Heart Based Business Owners ... Double Your Profits and Kick Your Stress to the Curb!

How would you like to spend the next 10 months actually implementing your most inspired ideas and actions, leveraging systems to the max and completely releasing your old school mindset and business practices?

Transform who you’re “Being” so that you can have the biggest, baddest business EVER!

A 10-month Virtual Program to Double Your Profits, Freedom and Fun!

What do YOU want?

Often solopreneurs and small business owners have BIG visions but are challenged to translate them into real world results. It can be devastating to your profits, health and well-being. It can also suck the mojo right out of you.

You begin to think smaller and carry out your growth strategies, management style and financial planning with the expectation of just getting by.

If you’re sick of not making massive traction in your market place, then you need to shake things up in a BIG way. I mean on an emotional, vibrational and strategic level. If you don’t plan for a transformation on all levels, you’ll have energy leaks that lead to inconsistent results.

If you want to make more and do less FOR REAL, then here’s what must be done:

  • Spice up your original vision so that it causes you to be fired up each morning.
  • Create the plan that will support the vision, knowing that doubling your profits, freedom and fun are the outcomes.
  • Plot out the inspired steps to support the plan.
  • Commit to daily business, spiritual and self-care practices that your wildly successful self will do to kick butt in business and have a great time in life.
  • Decide that you will let ‘ALL of you’ shine through in your ROLE as the leader of your business while you knock it out of the ballpark over the next year.
  • Adapt the business model around the way you want to live.
  • Put yourself in an environment that will support you to move past all previous boundaries, question what is possible and be outfreakinragously the best leader you’ve ever been!

I’ve created a program that will do all of that for you, so that you create business that generates double the profits and fun.

This program is not padded with fluff, because I’m a girl who likes to see FAT results and I know you do, too!

Anna Livermore"Jeanna's mastermind was the best money I have ever spent. It was quite a stretch for me financially (or so I thought) but the amount of return I received from the investment has been astronomical. Not only has my income doubled, but my company has expanded to a national brand moving from one location in Chicago to having a second in New York. I can make it anywhere and with Jeanna's help I have no question that I will. My wildest dreams are coming true (just like she always has told me.)! I didn't even know what a mastermind was when I met Jeanna and now I coach my own! When I entered the program I was a whirlwind of chaos, spending my life putting out fires. Now I have systems in place and the confidence to barrel forward. Jeanna took me from a one-woman show to a CEO!" Anna Livermore, Designer & Founder www.VMora.com

Video Testimonial From Stacy Corrigan!

Catherine Anesi"Before I joined Jeanna's Mastermind I was a small business owner who was doing everything myself. There were very few systems in place. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, unable to get off. In just ten months I physically moved my business to a larger space; I brought on four therapists to work at the center; and I have structured the business so that the scheduling, billing, administrative work, and marketing are handled by my staff. These changes have enabled me to leverage my time so I can focus on the things that bring me the most joy in my business and life in general. I will reach record numbers this year with a six-figure income.
Jeanna's Mastermind gave me the courage to move forward to do what was right for my business with confidence. Using the principles of the Law of Attraction, Jeanna taught us the importance of cleaning, clearing, and raising our vibrations as well as strategies to keep that vibration as high as possible so that we could attract the best of everything in our business and personal lives. We supported and encouraged each other through our successes and our difficulties. A solid foundation was built for my business. The Masterpeace Mastermind was priceless!" Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM - Owner and Director of The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

I am very serious about my commitment to get you from Point A to Point B in a way that honors the Powerful YOU, the part of you that has been bursting at the seams to come out and play smarter, more intuitively and creatively in your biz. You need to feel good and get rock star results.

You will be the one to practice the new habits, thinking and actions that are downloaded from your Inner Business Expert. I’ll deliver relevant material, give you on the spot coaching and provide a safe and powerful space for you to grow your business to double its current cash flow and impact more people ... gracefully.

Forget your history, do something different for you and your business right now. Prepave a rockin’ future!

Registration is now open for the Double It! Mastermind. You’ll have a solid 10 months of upleveling every part of your business while learning to relax and create a new model that will give you everything you always wanted ... kind of like meeting your knight in shining armor or your beautiful goddess. Nah, it’s even better!

You might be wondering what makes this mastermind different than the abundance of them already out there. If you know me, than you already know the answer to this.

First, I like to make business and transformation fun. If you’re having fun, you’ll get more done, more quickly. You’ll be more attractive to your target market, the perfect people for your team, and abundant resources. Things will go more smoothly overall.

I will teach you to be an expert on deciding what changes need to be made and how to leverage perfect timing. You’ll know when it’s an issue with your beliefs, a strategy, system or a team member. You’ll no longer be putting out fires but creating flow.

I know that you can’t leave your spirituality for after hours. Attraction is happening in every moment. I will teach you how to leverage it.

This is a very small and intimate program. You will NOT be on mute during the calls. I lead and coach this program myself. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and making the changes in the moment. I’m not going to overwhelm you with a million action plans, but you’ll find that you’ll take more actions as a result.

This is the breath of fresh air that you have been asking for to skyrocket your business.

Mastermind With Master Coach Jeanna Gabellini

This program will teach you to ...

Mastermind Program Clarify, design and implement your ideal and doable plan to double your income (or more!)
Mastermind Program Create boundaries with clients and your team members keeping them and yourself happy.
Mastermind Program Relax when you’re not working and enjoy your free time because everything in your business is dialed in.
Mastermind Program Give up status-quo thinking, actions, and strategies.
Mastermind Program Attract sales and clients … no more “hunting” them down.
Mastermind Program Demolish all fears about playing BIG and actually enjoy it!
Mastermind Program Increase how much you feel you are worth and get paid in alignment with that.
Mastermind Program Tap into your Inner Business Expert for the ideas and action steps that accelerate your growth with ease.
Mastermind Program Make a DECISION to up level your business game and do it in a way that feels 100% good.
Mastermind Program Easily generate answers, guidance, breakthroughs, and strategies to generate more than AMAZING results.

When you do a Mastermind like this, your entire life will uplevel. I watched this happen in the mastermind that just completed. Most of the participants doubled their income, too (and that wasn’t even the focus of that program!) Many of them will be returning to share their stories and double their income AGAIN!

Are you feeling called to this?

Next program starts September 1, 2015 at 10am pacific

You wouldn’t have landed on this page if you didn’t already resonate with my message, strategy, and style of leading and coaching. The bigger question is, are you ready to invest the time, focus, and money in a mastermind program that will set your heart on fire in a good way!?

This mastermind is a big decision that needs to feel good in your heart and mind. It’s not a matter of IF you’ll double your income. It’s going to happen in this program and it could very well be within the first few months if you’re willing to be diligent about your mindset and dialing in the plan. I’ll be assisting you in the implementation.

The training and coaching that is provided in the Double It! Mastermind program is designed to set the stage for you to enjoy massive increases in your profits, passion, and levels of peace. I preach from the rooftops about following your own inner-business expert. (Yes, we each have one.) I can sniff out a thought that is creating a bottleneck in your business in a minute flat. And I have a complete blueprint you can use in your business now that will forever assist you in creating high-octane results.

Leveraging the power of intention is the foundation of this 10-month Mastermind and Coaching program. The ONLY reason your business isn’t giving you the prosperity, joy, and satisfaction you crave is because your dominant focus is elsewhere. You have not been expecting to win this game called abundance.

Once you shift your mindset, it will be easy for you to implement the techniques and strategies I’m going to teach you to double your profits, with less effort than you’re currently experiencing.

Julie Gray"I was really on the fence about whether to join Jeanna's Mastermind Group last year having been stuck in a major place of scarcity and lack for quite some time. It was Jeanna's compassionate yet no-punches approach that really reached me through the fog of negativity in my mind and joining has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! In the past 10 months I have gotten CLEAR about the value of what I offer and more than doubled my rates. I have also revamped my core program, re-built my rockstar team, clarified my niche and have been supported through the process of "standing loud and proud" in what it is I can do for people. But even more than the increase to my bottom line I am grateful for Jeanna's never-ceasing stance to trust myself, to trust my inner guidance and her strategies to keep my vibration aligned with what I truly seek. This is her brilliance and I can't imagine being able to move forward in such big way without these tools. Thank you Jeanna!" Julie Gray, www.Profound-Impact.com, Virginia

Demi Karpouzos"Before I joined Jeanna's mastermind I had been 'trying' to transition from a job I felt empty and frustrated with to starting my own business. I was scared out of my mind to leave the 'security' of my job (and the pay). Not only did I quit my job 2 months after joining her mastermind but to date I have quadrupled my revenue AND I love what I'm doing. The insight, support and energy are indescribable.

If you want to increase your profits, have fun and be part of a group that gives you unwavering support and fabulous ideas, sign up!!..you can thank me later :-)" Demi Karpouzos, www.StrategicalCoaching.com, Toronto, Canada

Kim Ravida"Before I started this mastermind I was overwhelmed and frustrated. I was all over the place trying to figure out how to be in and run my business. And now, my business is amazing. I have peace of mind and systems that support my way of working. Before I was in my office 10-12 hours a day - and now I work between 4-5 hours (with most Thursdays off) and am more productive than before. I learned how to work according to what I felt inspired to do, which led to executing my Hell Yes plan. I now trust trust myself and that I have all the answers I need. I increased my income with ease and I even took two weeks off in August and never missed a beat! The support that I got in the mastermind from Jeanna and everyone else is amazing. We continue to support each other to this day.

My biggest shift was to be me, and only me, and that is where I have had the biggest success. Thank you Jeanna! I've had an amazing experience and look to having more with you over the years!" Kim Ravida, www.KimRavida.com

Are YOU ready to double it?!

I’m selecting 20 people to be in my Virtual Mastermind, Coaching, and Training Program.

The next magical journey begins September 1, 2015 at 10 am pacific

How will this mastermind benefit you and your business? There are several parts to your business … who you are in it and the structure, systems, and people that support your mission.

  1. Change your relationship with attracting revenue and open up the floodgates to profit.
  2. Create and implement a Hell YES Business Plan that you love.
  3. Create synergy with every single person that supports or works for your business to maximize every effort they take on your behalf.
  4. Operate all of your business systems in excellence.
  5. Design who you will be as CEO and love the way you do business.
  6. Make leveraging intention more important than taking massive action.
  7. Get off the overwhelm cycle and learn the natural way to flow through your day.
  8. Stay focused in the face of contrast or results gone bad so that you don’t lose momentum and still get your desired outcome.
  9. Ditch anything and everything that is not working for you and your biz.
  10. Learn to trust your inner-business expert FULLY for miraculous results.
  11. Boost your confidence to new levels so you can be on the leading edge of your industry.
  12. Redefine yourself as a conscious leader.
  13. Create your IDEAL business and enjoy extreme abundance.
  14. Experience the beauty of a FUNCIENT (fun + efficient) business.
  15. Learn how to slow down so that you’ll actually go faster.
  16. LIVE everyday on your terms to make everything you do more attractive to the right people.

Each month we will focus on a specific area of your business, so that every part of it is congruent with your ideal vision. You will be moving forward each month at a pace that feels good to you. This is YOUR journey, to do YOUR way. I’ll give you everything you need to make it happen. The group energy of a mastermind will take everything up several notches.

Brigitte van Tuijl"The inner shift I’ve experienced this year has been THE missing piece for everything I want to accomplish in my business.

I’ve been struggling with some HUGE fears & doubts for YEARS. They took over the minute I started to experience more success: instead of following through, fear took over and I stepped back, again.
During this program, the same thing happened – only this time, I moved through it. That was HARD. But I was committed to go through it, and YOU, wonderful Jeanna, helped me do it.

You’ve supported me and helped me through some pretty tough times, and your coaching and support have truly meant the world to me. (And still do – which is why I'll work with you again in the next Mastermind). Something has deeply shifted in me.

I LOVE your humor, straight forwardness, and how you share your own experiences so openly with us – that’s always very inspiring and teaches me a lot. You’re fun, generous and creative and have a wonderful sparkly personality. You ROCK!"

Brigitte van Tuijl, www.BrigittevanTuijl.com

This is a program for business owners who truly want to stop struggling as the CEO and create double their profits and fun.

If you know this is the perfect fit for you, register below and let’s begin. There will be bonus calls to get you started for those who register now. Plus, you’ll immediately get complimentary access to my Flashpoint: Ignite Your Six-Figure Business program!

It all begins Tuesday, September 1, at 10:00 am pacific / 1:00 pm eastern
for 10 profit-doubling months!

Plus, get these bonuses!

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If you want to confirm that you and your business will truly benefit from this very unique and powerful mastermind, let’s get on the phone and see if this is a great fit for you and for us.

Interested in the Mastermind Program?

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I commit 100% to every program and coaching client. You will get the best of everything MasterPeace has to offer. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a business where the results make you do a life-long happy dance.

So if you're tired of not having the flow, joy and massive revenue you want in your business, this mastermind program will light a new fire under the belly of your business and your soul.

In extreme support,

Jeanna Gabellini

Questions? Contact lori @ masterpeacecoaching.com.

Jeanna GabelliniJeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who supports conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun.

Her top-tier private coaching and sold-out seminars have allowed committed entrepreneurs to blow past their self-imposed limits, ditch the drama of overwhelm and move into radical joy, inner peace and ever-increasing profits.

She is co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, which she wrote with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield. Jeanna's last book, 10 Minute Money Makers: How to Easily Double Your Profits in Just 10 Minutes a Day is available here: www.10MinuteMoneyMakers.com. Her NEWEST book, Rock your Profits: Stress-Free Steps that turn your Biz into a Badass Money-Making Machine released February 9, 2015.