Let's Do This!

Clients love you, you love what you do, and you wanna go even bigger, but you’re...

  • Afraid that expanding your business means more work and less playtime... and that’s not cool. At all.
  • Not sure how to structure your business to serve more clients without sacrificing something major.
  • Bouncing up against financial ceilings no matter how savvy your strategies.

You’re craving a business breakthrough of epic proportions, but every time you try to upgrade, it’s just a regurgitated version of what you’ve already done.

I get it. It’s crazy-making to know the essence of what you want for your business but not know exactly how to get there. (Especially when you want it right freaking now!)

You want to unleash a lot more innovative and legendary solutions into the world. You have a mission you must bring to the world... because it matters.

And the big question repeats itself over and over in your head: 


How do I make it happen and not lose myself in the process?

Imagine you had an easy way to...

  • Serve your most ideal number of 5-Star Clients (even tens of thousands) while cutting your workload in half
  • Deliver standout products and services without depleting your energy reserves
  • Become the best version of yourself while living your supersized vision 

And the best part is that it will be 100% fueled by intuition, inspiration, and integrity.

This (and even better) can happen to you by syncing with your soul… the pathway to a business that makes you deliriously happy.

Too many entrepreneurs and experts believe there are super specific strategies that bring success.

But there’s not only one way; there are infinite ways. And when you sync with your soul, you’ll download your perfect way.

I learned this the hard way over two decades ago. I listened to mentors who told me to follow their footsteps. They were great at their art… but they used business practices that produced stress. Mimicking their process caused me to shut down the intelligence and guidance from my own Inner Business Expert… causing me to overwork, underprice, and prolong my dreams.

My current business didn’t take off until I boldly chose what my heart wanted. I put every decision through the filter of what my higher self wanted for my highest good. I also chose to strategically focus on making just a couple of my offers the stars of the show… so they would stand out and sell out!

This way of operating allowed me to accomplish huge things with little stress. I became known without being a social media wiz, doing things outside of my comfort zone, or being dependent on standard strategies in my niche.

I created freedom, happiness, and wealth. And I did it by staying true to my values with integrity.

Syncing with your soul is the only pathway that gives you access to pure genius, limitless badassery, and the power to generate mammoth wealth… in ways that feel almost too easy. (But you’ll get used to it real quick because that’s the way you always wanted it.)

Transport yourself there with speed and ease in...

Flip the switch to a business that’s soulful, simple, and delivers superabundance.

Super-Synced is a 5-month mentoring experience where synchronicity and flow are the rules of the game. You get to create big, fat results from the quantum field.

The object of the game is manifesting money, time abundance, and straight-up crazy cool magic. Except it’s not a game… it’s real life.

How do you know if you want to play?

This mentoring experience is for entrepreneurs who want to upgrade to…

  • A super-focused lineup of products and services that sell each other for you
  • Offers and clients that are 5-star… because everything else is no longer tolerable
  • Marketing that’s a natural extension of your personality style, genius, and soul
  • Massive visibility that happens organically from doing what you love
  • A constant flow of money so you can invest in whatever the hell you want… when you want it

This mentoring experience is for entrepreneurs who no longer want to…

  • Get spun up in their head, second-guessing their inner guidance
  • Follow the herd mentality implementing hypey strategies that don’t light you up
  • Push to make shizz happen, operate from overwhelm, or spread yourself thin
  • Offer products and services that don’t build upon each other
  • Project a murky message that lands flat… with zero sizzle
  • Feel like the underdog with a business that underperforms

Bringing your longtime dreams to fruition in a short time isn’t a fantasy.

It’s a choice.

That choice is available to you when you super-sync with your soul.

You’ll no longer stagnate, procrastinate, or vacillate. Your inner guidance will run the show, and you’ll always choose strategies that are bang-on… every time.

If a business and life of mediocracy makes you cringe, then you’re ready to upgrade… and be the master of your universe.

Here’s what you’ll focus on in this
5-month mentoring experience…

Month One: Star Power – Your Moneymaking Model!

Fast-track your business by syncing the structure. You’ll discover how to…

  • Choose the offer you want to showcase as the star of your lineup
  • Streamline your business model so it’s easy… and exciting
  • Upsize the vision, downsize distractions
  • Strip out the fluff, time stealers, and faux moneymakers
  • Determine your supporting cast of service or products
  • Step into your role as divine leader

Month Two: Scene Stealer – Elevate Your Legendary Offer

Sink your heart into an offer that changes lives. Discover how to…

  • Prepare your blockbuster offer for sold-out status
  • Upgrade your systems to deliver 5-star results and eliminate chaos
  • Automate to provide personalized red carpet treatment for your clients
  • Price for mega-stardom… and soul satisfaction 
  • Turn your murky messaging into a mesmerizing call to action that attracts 5-Star Clients

Month Three: Vibrational Virality – Map the Marketing Method

Attract all the clients you want with marketing that feels natural. You’ll discover how to…

  • Design strategies that give you leveraged reach… and feel thrilling
  • Supersede mediocracy in your niche
  • Streamline your tactics so you get more done with less effort
  • Make soul-based moves that bring in the perfect clients in your ideal quantities
  • Embrace vibrational marketing that is energy dependent, not “work hard” or “get it right” dependent

Month Four: Superintelligence on Speed Dial – Drop into Unlimited Manifesting

Materialize your most outrageous dreams with astounding ease. Discover how to…

  • Access the quantum field to bring your future into the present with minimal man hours
  • Receive precise clarity about your next steps that snap your goals into place, lickety-split
  • Use your “Soul Filter” to weed out the time-wasting, shiny objects from your path
  • Supercharge your creativity for infinite energy and inspiration
  • Flip stress into boundless potential and opportunities

Month Five: 7-Figure Synergy – Normalized Wealth

Create prosperity with focus, not force. Discover how to…

  • Upgrade your wealth set point to remove invisible barriers that keep you from abundance
  • Fortify your receiving muscles so you work less and make more
  • Make decisions like 7- to 8-figure business owners… and become one
  • Forecast and plan for big payoffs instead of relying on smaller cash infusions
  • Let go of harmful prosperity paradigms so you have zero negative charge about pricing, investing, and making money

Super-Synced supports you to align with the part of you that knows having it all is not only doable… but inevitable and natural.

This 5-month mentoring experience will focus on optimizing your MOST important product or service with a supporting cast of two other offers that feed and build upon it.

But this isn’t done in the typical way that causes entrepreneurs to crush their soul… you’ll be guided every step of the way by syncing your soul.

The results are spectacular and mind-boggling easy.

Here are the nuts and bolts of what happens each month in Super-Synced…

Mentor Trainings

3 Super-Synced Monthly Mentor Trainings that drop you straight into your soul wisdom (a mashup of live and recorded trainings)

Mentor Sessions

2+ live Monthly Mentor Sessions to ask whatever you need to fast-track your progress… and peace

Focus Lab

1 Monthly Focus Lab to get soul-synced shizz done in record time

Soul-Synced Activations

1 Monthly Soul-Synced activation recording to move you into quantum creation

Integration Session

1 Monthly Integration mentor session to map out the next actions and step into your Super-Synced self for big results

Mentoring Forum

24/7 mentoring forum for support and celebrating your success

Weekly Checkin

Weekly check-ins and journal prompts to access your super genius

The Super-Synced mentoring experience is not just about accomplishing your big, fat dreams...

… it’s about who you become in the process of letting life serve up supersized results in fewer steps.

Inside this mega program is everything you need to nail your soul-synced strategy to gain visibility and sell out your products, services, and programs.

You’ll be able to roll out stress-free online launches… that keep you in your comfort zone, leverage your natural strengths, and attract clients you adore.

Inside you’ll discover how to…

  • Map out the perfect-for- you launch model that guarantees a creative, tribe-building, income-boosting
  • Create value-packed freebies that magnetize your 5-Star Clients and build your email list
  • Write copy that comes from your heart and instantly connects with your future clients… and guides them to invest without weird tactics and false promises
  • Fully own and embody your message so you can articulate it with ease, credibility and confidence… anytime, anywhere
  • The Money-Making Webinar Recipe: A foolproof formula you can tweak to fit your material, brand and style.

You’ll be able showcase your know-how, deliver valuable content and win over your 5-Star Clients. 

Launch Your Money Maker takes all the guesswork out of consistently pull off 5- and 6-figure launches! 

The Super-Synced 5-Month Live Mentor Experience with the Launch Your Money Maker Bonus is a $10,000 value.

My entire team and I will be there to support your success.


Super-Synced officially kicks off Tuesday, September 6th, 2022, but when you come aboard now for this life-changing experience, you’ll also get a VIP ticket to my brand-new, 2-day virtual event! ($2,000 value!)

You’ll create a soul-synced high-ticket offer that attract your most desirable clients… in record time.

This inspiring get-’er-done experience will walk you step-by-step through a simple and clear formula to…

  • Sync your mindset with a 100k+-a-year offer
  • Select the perfect high-end offer for your business model... and lifestyle
  • Discover your on-point messaging that creates automatic buyers
  • Price it to match the value inside
  • Bypass bogus blocks that keep you from attracting high-ticket clients
  • Let go of over-giving and underselling tactics

I you can’t make it to the live event on August 25 & 26, you’ll get access to all of the recordings!

Enroll now to create your simplified, soul-powered empire for only…

$8,888 or
$2,000 down with 8 monthly payments of $888

Pay In Full:
1 Time Payment of $8,888

All Sales Final.

If you have any questions about this being you next step to your simplified, soul-powered empire, let me know here.


Jeanna, I want to acknowledge you for all the support this month.

"I kicked this month out the stadium! I’ve had the highest ever business signed up in a single month... which is typically a ZERO-income month. I took a vacation, launched a product, created a lead magnet, and renewed three 5-Star Clients for another 6 months. If I include a 4-month contract I signed, I made more this month than I’ve made in any TWO months put together this year. And this year has been my BEST YEAR EVER!” 

~ Neeru Sharma

Woo hoo! I closed another 5K deal yesterday.

"He said that my level of excitement is what sealed the deal. Thanks, Jeanna and the group for your support.

I experienced a 44% increase in sales for the month I was enrolled in the course and it was my biggest revenue generating month in 15 years in my business!"

~ Judy Zimmer

Super-Synced FAQ

If you’ve read this whole page and you’re on the fence about enrolling… your mindset is creating confusion or you have questions that need answering. Here are the most frequently asked questions that can help you in either case.

Q. My business doesn’t currently make 100k a year. Is this program too advanced for me?

A. No. But you do have to be prepared for a 6-figure year. That’ll most likely require you to invest in a few things that you may not currently have, like some tech support and a software platform or two to uplevel your marketing or customer support. If you already have these things handled, then you’re set. We’ll support you with the models, marketing support, and mindset to hit your 6 figures, no problem!

We’ve got many in the program who are in your shoes and ready to rock their 6-figure or multiple 6-figure biz by syncing up with their soul.

Q. I’m already making multiple 6 figures… is this program too entry-level for me?

A. If you want to attract more money, blow past limitations, find easier ways to achieve results, and bend time… you’ll look back at this as one of the best investments of energy, time, and money you’ve ever made! Being a true badass in your niche means constantly opening yourself up to expansion and ease.

Q. I really want to enroll, but I’m nervous about the investment. What should I do?

A. Even though this is the most affordable full-on business mentoring I’ve ever offered, I realize it still may be out of your comfort zone. Good! That feeling is alerting you that you don’t trust yourself to attract what you need in your business.

You have to choose to be the kind of person who makes a big return on their investments. You have to be all in… meaning you align with your soul to allow your business to thrive like it was meant to.

So either you make a powerful choice to upgrade your mindset and business now… or you be okay with your business just as it is now. It’s a choice. Just make sure you choose what’s in your highest good… instead of choosing from fear, scarcity, and limitation.

Q. I’m already overwhelmed with everything that’s on my plate. Is this gonna make it worse?

A. If you’re overwhelmed, we’ll pinpoint why and course correct to eliminate it.

You’ll spend 1 to 2 hours a week max consuming content or attending live mentor sessions during our time together… but the rest of your time should be spent on the most important areas of your business that you should be focused on anyway.

However, this program is deliberately designed to simplify your business so you’re more focused, organized, inspired, creative, and time abundant!

Q. Is there anything else I need to know to feel confident about enrolling?

A. You get to have what you want in your business. If that’s what you’re committed to, then we can ensure that happens if you’re open, coachable, and willing to make the changes that feel aligned with your mission and values. I’ll never ask you to do something you hate, that is out of integrity or out of your genius zone.

Super-Synced is about creating your soul-powered empire. Period. It’s a mash-up of soul and strategy. I’m not sure there’s anything better than that!

jeanna gabellini

I’m Jeanna, Master Business Coach and Chief Rabble Rouser of MasterPeace Coaching. After 25+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” I know, without question, you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to flip the switch in your thinking, chuck the old-school rules in the toilet, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on. Every entrepreneur was born with an Inner Business Expert that can lead them to offers, ideas, and strategies that spark joy... and mega sales.