too. YES, you can charge what you’re worth—I promise, it’s allowed.

Increase your rates and communicate the new number to past and current clients. Sure, you charged $XX yesterday, but today, you charge $XXX. Easy as that. You don’t OWE working for peanuts to anyone, so calculate your new prices and move forward. Period.


If you want to ask questions about HOW to do these things or which you should tackle first, register for Belinda’s FREE training today, to get into action here .

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Off It

Have you ever gotten a whirlwind of negative thoughts about something important to you? Yeah, me too. What’s even more disheartening is when you know you’re doing it and you can’t get your mind in a good place about the topic.

You start trying every trick you know to think positive about the subject. For example, if you’re stressed out about getting clients, you may say to yourself, “Don’t worry. The money will come. I’m a millionaire. I appreciate money.”

Nothing happens. You’re still stressed about money.

Next you watch a Byron Katie or Michael Beckwith video about money. That doesn’t help either.

In coaching lingo, we call this process “being hooked.” It’s like having a hook through your mouth and being reeled into more negative thoughts. I experience this feeling as temporary insanity. I pray, “Can someone just take my brain away from me so I can relax for a moment?!”

You’re so emotionally charged about the topic, there is only one thing left to do. Get off it! The topic, that is. Stop trying to get to the positive feelings until you feel better in general.

This requires a whole switch in your focus. In these moments, I usually go for something that will capture my attention fully. For instance, a walk would give me more time to think… and that can be dangerous.

What works better for me is to go answer some emails, watch Netflix, listen to an Abraham-Hicks CD, make an entry in my appreciation journal, or go shopping. You have to go for full-on distraction. This will create a softer focus on the topic you were scaring yourself about.

I like to remind myself that everything always works out, and this, too, shall pass. By the way, it is sooooooo okay that you got tripped up… or should I say “tripped out”? Happens to all of us. I consider myself a conscious thinker, and I can go down the emotional sewer as fast as the best of them!

When you soften your focus on a highly charged subject, you can actually open to receive the solution… or inspiration will hit with the perfect action to take. This is better known as the “allowing” mode. You have to create some breathing room for the Universe to do what it does best. 

Just get off it. ;-)



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Open The Floodgates of Abundance

If you want the floodgates of abundance to open wide for you, here’s a surefire way to do it.

It’s truly not an intuitive strategy. Many of my coaching clients resist it. I also must confess that I sometimes resist it too. It’s a hard one to swallow when your life or business gets intense.

Are you ready for the number-one secret to solving every challenge you have?

Chill out.

That’s it. It’s the best strategy on the planet to rake in the abundance.

Anytime you feel the push that you must work harder, take more action, or figure out how to solve a crisis, simply take a step away from your current focus.

I spent almost two decades working on my business whenever I felt inspired.

Now my time is very limited since I had two children. Gasp!

Early on I set my intention that my life would be more balanced as a result of having babies and that I would make more money. I’ve had to remind myself of that declaration many times as I practiced letting go of all my “to-dos.”

I am thrilled to tell you that my business is currently the best it’s ever been. The added bonus is that I started reading again as soon as I had baby #1. I used to only read business and self-improvement books. Now I read for fun. The more time I spend chilling, water-skiing, and out of my office, the more inspiration I have.

More opportunities and clients come my way, too!

I noticed this same phenomenon in the real estate industry. I was coaching a whole office of realtors, and they joked about how every time they went on vacation, their business thrived. They thought it was unique to their industry. Nope. It’s a Universal Law.

When you release any resistance or stress in your life, you allow in the abundance that is your birthright.

This law is the reason we benefit from sleep, walks outside, meditation, movies, good music, and great conversations. These actions pull us away from any worries and toward more joy. Even an afternoon of hooky or play will allow you to get back to your life with a fresh perspective. Change your perspective and change your life.

Is there a topic in your life where you need to let go of all thought? A mini vacation from that issue will allow you to reconnect with your inner guidance. Once you’ve allowed yourself to come back to your power source, you’ll easily and naturally find the next step to take.

As they say, “Let go and let God.”



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: 
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How To Easily Create Your Marketing Calendar

I seriously hated the idea of creating a marketing plan the first time I was advised to create one. I didn’t know where to start, it sounded hard and I honestly didn’t know what it meant. After a few years I changed my mind about the marketing plan and I began creating one every year. As usual, I kept it simple but it was good enough to get me organized. It covered:

  • What I was marketing
  • To whom I was marketing
  • How I was going to market
  • Who was going to help me

In truth, I needed more than this to be more powerful in my message and attract new customers. I needed to connect to my customers from my heart and stop trying to sell. That created the single biggest shift in my marketing. I enjoyed the process as a result. It made marketing fun!

Then another big a-ha moment came several years ago when I was doing a VIP day with my mentor. I was complaining about marketing and planning, and she asked if I wanted to see how she planned her marketing campaigns.

My reply, “Hell YES!”

She gave me the golden key to making my marketing efficient. She gave me a system. It was a month-at-a-glance calendar with ‘post it’ notes describing what was happening in the marketing department attached to the day it was happening.

Holy Hannah! Brilliant and easy. Right up my alley!

I went home and immediately did something similar. But what I realized instantly was that you couldn’t just plan out a month at a time. If I was going to create a plan that flowed, I had to do a whole year at a time.

That got my ticker in overwhelm at first. So I chunked the process down.

  1. Decide the events and classes I would offer for the year.
  2. Choose dates for the above based on my marketing funnel.
  3. Choose dates for special promotions on my products.
  4. Leave enough room (white space) in calendar to do Joint Ventures with other people.
  5. Decide how I would deliver my buzz for each campaign. In my case, I use free teleclasses, video trainings, webinars, early bird pricing, special bonuses or a big sale.
  6. Choose specific dates that I would send out marketing.

This process takes me a few weeks to nail down. I carve out two hours, on several different days, to ponder my decisions. Then I send my team the details so they can keep me on track.

This may sound like a pain in the bum, but it’s not. I love that I know exactly what is needed and when, for my marketing plan to be implemented. It also makes it easy to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when people want to partner with me or want me to promote them.

Even if you have never done a marketing ‘campaign’ for one of your products or services, you can create a buzz that creates sales. It is important that a marketing campaign is not made up of one email promotion or one postcard. A campaign means you are willing to be loud and proud of your offering.

I send out 2, 3 and 4 emails a week. Not everyone on my database reads them all, but they’re still on my email list and haven’t opted out. I truly believe what I offer makes a huge difference in the lives of my customers. So why would I be shy about sharing what’s new?

Systems create freedom. Systems make it easier for everyone to do their job more efficiently and with less stress. Create your marketing calendar for the year or even one quarter and you’ll dig the process, too. Most importantly, you’ll see a bigger impact on sales. Kaching!



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: 
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Winners Ask For What They Want

One of my fav books on attitude is The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. They say, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

You have to ask for what you want from yourself, others, the Universe/God, and your own Inner Guidance.

I’m a huge promoter of asking for what you want from your power when you need something from someone in business. If you feel wimpy, whiny, apologetic, justified, irritated, or resentful, you might as well have a billboard above your head saying,


I highly recommend waiting to make important requests until you feel confident you are worthy of the other person saying, “YES!” When you understand that you deserve to have whatever you want, you won’t have to worry so much about what you say.

It all boils down to how you feel while you’re saying it.

Whether you’re asking for the sale or for a team member to step up their game… be clear about your desired outcome before you open your mouth.

It’s also critical that you can concisely make your request. You don’t need a long-winded conversation about why you’re asking. Just ask.

Pause. Let them answer or ask a clarifying question if needed.

Then you can state your case powerfully. But this is not a courtroom. It’s a relationship.

Even if you’re in a restaurant asking the waiter for fresh herbs on your salad, they deserve your respect.

Notice how you feel the next time you’re about to ask for something very important to you. Are you asking with:

  • The expectation of getting what you want?
  • Eager anticipation?
  • Fear that you won’t get your needs met?
  • Doubt because your request feels like too much or too little?
  • Resentment because your needs should’ve already been met?

How you feel directly impacts the answer and follow-through you receive.

There is one time when you don’t need to be fully in your power to ask. And that time is when you need emotional support.

Be mad, stressed, sad, sniffly, and not your confident self. However, value yourself enough to ask for a helping hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re viewed as the gal or guy who has it all together. If some part of your business or life is falling apart, the faster you ask for some upliftment or coaching, the faster you’ll be back in your power.

It is not wimpy to feel like a mush pile and state your feelings. Let go of your ego so you can get what you need.

I remember a time in my life that I feared my coach would fire me, because I kept asking her to remind me of my power. I did it several times a day until I got it in the cells of my body. She didn’t fire me, and I found my confidence.

When you’re committed to the outcome, you’ll ask as many times as needed for what you want. I ask my Inner Guidance for support repeatedly throughout the day.

“Please support me in being present in the moment. Bring my ideal clients to me. Help me find peace. Bonk me over the head if you notice me playing small and scared. Let me sleep well tonight. Make me feel refreshed and energetic in the morning. Give me creativity. Let the perfect words flow through my fingertips and onto my computer screen.”

My asking is endless. And I never apologize.



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: 
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To Spend Or Not To Spend

You’ve got your eye on the goal. You are ready to take the leap.

The question that keeps coming up for you is, “Should I spend the money to do this right now or should I wait?” It’s an important question that deserves some thought.

BK (before kids), my mom was excitedly telling me and my mate about a vacation she had planned with my uncle to Angel Falls in Venezuela. My mate got excited about their plans and asked if we could join them.

My immediate reaction was excitement. Then I looked at my schedule and other goals I had intended for the year. I felt like there was a lot on my plate during that time. I had several other vacations planned, which meant spending money.

Here’s what I looked at:

I checked my passion level about the desire. If money and time issues were taken away, would I be questioning spending money on the trip? No!

How did I feel about the other trips I had planned? Not as strongly.

I cancelled a trip to Utah that I wasn’t passionate about, and that inspired action gave me some breathing room.

Was there a reason I had to decide that week about going? No, the trip was scheduled several months in the future. I knew better than to make a decision before I felt ready.

Next, I looked at the best way to pay for this if I were to go. I created an estimate of the total cost for the vacation and checked in with my heart and head about what felt best for me.
I had choices. It could come from new income, savings, or a credit card to be paid off later. I could also use some of my accumulated air miles. I decided a combination of the choices would work best. I still didn’t move forward until it felt right for me.

Unless you feel a strong pull to move forward on a purchase, do not do it.

You need to feel good before, during, and after the purchase. If you are tapped into both your gut and cash flow strategies, you’ll always make a solid decision.

I recently had someone ask me if they should buy a house with a mortgage payment bigger than they were comfortable with. If you are worried every month about having enough cash flow, this will generally lead nowhere positive. I am not saying do not spend money unless you have it in the bank. This is a very personal choice based on your comfort level.

When making a decision to spend extra dollars in your business, in addition to the guidelines above, you must look at what the investment will give you.

My vacation was going to give me quality time with my family, honor my value of adventure, and give me some down time before writing my book with Jack Canfield.

When you’re evaluating spending money for a new desire in your business, it is crucial to weigh the following:

  • Will this allow me to generate more profit, even if it’s sometime down the road?
  • Will this allow my business to operate more efficiently?
  • Is this expense the best way for me to get my desired end result, right now?
  • Will this investment keep me pointed toward my big goals, or is this a tangent?
  • Ask yourself, “Is my choice based on fear or fact?”

If you say no to spending money now, be happy with that choice. Saying no now doesn’t mean that you won’t ever move forward with the desire. It means you will do it when the choice feels perfect for you.

Your heart will tell you. Just make sure fear and lack aren’t making your decisions.

I’ve never regretted any big investment in my personal life or business. Money always aligns itself behind powerful choices.



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: 
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Forget About Miracles

Have you ever found yourself praying for a miracle? It’s usually when your back is against the wall. A loved one is sick. You’re in extreme physical pain or have been diagnosed with a medical condition that sounds horrible. A mate has left you or done something that you react to with pain. Maybe you or your mate have lost a job or lost your future to the stock market.

Whatever the case may be, you can stop praying for a miracle. It’s not something that’s bestowed on you.

Beautiful healings and turnarounds can and will happen when you flip the switch on your focus. Shifting your perception to what’s possible can be a very quick process or it can be gradual.

The time it takes will not matter so much to you, once you let go of needing your outcome to happen quickly. When you feel even the slightest bit of emotional or physical relief, the world will begin to feel like a magical place again.

When you appreciate the fact that there has been a small shift in the way you feel, the tangible results will follow. The key is not to get frustrated if you don’t see immediate results. This will slow the entire process down. 

Now… back to the beginning. How do you shift your focus when you’re asking for that miracle? Any thing or thought you can grab onto that will create even a smidge of relief can begin the process. A conversation with someone who is very comforting and uplifting is of great value. Bodywork or a walk in nature is also a good start.

Here are some thoughts that I find valuable:

  • This too shall pass.
  • The Universe/God is with me.
  • I am asking for help and the Universe always responds. It’s my job to let it in.
  • Inner being, what can I do to feel a tiny bit of relief?
  • I’m going to let myself be scared or hurt for a little bit and then I’ll work my way to better feeling thoughts.
  • What are five things that are working well in my life right now?
  • I can have things go my way.
  • The Law of Attraction is like having a magic wand. I just have to relax.
  • I’m breathing my way into calm.
  • The only reason I feel discord is because I’ve separated myself from my Inner Being.

Hope is a great feeling to reach for at first. Then you’ll have to pump up your faith that things will go your way by remembering past experiences where you’ve succeeded. You can also think about other people who have turned dire situations around. They had to go through the same steps as you to flip their switch to miracles.

When things begin to move in a favorable direction it will feel like magic, but it’s just you relaxing into the truth that you are worthy of all good things. 

What miracle have you prayed for recently?



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: 
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A Simple 8 Step Process to Build Your Business

Random action in your business rarely leads to profits. You may have this disease without realizing it.

Entrepreneurs learn business-building strategies from many different sources and end up with a big pile of “stuff.” They pick strategies from the pile and begin implementing without a blueprint.

The end result is a flurry of action, a bit of overwhelm, and disappointment from the lack of payoff.

Here’s my simple process for planning for a year of high-octane results in your business. And for a moment, I want you to forget about all of the particles. Particles are all of the individual tools and strategies that you use for marketing and systems.
1. Vision. How does a rockin’ year in your biz look and feel? If you were to live the dream this year, not based on past results, what would you see?
2Create the model. How do you want to work with people? What types of things do you want to offer? What would excite YOU? How often do you want to work?

3. Clarify your ideal peeps. What types of clients and customers do you totally dig? Create a deep connection with the details of this person.

4. Create your menu of offers. Nail down what you want to offer THIS year. Not what you did last year or what you want to do five years from now. What sounds zippy for this year? How will each offer lead to the next offer? Make a clear path for your customers to follow.

5. Create your HELL YES Business Plan. What do you want to manifest or implement in the areas of marketing, systems, team, product/service expansion, and profits? If it’s not a HELL YES, it doesn’t go on the plan. If it’s more than one page, you may want to cut it back. You want inspiration, not overwhelm.

6. Choose your overall marketing strategy. Once you do this, stick to it. This is where most people completely derail. SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, ezines, blogs, free gifts, mailers… oh my! Unless you have a rock star team, you can’t do it all and do it well. Pick a few strategies and do them in excellence. And make sure you’re inspired by the path you choose. If you stiffen and stress when you think about how you market, then you’re better off not wasting your time, energy, and money.

7. Dial in your support system. Who is going to help you manifest your HELL YES Plan? You need employees, consultants, contractors, and mentors that do the job right the first time, inspiring you to expand beyond your past stories and profit levels. You need people who make you feel good, tell you the truth, and contribute rock star ideas.

8. Set up yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily structures and practices to keep you focused. Without this step, the entire foundation crumbles. Inspiration ignites, but focused action keeps the flame burning. Choose processes, strategies, and tools that work with your behavioral style. Check in with your HELL YES Business Plan OFTEN, and choose your daily actions to support it.
While this process may seem obvious to some, most don’t follow it. They skin their knees over and over and wonder why they can’t build their business in a fulfilling way. Even creative types can follow this process because it gives a framework yet lots of room to do in a way that suits individual needs and styles.
Let this 8-step simple process be your outline for success. Joyfully fill in the blanks in a way that has you smiling all the way to the bank. 
Tell me what is your favorite step and why?



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: 
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#1 Secret Ingredient To Making Videos That Sell

I’m not an expert on doing videos in your biz. In fact, I used to be quite 
scared of it! But now I know the power of shooting videos to create value 
and connection with your future clients.

I invited an expert on the topic,
 Michelle Kopper, to share her secrets to help you generate more buzz with video.

Number One Ingredient to Making Videos That SellExperts abound on how to write great video marketing content, how to shoot, equipment we “need,” etc.… Many also tell us how hard it is, how dangerous it is to do “bad” videos, and 100 things we have to do or else…

But they’re missing a key ingredient.

This secret ingredient has the capacity to help make even the most straightforward, homespun, DIY video a game changer for your business… without all the bells and whistles.

I think this secret ingredient can inspire & empower you, and frankly it’s so simple (tho’ not always easy for some) and ultimately so freeing that it’ll make video a snap… your whole business will transform. It will even change your life.

Here’s a hint from Maya Angelou (in one of my favorite quotes): 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

What Really “Sells”?

Here’s the thing. Most entrepreneurs are passionate about what they’re doing, driven to make a positive impact in a big way, and called by something greater to fulfill their true purpose. They’re visionaries, leaders, change-makers, and creators.

Truth is, if you’re in your element—coaching, creating, speaking, 
teaching—your passion and enthusiasm connects and people FEEL it. 
Your mission, message, or calling takes over and speaks through you.

If you can access your message with your passion while owning your deep wisdom & unique perspective – you are magnetic. When you are in the zone, shining your light bright, accessing your deep inner knowing – firing on all cylinders – people can feel it. And it feels good. They like that. They want more of you.

You’ve felt it before, right? Someone on fire… speaking on stage or moving you to laugh, or you feel the possibility of transformation on video… it lifts you up. Opens a possibility. Lets you expand… 

In another quote from another favorite teacher – Marianne Williamson wrote,“As we let our own light shine we give other people permission to do the same…”  

People hire or buy from people they LIKE, TRUST, & ADMIRE. Because those people make them feel something first: understood, hopeful for a solution to their top-of-mind problem, the possibility of transformation, a connection to something bigger… 

This is important whether we’re introducing ourselves at a networking event, speaking, leading a seminar, or working on video…

It’s just that video has a unique challenge or opportunity.

The camera magnifies everything… it can magnify your confidence & charisma or your self-doubt & “cringe”… and video is one of the most powerful tools we have to make the kind of connection I’m talking about. Far and wide—globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

So about that secret ingredient…

It’s you.

That’s it.


Your Message. Your Enthusiasm. Your Perspective.

Your Poised-Passionate-Presence. 

When you connect like I’m talking about here, feeling your passion for the gift you bring and sharing it without holding yourself back with any lingering layers of insecurity, self-doubt, or “cringe,” your audience will be moved. When you share from that deep, authentic place, articulating their top-of-mind problem and providing high-value solutions, they will consider you an expert & believe you can help them.

Now, I gotta tell you that I’ve talked with a lot of folks who really hate the idea of being on camera. I call it “The Cringe Factor,” and it stops a lot of folks from getting anywhere near a camera and pretty much dreading the selfie stick.

But it IS possible to get over that.


And so freeing.

Learning to own your expertise & enthusiasm, then letting it shine through your message is totally doable regardless of shyness or insecurities. Letting that essence shine through on video is especially powerful for reasons we’ve already covered. It draws your clients into your zone of influence, already wanting the service you provide.

Why? Because they trust you, and you make them feel understood, hopeful for a solution to their problem, and inspired.

When you can show up and send your warmth, wisdom, and expertise thru the lens, you embed the power of your PRESENCE (which is what really “sells” your “brand”) into the video content itself (instead of your Cringe). When you’re focused on helping others, making your contribution, and serving your tribe instead of on the myriad details of technology & marketing content—not to mention trying to do everything “right”—your self-consciousness can slip away, and something greater can speak through you.

Now, I’m not saying technology & copy aren’t important. (You copywriters and SEO experts just settle down out there.)

I AM saying, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re 
saying…” (That’s from Emerson.)

Bringing all of YOU to the show makes all the difference.

And – you can learn how to do it in videos, speaking, or over brunch. It can be developed. It’s a practice.

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

And it could change everything… what if efforting slipped away? Self-doubt, perfectionism, & insecurity weren’t even a faint buzz in the background… and you could just show up, do what you love, and soar? I know you can. 

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