My Mastermind Program starts soon. Will you be 1 of the 20 who tranforms their biz in 2012?

My Mastermind Program starts soon. Will you be 1 of the 20 who tranforms their biz in 2012
Is it time to increase your expectations?

You get what you expect from the people you deal with in your business, the amount of money you bring in and how hectic or easy you think it’s going to be.

If you want rockstar results, in an easy and relaxed manner, there is only one way to do it …

You’ve got to INCREASE your expectations of what you think is possible for you and your business … immediately.

Once a year I offer a 10-month Mastermind Program, and it’s coming NEXT MONTH.

This program is designed to address your habits of thought, your business model, leveraging attraction principles and implementing strategies that take a load off your mind and put money in your bank account.

Forget your history, and do something different for you and your business right now. Prepave a rockin’  future!

Get the scoop here.

Half the seats in this very intimate coaching program are already filled with folks who are ready to become conscious leaders. We’ll be spending lots of time together coaching, mentoring and supporting as a group and in your monthly private coaching calls.

If you know me, you know my no-nonsense style and business coaching expertise.  And you KNOW that you would absolutely benefit from changing the way you think and act in your business. YOU are the one that generates the results, so does something need to shift? Let’s talk!

If you don’t know me, let’s get acquainted. Listen to my no-cost teleclass just recorded, about putting the U in your business. You can register for the free recording here: Put the U in Business.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you learned to …

  • Ditch anything and everything that is not working for you and your biz.
  • Create your IDEAL business and enjoy extreme abundance.
  • Experience the beauty of a FUNCIENT (fun + efficient) business.
  • Learn how to slow down so that you’ll actually go faster.
  • LIVE everyday on your terms to make everything you do more attractive to the
    right people.

I’m totally fired up to support you!


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REMINDER – MasterPeace Mastermind Program Begins Next Week!

My Mastermind Program starts soon. Will you be 1 of the 20 who tranforms their biz in 2012From Concept to Implementation

After unveiling my entire Blue Print for transforming your business at my Business Rx Live Event this summer, I got lots of feedback that getting my concepts into your bones is what creates permanent change.

Concepts are useless information unless you can find easy and inspired ways to carry them out in everyday business life.

It is a very difficult to do without the proper support.

This is the last invitation for my MasterPeace  Mastermind Program for business owners who are ready to step it up.  You know who you are. You’re at a pivotal point where you need things to change in several areas of your business.

This is an exclusive opportunity for entrepreneurs who:

•    Know that attraction principles and strategy  are both important
•    Are ready to grow to profits and have more free time
•    Live their values in their business and have customers multiply
•    Learn strategies to leverage every action they take
•    Use more intuitive business practices that give massive results
•    Are tired of feeling stuck in a rut but love what they do
•    Consider their business a way to prosperity – not a way to make a living
•    Want to create a simple, yet powerful plan and use inspired actions to make it real

My mission with creating this very small mastermind is that you will experience explosive growth in your business, flow, connection to your truth and transform the way you do business.  You can count on your personal life also being impacted in the most positive way imagined.

I will be personally leading this 10-month program.  It will be via phone, so no extra traveling costs.  Unlike any other Mastermind program being offered today, this program offers you one-on-one coaching with me every month in addition to all the group training calls and Mastermind sessions. Plus, you get unlimited email support. I created this program for business owners who are tired of acting like self-employed overworked rookies and want to be the conscious CEO of their business and life.

Get your edge on here:

It is an amazing opportunity for change at an affordable investment.  You realizing your top business desires is my intended outcome.

Cheers to your transformation,

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MasterPeace Mastermind Program – No-Cost Q&A

MasterPeace Mastermind Program - No-Cost Q&A


Are you Playing the Work-Hard, Work-a-Lot Game?

If you follow my work … you probably already know that I’m a big fan of magic wand thinking. Not only because it allows me to feel good, think BIG and move beyond imagined limitations, but because it actually keeps me focused and aligned with what’s really important, exciting and inspiring.

Because let’s face it. When you’re running your own business, it’s WAY too easy to lose sight of your goals and become lost in the immediate tasks of the day that don’t build your business or your profits … or your sense of satisfaction. Another year can go by, and you’re still stuck in the same, small, work-hard, work-a-lot game.

So, today, I’m not offering you a magic wand, but I am giving you the opportunity to make your magic wand wishes come true. It may not happen in a fairytale instant, but it will happen. But only if you’re ready!

Are you ready to:

•    Make more money, consistently, by working less … without worrying, struggling or stressing out?

•    Play BIG and step up as the CEO of your business, and STOP feeling like an over-worked wage slave?

•    Redesign your business so it fully supports both your ideal lifestyle and your financial goals?

•    Enjoy having a super-reliable support team that takes care of all that stuff you hate to do so you have more time and energy for what you love?

•    Feel inspired and impassioned about your work, enjoy every moment, and feel completely aligned with what you’re doing and how you’re doing it?

•    Chill out and relax because you have smart business systems in place that allow your business to run effortlessly, profitably, and almost automatically?

•    Dramatically increase your profitability, productivity and personal freedom by leveraging the power of your intention, not your workload!

If you’re ready for this and more, you’re ready for the MasterPeace Mastermind Program, a 10-month Mastermind that gives you practical, proven strategies and systems, a ready-to-use success blueprint, weekly group coaching sessions, plus personal one-on-one coaching and unlimited email support.

MasterPeace Mastermind Program

Magic wand thinking is important, but here is where we make it happen.

Not by doing more, stressing out, and working harder … but by redesigning your business, your intentions and your beliefs in order to create a highly profitable business that allows you to make more by doing less with ease and a sense of spaciousness.

If you feel you’re ready to give yourself the support, coaching and strategies you need to make a real difference in your business, join me:

No-Cost Q & A Session about the MasterPeace Mastermind Program.

This is your chance to grill me with any questions you might have and determine whether this program is right for you.

Sign up now – No Cost Q&A

By the way, I’m only accepting 20 people into the MasterPeace Mastermind program, so I encourage you to step up and sign up for the Q & A call today.

In abundance,

P.S. One more thing, in case you missed it above. This Mastermind program is unlike any other being offered today, because it includes one-on-one coaching with me every month in addition to all the group training calls and Mastermind sessions. Shop around and you’ll soon see, this program kicks you-know-what… and the price can’t be beat!

MasterPeace Mastermind Program

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