Let me remind you that you are the ruler of your kingdom.

You’re the king or queen of your life.

You have the delightful freedom of choosing all that happens in your world. You da boss! You’re in charge.

You’re greatly admired by many. Your guidance is trusted. There are many in your kingdom who are willing to assist you with your plans. It is with joy that they are at your service.

They want to help you make a difference… and get everything you want.

As in chess, the queen is the most powerful piece. She is able to move over any number of squares forward, backward, sideways, and diagonally. The king is the most important piece. If yours is captured, the game is over.

As the leader of your life, you may choose when to rest, what to eat, where you will travel, who will be your guests, and who will be your counsel. Everything is designed to keep you in flow.

As the king or queen, you don’t fret over the small things.

You keep your eye on the highest good of your kingdom, knowing that you rule the land. You are a visionary and master plan maker, although you personally do not have to carry out all the plans. You have casts of thousand to assist you in every detail.

There are ceremonies of all sorts, prosperity, and masterminds in your kingdom. You can collaborate with other leaders in other kingdoms, as there is plenty of room for all.

You may be as eccentric as you like.

Are you treating yourself like royalty or a slave?

Do you worry and fret, or are you remembering your power?

Are you concerned with pleasing others or doing what you know is best for your land?

I dare you to sit on your throne, not ruling from ego but leading from your heart. You do not need to manipulate, trick, lie, or intimidate to get your way.

Ask and it will always be given.

Psst… you can dust off your crown and wear it proudly.

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Celeste Bonnet
Jeanna, thank you for this power-reclaiming reframe!💕 Even after investing hundreds of hours listening to your wisdom, you and your team easily get me to stop and pivot towards joy and ease.