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It’s easy for me to share with you how much I can help you and why we should work together … but it’s much more effective to let my clients, customers, peers, and colleagues share their experiences about Art of Practice, Business Rx Live, Business Rx Teleclass and Business Rx System, Divine Guidance, Coaching With Jeanna, Flashpoint, Infallible Health, Mastermind Program, Mind Games, Profit Quest and Speed Dial the Universe with you in their own words!


Art of Practice

“This is a brilliant, useful and listener-friendly guide to the art of Mastery… one which I highly recommend.”

George Leonard, author of Mastery and The Life We Are Given

“There’s no doubt about it…we become what we practice. This program shows you how to enjoy practicing what really matters so you can succeed with greater ease and fulfillment. Whenever I listen to this tape it helps me create new momentum and I move into the flow.”

Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success

“Is it time to move ahead? You’ve started a process and could use some help staying on track for the long-term? Ready to acknowledge and let go of some old habits?

Jeanna and Lance have put together a clear, practical, and punchy set of tools to further your positive forward motion. This tape gave me the answer to my “NOW WHAT?” inquiry. It will be a part of my daily practice for a long time to come. Thanks for the powerful support. “

Mark Norris, Senior Consultant, SafeNet Consulting


Business Rx Live

Kathleen Krushas“I had fallen out of love with my business and this event has forever changed how I live and run my business. If you’re thinking about doing this event, Just do it! Jump in. Whatever is holding you back in your business, this is the catalyst to move ahead.”

Kathleen Krushas, ToThePointPublications.com

Cathy Anesi“I felt stuck, overwhelmed, over worked and stressed. Business Rx gave me a chance to breakthrough barriers that were holding me back and the confidence to plan ahead.”

Catherine Anesi, CatherineAnesiLCSW.com

Demi Karpouzos“I felt confused, stagnant, disheartened and frustrated. This event was essential and transformational to uplevel my business and life. The content, support and ideas were absolutely amazing! Your energy is crazy good and addictive.

Thank you for your generosity Jeanna and for what was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a great deal and I feel alive! You rock in a HUGE way!”

Demi Karpouzos, StrategicalCoaching.com

Stacey Corrigan“I was confused, unfocused, uncommitted and uncertain about my new business. At Business Rx I learned that it’s okay to pursue a venture that provides me joy. Jeanna is a masterful facilitator and gets to the heart of the matter directly in a loving and patient way.”

Stacy Corrigan, ManifestYourman.net


Business Rx Teleclass and Business Rx System

Steve Charrier“I have deeply known about Law of Attraction from my spiritual work. Yet, no one has ever made it so practically and powerfully useful as Jeanna. She has a grounded and business savvy approach that I resonate with, and her heart is in the right place, Bottom line: in a niche with a lot of fluff, she is the real deal.

During her six-week teleclass I more than tripled my business simply from doing the “inner” work. I got new clients in the US, Spain, UK, France and Canada. Going global was not even on the radar when I started her class. Jeanna knows about practical magic and can deliver the goods.”

Steve Charrier, HeroesJourneyTarot.com

Julie Robinson“This course took the worry out of “how” I was going to achieve my goals this year. It allowed me to put a solid, inspired vision into place, and taught me take it one inspired step at a time! I’m well on my way to my six-figure goal!

I started a blog, which I have never been able to do before. I’m no longer pining over the day-to-day things that can be overwhelming. I am making choices as if I am a multi-national company, which has created a whole new pattern in my life and the way I do business!

Now, I wake up every day with vigor about how I am going to reach my financial goals this year, and it is EXCITING! I get all giddy inside, like I just won the lottery! Thank you Jeanna, I am so grateful to have found you!!”

Julie Robinson, JulieRobinsonArt.com

Stephanie Bell“I really appreciate your direct, no-nonsense, “keep it simple and easy” and FUN approach! I value your many years of coaching experience that catches the subtleties in words or tone when someone writes or speaks and how you offer new viewpoints or ways of thinking or doing to help us “fine tune”. Overall I’m more comfortable and confident about where I am, which was my goal, and a LOT more trusting of my inner guidance.”

Stephanie Rainbow Bell, PlusSizeInnerPeace.com

“All I can say, Jeanna, is your system really works. I could never have made this happen in a million years. Now I get it is all about setting my intentions and following your RX for what I want to create in my business, then going out and having fun and loving life while the universe works its part.”

Melodie Ross

Dan Gosling“I feel better and have one particularly good potential big client on the horizon.

Sometimes, I’m just happy for no reason.

I enjoyed the balance of Q & A and straight teaching in this course. In both courses I have taken with Jeanna, she is remarkably consistent and present for her clients. Always a day brightener!”

Dan Gosling, ChopSaver.com

Shelly Quintana“Before purchasing the Business RX homestudy course, I was desperate for a program that was easy to follow. I was lost in the maze of free teleseminars and hodge podge business programs and that only made me feel more stuck than ever.

By the end of this program, I stepped into the position of confident CEO and connected to my inner guide every day. Now, I’m making amazing progress in my business. This is so different from that frightened new business owner I used to be.

Now, I know my ideal client extremely well and am attracting them so magically through new marketing messages and strategies. I’ve attracted a team that is awesome! I went from no clients to perfect clients. All the pieces are coming together so perfectly now and I’m having fun every step of the way.

Thank you, Jeanna!”

Shelly Quintana, LiveMyDreamsCoaching.com

Chantal Beaupre“I was stuck and felt like I was swimming against the tide, no matter what marketing or social media bandwagon I jumped in! No flow, no fun, and no financial profits; the picture was that bad and ugly.

That’s when I got the Business Rx System. I fell in love with Jeanna’s attractive energy and the high quality of her message – even it sometimes sounded so strange to my overly rational mind.

After one month to study the lessons and complete the various exercises, not only have I doubled my revenues, but I did it without doing anything different as far as sales and marketing strategies are concerned.

I literally have to pinch myself!”

Chantal Beaupre, n.d.



Divine Guidance

Ann E King“This course gave me huge support in crucial moments with my finances, buying my house, shifting my mind set towards money, and with my loving relationship. ? I know that anything is possible to achieve. Miracles happen. I trust my Divine Guidance, relax and expect results instead of looking at my reality of lack, ?going mad about it, loosing my patience and being very needy.

This course was perfect and I felt very supported. Jeanna’s coaching was very empowering, wise, and quick. I love the combination of Jeanna and Bridget´s teaching/coaching.”

Ana Clason

Nancy Tierney“Jeanna & Bridgette’s Divine Guidance class gave me what I’ve always craved: a direct and dependable connection with my own Divine Guidance. As a result, I’m loving my life, finding new inspiration and ideas every day, attracting new career opportunities and having a blast! My work is easier as creativity flows through me in a way it never did before… and my clients love the results!

Plus, anytime I have a question, whether silly or sophisticated, I’ve got a pipeline to the answer! How cool is that!

I’ll admit, at first, I thought “Only certain people get to have a clear, undeniable connection to their Guidance.” But this course showed me, step by step, how to move past my doubt and into a magnificent, joyful and playful relationship with my Guide… a relationship that continues to grow and deepen to this day.”

Nancy Tierney, FirecrackerCommunications.com

“I wanted to tell you both how much I appreciated this class and your wonderful instruction, contributions and support. Your unique styles melded perfectly to create a very rich learning environment. In addition to you both being awesome, I thought the meditations, groundings, class content and structure to be divine.

Tania Hess

Ann E King“So much abundance from one class…lots of fun, laughter, open and honest real-life examples, coaching, comfort and security. The love and support are palpable. I have transformed the way I operate. I don’t worry anymore; I choose. I also have a noticeable increase in the abundance of every area of my life. I feel like I’ve launched from a sling short into the field of all possibilities.”

Ann e. King, KingCityStudio.com

Gomati Goodbody“Thank you so much for the delicious coaching. The guided meditations were fun and relaxing. I felt a strong clear connection that I’ve never experienced before.”


“I’ve opened a new channel of communication with my higher self. I’m using my tools daily, expanding ‘those’ muscles. Before this course I was sailing around aimlessly and now I’m on course. I’m being deliberate, authentic and a powerful nucleus attracting what I set as my intention.

My marriage has shifted to a wonderful space! I now have a relationship with my mom (it has been on the rocks or non existent since I was 15!). My hot buttons are gone.

I’m grounded everyday again. I’m in love, peaceful, safe, confident, happy and having fun. The synchronicities and miracles are abundant. People are showing differently for me because I have transformed.”

Nadine Jackson

Laura Salvaneschi“Thank you Bridget and Jeanna for your love, enthusiasm and caring so much about each one of us. This was the perfect class at the perfect time for me. I’ve received so much more than I would’ve dreamed.”

Laura Salvaneschi, ForWonderfulWomen.com

Natalie Ekberg“I have developed new habits around setting intentions, grounding and releasing. I also realize that connection can be an ongoing state. I’m definitely calmer and more trusting. I’m aware of the power I hold and depend on my own judgment/intuition rather than those of other people.”

Natalie Ekberg, LBLifeCoaching.com

Kim Nishida“I am so grateful for the Divine Guidance program from Jeanna and Bridget! Before I discovered this program, I had just walked away from my sole income source and was feeling extremely fearful and confused about the future.

But once I jumped into the Divine Guidance program, I quickly gained clarity and focus about the direction I wanted to go in life and in business.

Suddenly all kinds of “coincidental” connections popped up which led to new clients, one of whom paid me more than $3,000 for a few hours of work. I now feel completely at peace, on purpose, and happy all the time.

Thanks, Jeanna & Bridget!”

Kim Nishida, HowToDoItNow.com

Jackie Adams

Listen to Jackie Adams’

(aka Agent JLove) testimonial here


Coaching With Jeanna

David DiFrancesco“I appreciated my coaching with you very much. My own Warrior Workout facility opened in Southern California and a second one is on the way.

I’ve got overseas clients as well and a manual coming out in February. And I have to say, working with you set me on the path to making this happen!”

David Di Francesco, FearlessWarrior.com

Susanna Kelly“Working with Jeanna increased our prospect pipeline by 200%. We are close now to signing contracts with 5 major new players worth an additional £200k. We have achieved more focus and direction and are positive about our success. We’re also having a lot more fun in the process!!

This has been a monumental change of mindset and attitude that has become an essential part of my make-up.

Just do it! This has been the very best investment I have made – into myself more than anything. This really does work – throw away the cynic in you and step into a whole new way of thinking, being and achieving. Jeanna is amazing.

Susanna Kelly

Joan Lynch“Get into alignment, Joan.

Three years ago when I first heard that from Jeanna Gabellini I had no clue what that meant. I wanted to be good at whatever this law of attraction stuff was but I wasn’t sure what it all meant. I just knew I wanted things to seem easier and less drama filled. Luckily for me, Jeanna made it very clear from the start that she was going to guide me through the process.

Coaching with Jeanna has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Choosing Jeanna as your coach is like telling the universe “Yes, I’m ready for all you’ve got. Bring it ON!” She couldn’t put more of her heart into what she does & her authenticity will make you love her even more. Simply hearing her voice calms me down & subconsciously reminds me that I need to get grounded. She is a master of sensing what you aren’t saying and helping you get clear about what’s really going on.

My vision board in 2008 included the following: A beach house. Move to California. An Emmy. A husband. Charity/Nonprofit opportunities. Increased salary. Healthy body at ideal weight. Guess I need a new vision board because every single one of those things has come true.

You cannot make a better investment than working with Jeanna. Trust me, the money you think you’re spending will be returned to you many times over.

Joan Lynch, Television and Film Producer

Beth Ruske“Jeanna, thank you for helping my partners and me really step up our results and produce the business and results we want in our lives. I know that is a broad statement– and it is so HUGE– you really challenged us to envision life as we ‘chose it,’ and to always be looking to take the path of less resistance (a.k.a. easy route). And then, when we thought we were cruising on easy you took it up a notch and said ‘okay, what about fun, easy and bigger than you can currently stand it?’ You kept asking us: How easy can it get? How good can it get? What a fun question to continually ask ourselves . . . and we did.

So, how’s this for easy:

  • Launching 3 brand new products in less than 90 days (from scratch).
  • Creating and developing a web presence from nothing in under 60 days and copywriting and trademarking our IP material in the same time frame.
  • Finding a branding strategist out of the blue that got all the partners engaged and operating from the same vision and simultaneously allowing for creative innovation … all while maintaining our core business consulting practice.

Our relationships with families and friends continue to thrive:

  • People around me are blown away when I say I have been married to my husband for 24 years and how great things are for us and our two great teenage sons.
  • One of my partners said today: “It’s March and I feel like not only have I gotten the year completely handled, I feel like I am doing everything I wanted to do in my life!”

If the trademark wasn’t taken I would tell you to adopt “Life is good coaching” as your business motto!

Thank you for helping us create our unique vision and step into it so powerfully.”

Beth Ruske, Tiara International

Laura Salvaneschi“I decided to hire Jeanna as my business coach after attending three of her tele-courses, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am a coach myself and before I started working with Jeanna I felt confused and was not able to stay focused on what was needed to successfully establish my business. Jeanna gave me support, material, ideas, contacts, and challenged me on my assumptions (and I had quite a few!).

Jeanna was ALWAYS able to sense and spot deeper issues that needed to be addressed in order for me to truly move forward. She can see the whole picture, the aspects of my life that I pretend to ignore as not relevant, yet were actually hindering my full growth. She’s ALWAYS available for me, including answering all of my emails (many!).

After just one month of working with her, my business started thriving! New clients constantly came to me, the launch of my retreat was ready, my new website was well under way and many other incredible things were happening in my professional and personal life. I feel so positive and joyful all day long. I wake up in the morning with an open heart and thrilled for the day ahead. Jeanna is for sure a masterful coach but what is really unique about her is the powerful energy she vibrates into my life. I’m always connected to her energy. For me, this makes a huge difference.”

Laura Salvaneschi

Greg Joseph“I swear, all that I have to do to create abundance, is to think of, then speak with Jeanna. Then the phone rings, not once, not twice, not even three times – I immediately created 4 new clients…her abundance energy…. well, there is just nothing more to say!”

Gregory Joseph, GregoryJoseph.com

Bill Girone“I thought I was someone who did the types of things that hold the world together. Jeanna showed me that I do the things that CHANGE the world. I have made a difference in thousands of peoples lives because she helped me discover the power in who I am. That power is in each of us. The trick is to recognize it and be generous enough to share it.

Jeanna sees what we don’t and reflects it back to you better than any mirror. The ability to give to others is the most important contribution we can make and the only way for each of us to access all that the universe has to offer.

  • My income has increased 7 times over since 2000 when we began our coaching
  • I went from a sales position to various leadership positions in major corporations (Securian, Merrill Lynch)
  • I now own my own business

Bill Girone, The Girone Financial Group

Vanessa Kummerle“Thank you for being so great at clarifying paths, shining a light on both the scary and the sublime and inspiring me to take action.”

Vanessa Kuemmerle

“Jeanna suggests creative tools to help me recognize useful ways to breakdown overwhelming tasks. My sales soared increased 200% just when I thought all was lost.

Simply stated, “I feel better about myself and enjoy living every busy moment of my life at a more complete level of happiness and fulfillment. I feel that I am getting more out of life than those who don’t have a coach in their life.”

Sherry Bedsworth

Harry Aldrich“In all the growth I accomplished working with Jeanna, nothing was more insightful, grounding and relevant then establishing my values. Jeanna kept the process alive, thoughtful and centered on me. The results in prioritizing and ranking my values and becoming clear on the fact that this is how I choose to live my life was and is two years later the greatest accomplishment for me personally, financially, in my business and spiritually. Thank you Jeanna.

If you are looking for an easy walk around the block to return from where you started, don’t use Jeanna, she will make you work.”

Harry Aldrich, Cedar Plank Salmon

Sally Trussell“The coaching sessions for me provided a way to break up a giant step into smaller steps. I knew that when it came to financial intelligence, I needed a real paradigm shift. For personal growth reasons, I have had years of therapy. Coaching was a better way for me to change behavior. It was more practical and goal oriented. It was also much more convenient than therapy because it can be done over the telephone.

I was able to articulate my goal and make incremental steps toward my goal with the energy necessary to maintain momentum. Jeanna provided the consistent coaching support and encouragement for me to make dramatic changes.

Sally Trussell, Technical/Instructional Designer

Deborah Kucher“Jeanna, your help is transforming my life. I changed my thinking many times, from “I can’t afford it, maybe later” to “I’m going to do this and I’ll find the money” to “this is a part of my life and the money is there”. I now understand how very fearful of money I was.

You’re a great coach. You’re bold, direct, and have helped me learn how I defeat myself. You have skills and techniques that are successful. After two months I have clarity, I’m generating more income, and enjoy a commitment to my business. I also play more often with others!”

Deborah Kucher, Owner, BIG TIME Gardening

Kevin OBrien“Coaching has been an extremely good investment of time, energy & cash. Jeanna has made a huge difference in helping me get what I want out of life! She opened a lot of doors and challenged me to go even deeper into what had meaning for me.

I spent 14-years in a good-paying industry that I was completely bored with – as a result of her work I was able to let go of the security and evolve into what I’m doing now. I’m a different, much more fulfilled person now than I was when I started with her.”

Kevin O’Brien

Aaryn Herridge“You are KIND and GENEROUS: you bring lightness to the darkest situations, wisdom to the blackest thought. Over and over again I have watched you forge new territory, making it safe for others to follow. You always empower those in your footsteps freeing them to be their own radiant light. Thank you for being you.

Aaryn Herridge

Nancy Madlin“When I talk to Jeanna, I’m in heaven. Bold, fearless, abundant with love and healing. She’s wonderful. If she didn’t exist, I’d have to invent her!”

Nancy Madlin

“The tools you taught me are still working. In the last year or so, I have really come to understand the power and simplicity of “believe it and the universe will provide it”…it’s amazing how this works and how it abolishes stress and worry.

Thanks so much for your time and insight. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the short time we had together, it had a fantastic impact on my life and outlook.”

Eric Gerace

“With my business at a critical stage of growth, I asked Jeanna Gabellini to be my coach to help achieve “Extreme Abundance” for my company. She was great at helping me more consistently apply the principles of attraction, maintaining my focus on choosing the positive thought when habit dictated otherwise.

She was extremely helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, on target with her suggestions and fun to work with. After three months of coaching, the company has never been more profitable, and things in my life in general have never been better. I strongly recommend anyone who wants a coach to help grow their business to hire Jeanna as their coach.”

Lawrence Brand, Celebrate Publishing, Inc.

Betsy Sobiech“One of the smartest things I’ve ever done is work with Jeanna during the formation of my consulting practice. Because of her, I’ve been able to leverage intentionality, energy, and focus — basically the Law of Attraction — so that my business has grown exponentially.

The amazing thing is that it’s grown at that rate (from a $30,000 solo-preneur to a $1,500,000 consulting practice over 3 years) without requiring more effort AND supporting everything I’m up to in my life.

During these years I’ve also bought my first home, traveled to East Africa, rediscovered my love of the outdoors and adventure, and continue to prioritize friends and family.

I know it doesn’t seem possible. But that’s if you’re stuck thinking and working linearly … and Jeanna knows that much more is available. She is a constant reminder of how to access the miraculous.”

Betsy Sobiech, Tiara International

Jeannette Maw“I knew about the law of attraction before Jeanna, and did my best to work with it on my own for several years. I even hired different coaches throughout a three-year period to help me create the life I wanted. But it wasn’t until I worked with Jeanna that my life experienced REAL change. In fact, my life changed more in three months of working with Jeanna than it did in the prior three years!

Jeanna doesn’t let you settle for anything less than exactly what you say you want. She simply won’t let you stay in your rut. Jeanna ROCKS!

As a result of working with her I…

  • Finally quit the job I was scared to leave behind even it drained the life from me for five straight years
  • Built a full time coaching practice in three months
  • Began a dating streak that qualifies as the MOST fun summer ever, which led to one fabulous enriching relationship after another
  • Learned what was truly important to me, who I really am, and what I’m capable of – which is absolutely everything!

Jeannette Maw, GoodVibeUniversity.com

“As a result of Jeanna’s coaching, energy and confidence, the glass wall separating me from the possibilities disappeared. Actually, we demolished it!

A year after coaching my income has tripled, I started my own business and I met the girl of my dreams. But the best result has been that I now find comfort, confidence and excitement about the future knowing I have complete control to create the experiences that happen next.”

Trent Edwards

Linda DeCarlo“Jeanna is an outstanding coach, a masterful Law of Attraction teacher, compassionate, smart and a joyful human being. She taught me to do less and trust more, to allow rather than force and be more joyful while I am in the process of achieving my goals.”

Linda DeCarlo, LindaDeCarlo.com

Michelle Goss“I love how you blend coaching and teaching. You’re like you’re a peer and ally rather than ‘some authority figure that is going to show me how it’s really done’. You are AWESOME!”

Michelle Goss, MichelleGoss.com

Paul Rowan“Flash bulletin…. I have just booked my very first official “commercial job” through Stars Agency in SF. I want to tell you, when I got the phone call confirming the job and the recording date and time, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I have not experienced such an absolute feeling of pure joy in a long time! In my mind, this was an event for the ages. I will always remember it as a truly special moment.

Thank you so much, Jeanna, for the part you played in all of this. Your help in keeping me on purpose and on focus will forever be a part of me.”

Paul Rowan

Bill Welden“I worked with Jeanna to assist me with several personal projects I’d been struggling with for years. I brought each of them to completion, including writing a screenplay for television.

The real payoff came later. Using the techniques she had shown me, I was able to really get my business moving. We tripled our income and I’m working fewer hours than ever, averaging fewer than 20 a week.”

Bill Welden, Essential Software

“Jeanna is the most AUTHENTIC business coach and solopreneur I know. This girl walks her talk. I should know, I work with her. Everyday our team knows what is expected and when. The ‘how’ is up to us and Jeanna gives creative license to those she works with and never micromanages. That makes her life (and ours) easier and FUN! And that’s what it’s all about. Everything she teaches in her courses and coaching is right on the money!”

Lauray Walsh, Virtual Business Manager

Andrea Owen“Love bombs to Jeanna Gabellini…. I have doubled my income from last year- and it’s only July. I used to be crazy, stressed out, no planning or strategizing, constantly worried about money and the HOW of everything. In December I started working 1:1 with Jeanna and everything changed.

When I feel myself worrying about money, I just stop. It’s not such a big freakin’ deal anymore. I can create it when I want, I’ve proved it. Time and time again, I do. I am a completely different person and I say that with no BS. I haven’t lost my “Andrea-ness”, and I was afraid I would if I relaxed (come to find out, it was my gremlin telling me that). I’ve just become better.

So, thank you, Jeanna! Thank you for pointing out my blind spots lovingly. Thank you for teaching me practical tools to leverage the Law of Attraction. Thank you for calling me out when I would manifest exactly what I DIDN’T want. I am a better business owner and person because of you!

Andrea Owen


Kathleen Krushas“I have been a Flashpoint member from day one, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have learned so much from Jeanna that has helped me in both my business and life in general. I’ve increased my wealth set point and decreased my stress and struggle around money. Jeanna provides coaching that hits the nail on the head every time – she finds a way to zero in on the issue and help you find a way to address it … in a way that is always fun and easy. Plus, Flashpoint is a wonderful community of like-minded people, that give you feedback and awesome support.” Cathy O’Brien
Demi Karpouzos“Flashpoint is a MUST for all business owners who want to become more focused, have more fun and make more money. I’ve created my first email campaign, increased my list, and have 3 new clients! And we’ve just begun! Thanks Jeanna for creating such an amazing program.” Demi Karpouzos
Kelly Jo Murphy“The accumulative effect of being here with you all, and Jeanna Gabellini’s wisdom and energy has transformed how I listen to my MUSE, inner guidance, how I approach my business and marketing and creating a new perspective on what “being attractive” and having relationships with my ideal client’s means to me. I am grateful for being here. DaNCing Hell YES!” Kelly Jo Murphy
Stephanie Rainbow Bell“I’m a big fan of most everything Jeanna Gabellini does, but in particular I LOVE ME MY FLASHPOINT! The group support and interaction is phenomenal and Jeanna is EXTREMELY present within the private forum as well as providing USEFUL and EFFECTIVE lessons 2x/mo + Guest Expert and Mentor Q&A each month! The ROI is thru the roof! ;-).” Stephanie Rainbow Bell, Best selling author Plus Size Inner Peace
Demi Karpouzos“I so appreciate your April lessons about creating your ideal product and services funnel. I just never knew how creating/planning a successful Big business was done! So, to see your 5 year plan is inspiring, especially knowing that alignment (joy and fun) is the foundation of it all. I also loved that you so unabashedly want to create it by attracting people who love you! You are such a good role model, and I’m very excited to have you walking my journey with me!” Linda Flynt
Stacey Corrigan“Jeanna is an amazing coach, she’s so good at knowing just the right coaching or information for each person she works with. I implemented 1 strategy she suggested for me and got two new clients in 24 hours.” Rinatta Paries
Rozlyn Warren“Flashpoint is PERFECT!! Jeanna’s energy and biz smarts wrapped into a mastermind! POWERFUL!! Thanks, Jeanna, for offering so much of your time in this incredible way!!” Rozlyn Warren, C.Ht., ESLC
Amy Smith“Your work has radically impacted my business & my life & I credit so much of my peace to you! Thank you for showing me a different way!! You have provided such an incredible space to grow and develop! You have truly covered everything and I have felt incredibly supported! Thank you so very much for creating such an incredible platform to learn and grow as a biz owner. I am so appreciative of all the amazing content!” Amy Smith
Stephanie St.Claire“Jeanna Gabellini is the bridge between where you are right now and where you want to be in your business, especially regarding profitability. In Flashpoint she expertly helped me discover the easiest way to run my business with confidence, success, and fun. She has an impeccable ability to listen to what’s actually going on and shine the light on what is stopping you from creating the flow you want. She helped me discover my inner business expert and I went from struggling and stressful to peaceful and profitable. Flashpoint is the best thing I’ve done for BLISSBOMBED, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wanting to supercharge their business.” -Stephanie St.Claire, BLISSBOMBED.com
“After spending years training as a Shiatsu and Massage Therapist I knew how to practice my therapies but very little about how to run my practice – and I didn’t like or suit the old-school model of cut-throat competition and working long, hard hours.
Jeanna reassured me that running a successful business can fit with the values I apply as a holistic healer – that following my intuition, having a healthy work/life balance and intending my outcomes to be for the highest good of all really works, and even better than trying hard and out-doing the competition.
Jeanna’s Flashpoint program has enabled me to not only survive in my first two and a half years of business but grow and thrive. Jeanna has made being in business as much fun as practicing my therapies!” – Jane Prescott
“This program is great and just what I needed to get me refocused on jump-starting my practice.” – Jan Wesdorf DC, WesdorfChiropractic.com

Infallible Health

Rinatta Paries“Jeanna Gabellini is a master at helping you understand and teaching you to apply the power that you innately have over your body, in fact over every aspect of your life. If you are looking for help to get of the diet and exercise roller coaster, the stop the right remedy and doctor search, to get more connected and in tune with your body, work with her and you will see miracles happen in your life. I did.”

Rinatta Paries, WhatItTakes.com

Jeannette Maw“I forgot how much YOU ROCK!!! Loved class – love you – love what my body is doing for me right now!

Jeannette Maw, GoodVibeCoaching.com

Nancy Tierney“Anyone who has had an illness for a long knows how it can take over your life, infect every thought and leave you feeling scared, helpless and hopeless. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can create vibrant health and well being IN YOUR BODY.

Jeanna’s course showed me the way. Now, my body is not only humming, it’s singing the Halleluiah Chorus!”

Nancy Tierney, FireCrackerCommunications.com

Perenna Flemming“Something really changed for me after I started Jeanna’s course. I stopped beating myself up, changed my focus, and have lost 15 lbs! I highly recommend this class for anyone who is currently struggling with a perceived weight problem – it will change your life.”

Perenna Fleming, PerennaFleming.com

Marie Pippin“My diabetes has never been under control. While taking this course I’ve had great control and use less insulin. I also used to have constant bouts of eczema, like three bands around one ankle. It’s gone now!”

Mary Pippin


Mastermind Program

Anna Livermore“Jeanna’s mastermind was the best money I have ever spent. It was quite a stretch for me financially (or so I thought) but the amount of return I received from the investment has been astronomical. Not only has my income doubled, but my company has expanded to a national brand moving from one location in Chicago to having a second in New York. I can make it anywhere and with Jeanna’s help I have no question that I will. My wildest dreams are coming true (just like she always has told me.)! I didn’t even know what a mastermind was when I met Jeanna and now I coach my own! When I entered the program I was a whirlwind of chaos, spending my life putting out fires. Now I have systems in place and the confidence to barrel forward. Jeanna took me from a one-woman show to a CEO!” Anna Livermore, Designer & Founder www.VMora.com

Video Testimonial From Stacy Corrigan!


Catherine Anesi“Before I joined Jeanna’s Mastermind I was a small business owner who was doing everything myself. There were very few systems in place. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, unable to get off. In just ten months I physically moved my business to a larger space; I brought on four therapists to work at the center; and I have structured the business so that the scheduling, billing, administrative work, and marketing are handled by my staff. These changes have enabled me to leverage my time so I can focus on the things that bring me the most joy in my business and life in general. I will reach record numbers this year with a six-figure income.

Jeanna’s Mastermind gave me the courage to move forward to do what was right for my business with confidence. Using the principles of the Law of Attraction, Jeanna taught us the importance of cleaning, clearing, and raising our vibrations as well as strategies to keep that vibration as high as possible so that we could attract the best of everything in our business and personal lives. We supported and encouraged each other through our successes and our difficulties. A solid foundation was built for my business. The Masterpeace Mastermind was priceless!” Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM – Owner and Director of The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

Julie GrayI was really on the fence about whether to join Jeanna’s Mastermind Group last year having been stuck in a major place of scarcity and lack for quite some time. It was Jeanna’s compassionate yet no-punches approach that really reached me through the fog of negativity in my mind and joining has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! In the past 10 months I have gotten CLEAR about the value of what I offer and more than doubled my rates. I have also revamped my core program, re-built my rockstar team, clarified my niche and have been supported through the process of “standing loud and proud” in what it is I can do for people. But even more than the increase to my bottom line I am grateful for Jeanna’s never-ceasing stance to trust myself, to trust my inner guidance and her strategies to keep my vibration aligned with what I truly seek. This is her brilliance and I can’t imagine being able to move forward in such big way without these tools. Thank you Jeanna!” Julie Gray, www.Profound-Impact.com, Virginia
Demi Karpouzos“Before I joined Jeanna’s mastermind I had been ‘trying’ to transition from a job I felt empty and frustrated with to starting my own business. I was scared out of my mind to leave the ‘security’ of my job (and the pay). Not only did I quit my job 2 months after joining her mastermind but to date I have quadrupled my revenue AND I love what I’m doing. The insight, support and energy are indescribable.

If you want to increase your profits, have fun and be part of a group that gives you unwavering support and fabulous ideas, sign up!!..you can thank me later :-)” Demi Karpouzos, www.StrategicalCoaching.com, Toronto, Canada

Kim Ravida“Before I started this mastermind I was overwhelmed and frustrated. I was all over the place trying to figure out how to be in and run my business. And now, my business is amazing. I have peace of mind and systems that support my way of working. Before I was in my office 10-12 hours a day – and now I work between 4-5 hours (with most Thursdays off) and am more productive than before. I learned how to work according to what I felt inspired to do, which led to executing my Hell Yes plan. I now trust trust myself and that I have all the answers I need. I increased my income with ease and I even took two weeks off in August and never missed a beat! The support that I got in the mastermind from Jeanna and everyone else is amazing. We continue to support each other to this day.

My biggest shift was to be me, and only me, and that is where I have had the biggest success. Thank you Jeanna! I’ve had an amazing experience and look to having more with you over the years!” Kim Ravida, www.KimRavida.com

Kim Ravida“The inner shift I’ve experienced this year has been THE missing piece for everything I want to accomplish in my business. I’ve been struggling with some HUGE fears & doubts for YEARS. They took over the minute I started to experience more success: instead of following through, fear took over and I stepped back, again.

During this program, the same thing happened – only this time, I moved through it. That was HARD. But I was committed to go through it, and YOU, wonderful Jeanna, helped me do it.

You’ve supported me and helped me through some pretty tough times, and your coaching and support have truly meant the world to me. (And still do – which is why I’ll work with you again in the next Mastermind). Something has deeply shifted in me. I LOVE your humor, straight forwardness, and how you share your own experiences so openly with us – that’s always very inspiring and teaches me a lot. You’re fun, generous and creative and have a wonderful sparkly personality. You ROCK!”

Brigitte van Tuijl, www.BrigittevanTuijl.com


Mind Games Visualizations

Rinatta Paries“I was instantly transported into a wonderful place…”

“Thank you for connecting me with my loving guide and the Mansion of Inspiration. The room where I can get ideas if inspired action to move me towards my goals!

I love, love, love the Today, I’m Unstoppable visualization. It’s going onto my ipod to be played every day. I was instantly transported into a wonderful place and felt peace regarding the things I want and have requested from the universe. As the mediation ended I felt infused with magic!”

Rinatta Paries, Love Coach

“…has helped me to allow health and well being to expand in my life”

“I loved her guided meditations, which opened me up to the reality of my total 100% good health and perfect body. I had an “in the present experience” that I could feel all over.

I felt so open, relaxed and happy. I know that this place has helped me to allow health and well being to expand in my life. Thank you Jeanna!”

Anne Nayer, MSW, “Coach Paradise”

“Mind Games calms and grounds me…”

“I can easily quiet the mind chatter by focusing on the music and words spoken on Mind Games. I’m not always in the mood for traditional meditation where the goal is to completely clear the mind, but similar to meditation, Mind Games calms and grounds me. I feel much more centered and aligned after just 10 minutes.

I’ve gotten into a routine of doing at least one Mind Game daily, and it definitely works as a quick way to get me out of my head and more focused for whatever the day brings. Whenever I get confused or worried about a particular goal, I find that the Action Retraction visualization really helps me let go of trying to figure it all out. For someone like me, who’s very analytical and in her head, it’s been a godsend!”

Julie Sykes

“I have been listening to it everyday since I got it!”

“Jeanna I love the Mind Games CD. I have been listening to it everyday since I got it. This pre-paves the day for me. Of course, I especially love track 4…into the woods I go and track 6 down by the stream!

You have a little bit of everything!”

-Shelly Steffen Byrne, Tree Climbing Facilitator

“You have a unique way of allowing one to relax…”

“A big “Thank You” for creating such a wonderful gift with Mind Games. Your voice is incredibly soothing and the images one can create in the mind are boundless. You have a unique way of allowing one to relax and really enjoy focusing on what they want in their life and future. I’ve been using visualization for several years; however, it’s great to experience different ways to visualize, which you deliver so beautifully in this product. Thank you, Jeanna!”

-Julie Tiffee

“Absolutely Fabulous, Powerful and Inspiring!”

“I have a ton of meditation CDs, but this one resonated with me in such a new light. I think this will be a nice added habit for me. Very refreshing in so many ways.”

-Arthur Fletcher, https://www.FBonacci.com

Demi Karpouzos“Jeanna, I can’t thank you enough”

“I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease two years ago. I had purchased Jeanna’s CD Mind Games at her live event last year and one of the guided visualizations is on health. Three months ago, I started listening to it every morning. And two weeks ago, I was told that I no longer have Crohn’s! :-) Jeanna, I can’t thank you enough.”

-Demi Karpouzos

“I Love Them Both!”

“Just wanted to email you to say a big thanks. I have purchased your Speed Dial the Universe and Mind Game Visualisations; I love both products and have had great results using them. I am loving your style, honest, upbeat and fun!! I plan to start my own practice and when I do, I plan to hire you as my coach to help my business grow into the success I know it can be.”

-Emily Hill

“They are effective!”

“A quick thank you to Jeanna Gabellini for the Mind Games Visualization audio tracks.” Listen here:

-Cale McCabe

Jackie Holl“I’ve noticed a big difference in my life!”

“I’ve listened to the Mind Games CD every morning and written in the Speed Dial the Universe journal since I received my first copy. I did miss two days and felt like something was missing on those days.

I’ve noticed a big difference in my life. I’ve found a perfect VA and classes that have taught me just what I need. I’m much happier and in control of my life. I take more time off and only work in the evening (when I’m at my best.) There are mornings when I wake up and have answers and ideas that I truly believe are downloads from the Universe. I love the visualizations!”

-Jackie Holl

Tracie Irvine“Mind Games empowered me to move forward with the energy and focus!”

“What is different about Mind Games, compared to other visualizations?

I am a little ADHD, and I love that Mind Games visualizations move at a quick pace. Jeanna talks in a normal everyday voice, like she is right there talking to you as a friend. She “leaves the canvas blank” for you and simply guides you to use your own inner guidance to move in the direction you desire. Jeanna doesn’t add any of her ideas of what success, happiness or health looks like. Jeanna’s voice and words empowered me to move forward with the energy and focus!”

-Tracie Irvine


Profit Quest

DemiI got 4 new clients! I’m taking more risks and looking at projects instead of just getting clients. I’m also waaaay more relaxed and trusting that all is well :-) I loved how you delivered all the information, the system of how you gave us homework, your enthusiasm and that you were very active at keeping us engaged!”

—Demi Karpouzos www.StrategicalCoaching.com

Connie Haley“I have gotten several new clients (without even trying!) while taking this course. Most importantly, I have acquired a more narrowed focus for my business! It has allowed me to relax and enjoy my business. Instead of trying to work harder, I am now able to plan and implement things I love. I love how this class was presented. It felt so organized. Your leadership energy is amazing. Thank You!”

—Connie Haley, www.conniehaleylifecoaching.com

Cathy O'BrienMy first full year working with Jeanna, I more than tripled my income from the previous year! This is after two years of struggling in my business, and really feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing. Jeanna taught me how to create concrete, manageable action steps to grow my business. I learned to check in with and trust my inner guidance always. Most importantly, I learned to follow my heart and to only take action that felt good.

I completed Jeanna’s ProfitQuest program, which was hugely instrumental in helping me overcome many longstanding and deep-rooted “money issues.” It all worked! I had more fun in my business than ever before, I started programs that I had only dreamed about, and I made more money than ever. Jeanna is the full package. She seriously turned around my life and my business. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Jeanna!”

—Cathy O’Brien. www.HeartsAndPawsAnimalHealing.com

Brigitte van Tuijl“I feel more relaxed about running my business and switching to a maximum-4-hour-per-week-contact-with-clients workweek; which was quite a stretch. You are a great spiritual teacher and coach, Jeanna. I love how you combine spiritual work, inner work, and practical steps. I feel that most coaches/teachers out there either focus too much on one or the other. I also love your humor, down-to-earthness, directness and how you share your own stories and experiences as teaching-material. You are one very smart, intuitive and highly skilled coach! :))”

—Brigitte van Tuijl, www.brigittevantuijl.com

Konnie Lee“I now only take steps that I feel inspired to take and that feel enjoyable and that the most important thing is to align with fun every step of the way. I have gotten some more things accomplished, like streamlining my operations, getting listed in a coaches’ directory, drafting a new blog post (the last one being a year ago!), and began creating an awesome free opt-in gift. I definitely feel an increased sense of peace and you’ve reminded me that everything can be turned into a fun experience.”

—Konnie Lee, www.EaseAndPeace.com

Rozlyn Warren“Profit Quest is the most transformational program I have ever experienced! Jeanna is a genius in her field.

I got one new $6,000 client (highest I have ever charged). I also have the most clients I’ve ever had at once! And my new magazine project has shifted my world on its axis.

Thank you, Jeanna, for creating a program that focuses on both the mindset and the practical.”

—Rozlyn Warren, www.LeanTowardHappy.com

Michelle Radomski“ProfitQuest has made me believe that ALL really is Possible!

I finished my website … huge. I found a way to consolidate all of my debt and make it manageable to pay off quickly. Huge! I 100% believe in my dream and my ability to manifest it. Huge! Not having a website has been holding me back. No More! I am ready to rock it!

You Rock! I am so grateful I took this course.”

—Michelle Radomski, www.OneVoiceCan.com

Terri ZwierzynskiProfitQuest completely changed my thinking and my approach to business, money, and even my personal finances. I met my profit goal, and am on track to achieve my new goals for 2014. Jeanna rocks!! My big goals are now fun and exciting, not stress-inducing. I’ve let go of what I *think* I should be doing, and I focus on what feels good and fun, in a way that leads to a more profitable business!

—Terri Zwierzynski, The Solo-CEO

“You have done your job! I feel more relaxed about how I think about my business, what I focus on, and I also have more moments of inspired creativity. I increased sales at one event and had one class increase in participants!

I have a stronger sense of knowing that I can do this. I found it useful on the calls that you answered people’s questions. I received clarity from these questions and answers. Thank you for mentoring me with both the inner and outer work and for giving me this opportunity to grow.”

—Joy Cameron

OliviaReyesMendoza“I have been very busy with all the manifestations attracted by ProfitQuest! I decided to create a platinum program and it totally sold out (I even had to add more space!). I reached my goal of 6 figures in one month. My intangible results were peace of mind and more personal power.

I am very happy with what I learned and feel that my investment was just a fraction of what I gained back.

—Olivia Reyes Mendoza

“I’m loving this already. ..within an hour or so of signing up I booked 2 more gigs!


Asha Croggon“I went from recording “found 10 cents” in my Profit Evidence Log to “received $10,000″ in just three weeks! Jeanna is a Law of Attraction Superhero x3! She is a powerfull mix of high octane intention AND inspired action … inner game transformation AND smart business strategies. This course gave me an exponential return on my investment … not just financially, but also my beliefs around profit attraction!”

—Asha Croggon, www.wholeheartedbeing.com

“From the first conversation I had with Jeanna it was evident that she was the real deal, completely walking her talk, which was really refreshing in a sea of self & business help frauds.The biggest things I got from Profit Quest were learning how to connect with my inner genius, and allowing myself to restructure my business and life in a way that feels good to me (which was so different to me!). I make time for the little things and don’t stress so much over the big scary things. I’ve created more streams of easy, feel good income that flow perfectly with my business and who I am. I would highly suggest Profit Quest if you are looking to reduce stress and friction in your business and learn the best, most fun, and easiest ways to up your profits. Hands down, THE best course I’ve ever invested in. “

—Amber Bryce, Jewelry Designer, www.amberbryce.com

flora“I have achieved more financially since ProfitQuest than decades of working with other coaches. I have tripled my income, have Fridays off, created multiple streams of passive income and have a very clear vision of my financial future. Jeanna showed me how to R-E-L-A-X into my business, to bring in more FUN and thus more profits! Woohoo!!! To all you skeptics out there wondering if this class really does create these massive results… (I was right there… it sounded too good to be true!)— “Go for It!!!” You will be shocked and amazed at how quickly your business expands in ways you can’t even imagine.”

—Flora Peterson Sage, www.florasage.com

pqsales-dianayoungProfitQuest has totally exploded my business. Not only did I triple my income instantly, so many of my own clients now triple their incomes instantly and like magic (it really can be easy, fun and creative!!) I just hired someone wonderful to support my business, too! With your help I did this. Scary and amazing. A great big thank you. PS—I am taking ProfitQuest again for a second round. Grateful!!”

—Diana Young

pqsales-MarianneCherico“Since working with Jeanna I have doubled my income in my Home Staging Business in the last year. Woot! Woot! She has helped me to believe that anything is possible through her insight and guidance. Jeanna is the whole package…delightful, smart about business (and people) and an incredible coach. Investing in her program has been the smartest thing that I have done for my business!

—Marianne Cherico, www.homestagingbymarianne.com

maryann-candito“I shifted my inner game and that was one of my biggest goals for this course! I was feeling pretty hopeless when I first started. I’ve created more peace, doubled my income, created my membership program, and did a mini launch!

—Maryann Candito

HeatherbradleyThe ProfitQuest program was a game-changer for me and my relationship with my business. I was holding myself back and getting in my own way. The system helped me blow up the blocks and get traction to create what I really want. Jeanna is rock star, creating a supportive community including many experts who helped me iron out some challenges. Investing in ProfitQuest was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.”

—Heather Bradley, Creator of the Career Defibrillator

sandijacobs“I have been moving forward with my opt-in pages, email follow-ups, and sent a VIP Day email to folks yesterday! I am feeling so great! I am finally doing this and with no resistance! Thank you Jeanna Gabellini! Through your guidance, you have helped me clear many years of resistance! Ahhhhhhhh!”

—Sandi Jacobs

pqsales-trinalo“I just gotta say—I have worked with SO many coaches—but Jeanna Gabellini and this group have made the quickest and biggest impact. Thank-you isn’t enough so next time you are having a glass of wine, Jeanna, pretend it’s from me!”

—Trina Lo, www.FreshInk.ca

RoxyAhmed“Loved this course, it was such a savior for me. I have invested in many courses over the years, and whilst they have all been hugely beneficial in their own ways, without a doubt PQ was just on another level. It really got me out of my head and connected with my heart. PQ stopped me from giving up and going back to the day job!

—Roxy Ahmed


Speed Dial the Universe

“I have been on default and stuck for awhile and really needed the jumpstart. This was it!”

“Jeanna, I LOVE your book ‘Speed Dial the Universe’. It leads me into higher vibrational states by allowing me to flow to my core…joy, Joy and JOY! I have found that I am more centered in my personal power after completing my writing. I have been on default and stuck for awhile and really needed the jumpstart. This was it! The synchronicities, BIG ones even, since starting your book are awesome, and it’s only been a week! Thank you for creating it! Love to you and all you do!”

Rebecca Nichols, Om’ Ah Goddess Boutique

“To anyone who is thinking about buying this book – do yourself a favor and get it now!”

“It easily sets the tone for my whole day. I can almost feel my “helpers” keeping me on track with my dominant emotion, which in turn gives me the peace knowing that the Universe is taking care of everything, which in turns ALLOWS them to take care of everything…this is very freeing!

I wrote a script of how much I wanted to pay for the recent repairs on my car. My jaw dropped when I got the bill…almost to the penny! I was so grateful and delighted.

This is going to be a gift for all my friend’s b’days and Xmas gifts galore. It is the best journal for this type of thing.”

Julie Brock

“As usual, much more than I expected.”

“Got my journal today and I am literally dancing around. I love it! As usual, much more than I expected. Three words: Fan-tas-tic. Hooray! Your picture and description don’t begin to let the reader see how mind opening it is. I look forward to creating in it. You inspire me.”

Marie Pippin

“Jeanna’s amazingly easy-to-follow guided journal helped me to stay in a state of joy and alignment”

“Speed Dial The Universe is like having a pocket coach with you wherever you go! It gave me a guide to focusing my thoughts and then creating my reality! Jeanna’s amazingly easy-to-follow guided journal helped me to stay in a state of joy and alignment as I listened to the Universe answer my calls! It’s amazing to see how Jeanna’s no nonsense approach to Law Of Attraction really works! She is the real deal. If you need any assistance on HOW to attract what you want, use Speed Dial The Universe! Jeanna makes it as easy as a phone call!”

Wendy Braun, actress, www.wendybraun.com

“The section for creating a laser focus for the day has changed my life.”

“I have been using many different systems to capture my daily intentions, gratitude, to-do lists and affirmations. I had special books for each one and often felt overwhelmed. I have recently been using the Speed Dial journal and I am noticing the effects already!

The section for creating a laser focus for the day has changed my life. I used to have 20-30 actions to do on my list every day and usually accomplished them but was always very stressed and very out of balance. Now I can easily accomplish my six most important things and my days feel so spacious and clear.

I am feeling so successful and calm, people are noticing and want to know what is different. I feel like the girl that just won the lottery!”

Bridget Engel, www.angelsareus.com

“Life is so much easier now that I Speed Dial!”

“I have always known about the law of attraction, but lately it is as if I had forgotten everything I knew. My life had turned into a routine (not a word in my vocabulary), and a stressful one at that.

In the morning I’d find myself not wanting to get out of bed from fear and stress regarding the day ahead of me. I am in real estate and with the stress of the adjustment of today’s market, I have been extremely fearful and working extremely hard so I could sustain in an unknown market. With all the doom and gloom currently around me, I have been finding it extremely hard to keep a positive attitude. I got lost and stayed lost.

Immediately after I wrote in my Speed Dial the Universe I felt the shift. Instead of the, “How quick can I get everybody what they need today?” question that I would begin each day with, it shifted to “The most important thing for me to focus on today is”. Ahhh…such a relief.

My creativity is back and I feel in control of deciding what kind of day I will have. Picking I have a take charge attitude that I seem to carry with me throughout the day. Speed Dial the Universe feels like a little present I give to myself each morning.”

Gretchen Hughes, Realtor

“Just wanted to email you to say a big thanks. I have purchased your Speed Dial the Universe and Mind Game Visualisations; I love both products and have had great results using them. I am loving your style, honest, upbeat and fun!! I plan to start my own practice and when I do, I plan to hire you as my coach to help my business grow into the success I know it can be.”

Emily Hill

“Speed Dial the Universe is brilliant and concise! My days are much better when I start with your journal…. simplified — gets me to sit & be still for a moment, dream & have fun! I smile as go through it and my mind chatter stops.”

Karen O’Donnell

“Negativity hits me hard in the morning, especially before I’ve had my coffee! Now it’s easy to dispel because of your little Journal. I’ve never been one to keep a journal, although I’ve always heard that it’s a good thing to do. You’ve made it so easy! And I love the way you mix it up. I love Covey’s work and I was so happy to see you incorporate it. Now I start my day on solid footing in such a short time. And during the day I find new things to be grateful for and more wild hair thoughts keep popping up. And the scripting is helping me put into words those far off dreams so they can become a reality. Thanks so much for making it available!”

Sandra Roos, Shadow Executive Services

Greg Joseph“I LOVE the book ‘Speed Dial The Universe’ that you created and sent me, I can feel my energy focusing and coming into alignment.

This must be one of your greatest works! It’s hard to say… there is so much brilliance HERE!

I can feel your heart in this whole book. I have mentioned many times, that so many times during our sessions, while I think that I have so much to clear, my mind goes into a blank and peaceful state, and your job is done! You are a true Master!”

Gregory Joseph, www.gregjoseph.com

“A friend was raving about your workbook, “speed dialing the universe”, so I bought one. I started 2010 using it every morning and I love it. It is a wonderfully grounded way for me to start my day, and in the 10 minutes it takes me to complete the two simple pages I feel calm, clear, and very confident as I launch into my day.

After 45 days I really feel the power it’s creating in my life. Last week, I got a call from an old client who wanted to schedule a meeting with us to create a new solution to roll out a leadership development program to their entire firm. The really wonderful miracle is that on Thursday, the day before, the one thing I wrote down in the journal that would be “really great if it happened” – was if a new business opportunity appeared out of nowhere.

I love the book and the processes that you have woven together to create a very powerful, and more importantly, productive new daily ritual for me. Thanks so much. “

Beth Ruske, Tiara International LLC

Stephanie Bell“OMG Jeanna! I’m still pinching myself about what I manifested after using your SPEED DIAL THE UNIVERSE Journal! I thought I was nuts asking The Universe to deliver me a big fat check right to my mailbox, but I kept writing it and picturing it! I was literally speechless when I opened my mail one day and found a HUGE (mid- 5 figures!) check from a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED source! I just NEVER would have expected to receive THAT sum from THAT person for NO reason!!!

Your journal REALLY works! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!”

Stephanie Rainbow Bell, The “Align & Shine” Coach,

“This one is a Home Run! I have been completing the journaling each morning. Wow this is very powerful and I LOVE IT!!”

Arthur Fletcher, https://www.FBonacci.com

“This journal literally changed my life. Instant manifesting!!!! I need to order 3 more for my family. They are in love!!”

Joan Lynch Owens, Executive Producer ESPN Original Entertainment

Anne Livermore“I wrote my wild hair intention in my Speed Dial the Universe journal: “Chicago Scene Magazine decided to do the article on V.Mora and the editor gave the go ahead, from there VH1 approached us about doing our own reality show.” Four months later I manifested it!!!!!! How cool is that?”

Anna Livermore

“I started using your Speed Dial Journal at the beginning of this month and here are the results within the same month:

1) My income has gone up $6,000!

2) The legal problem seemed that it would cost me about $5,000 in expenses if I won, much more if I lost. And I just got off the phone with my attorney a few hours ago and she told me it looks like the whole thing is just going to go away. Incredible!”

Rob Goyette

“Since starting her Speed Dial the Universe Journal I suddenly gained several new clients and even previous clients from two years ago have got back in touch to re-book. This was not a blip, it’s been sustained to the point that I’ve been fully booked and taken on extra clinic time. The future I’m looking forward to is one of even more ease, prosperity, client satisfaction and fun. Thank you Jeanna.

Jane Prescott

Betsy Sobiech“We love this practice at Tiara International LLC. Thanks, Jeanna Gabellini, for all of these practices that really work. Thanks for all you provided for me and my life too.” -Betsy Sobiech, Tiara International

Jennifer CrewsI ordered your Speed Dial the Universe ebook and love it. Within a week of using the process I asked for and received an unexpected $10K! I bought two more journals for loved ones and also recommended it to a few other people. Thanks for creating a great tool that has really helped me internalize everything I have learned about the Law of Attraction. – Jennifer Crews

Speed Dial The Universe to Manifest Massive Profits

Heidi ScanlonI’ve been doing this process every day and it is working. This week has been great! I got a new client today, two appointments for consults Monday and a consult for a potential new student today. Last week I got 7 consult appointments!”

– Heidi Scanlon, CRMT

Jan WesdorfThis journal has turned out to be the best thing I’ve done in years!!! After leaving my back accounts nearly empty, in less than a week money came in from unexpected sources and I ended up with not just the $5000 back, but $8000!

In your process you have a step called “Delegate to the Universe”. I had been struggling with going to talk to businesses about doing health screenings to promote my practice, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. After doing your morning process the courage finally came to me and I got one set up, then a friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years popped back into my life. She manages a couple of Farmer’s Markets, which are perfect for me to do health screenings. She’s making the arrangements now and get this, she’s planning to set it up at no cost to me. Wahoo!

Your process really does encompass all the best practices for shifting energy, focusing on the positive, setting intentions, and thinking outside the box to expand your reality.

– Dr. Jan Wesdorf, Wesdorf Chiropractic