Cool Links

I’ve seen, listened and experienced ALOT of different people and products in the business and self development world. These are some of my favs that are tried and true. Most of them I receive nothing in return for promoting them. I just love them!


If you want optin and launch pages that convert, is the bomb diggity. So easy to use, too! It’s what I use during my six-figure launches.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for rockin’ articles on business, videos, PR advice and profiles of famous entrepreneurs you have to check out the site of Evan Carmichael. There is an abundant amount of info on anything entreprenuer!


law of attractionI recommend many websites to my clients and seminar participants but none more than Abraham-Hicks. They are the best teachers on anything Law Of Attraction. I coach and teach on the topic, and I say run to their website. Choose some audio products to listen to so you can reinforce new habits that assist you in focusing on what you do want. Everything they sell is simply the best on the market. No gimmicks, no upsells and I get no commission for this!

Be sure to check out Bob Doyle’s “Wealth Beyond Reason” multimedia experience that’s packed with exciting and USABLE information. Includes principles that work every time without fail … as they have for thousands of years … and you won’t be able to wait to start applying them! This information does not require you to stretch any spiritual belief system or take blind leaps of faith for it to work.

For graphic art that is right on the money every time, you need to visit Partner4Success. Susan Johnson is by far the most intuitive, creative and speedy graphic art designer I have ever used. She has created logos, brochures, and graphics for every website I’ve launched. She’s soooooo good! She also did t-shirts and invitations for my parties.

Would you like to regularly receive uplifting, inspiring, and quick messages from the Universe? Sign up for Mike Dooley’s (he’s a genius — I love him!) daily “Messages from the Universe.” Also check out his great books and audios.

Sedona Method CDsExperience total trust and abundance in ALL areas of your life while seeing the results just waltz into your life by using The Sedona Method. Live seminars, audiotapes, courses, and books (if I could sell this wholesale, I would!) are available. It’s all about knowing how to release, which is not a luxury, it’s a Basic Survival Skill for the millennium. It allows you to be peaceful right here and now and become clear on your aversions to what you say you want. Look out! You’ll flush up a lot of emotional attachments, but then quickly let them go.

Financial MentorTodd Tresidder is who I go to when I want to get coaching and strategize about money. He walks his talk ad his coaching skill are at the top of our industry. Visit his site at

boobydoobyDial in your online sales. Practice Pay Solutions have it all! Shopping carts, merchant accounts, email broadcasting, auto responders, affiliate programs and ezines all in one place! If you were considering 1ShoppingCart or InfusionSoft, go here first. Love these guys! Practice Pay Solutions – Credit Card & Check Payment Processing

boobydoobyThis package of road-tested tools makes it easier than ever to describe what you do in a way that excites you and attracts more perfect people to your business. Easy-to-use templates make it fast and effective to create bios that attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. Bye-Bye Boring Bio includes five engaging and content-rich audio files, the popular Bye-Bye Boring Bio digital workbook, and 147 Powerful eTips to Boost Business and Profits with Free Publicity. Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS!

boobydoobyInfusionsoft is the system I use for MasterPeace Coaching. It’s like a behind the scenes sales machine. It does email marketing, ecommerce solutions (shopping carts!), CRM system, lead tracking and more!

This is for when your list has grown and you want to be very strategical about your online marketing. Just give your Infusionsoft Sales Rep my Partner Code: 24380.

boobydoobyA System for Coaches to Keep It ALL Organized!

The Coaches Console is breakthrough technology that manages marketing, contacts, communications, online-scheduling, client data and payments, plus integrates templates for websites, client forms, autoresponders, coaching agreements and more…. all incorporated in one intuitive technology! Check it out here.