You have access to the perfect recipe to double your profits and fun this year.


Here’s your personalized 1-page plan for Doubling Your Profit$ Template.

(See Instructions below)

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INSTRUCTIONS for your 1-page plan to Double Your Profit$:

1. Choose your profit THEME for the year. You want this to be a theme you can own and make your focal point. You want to LIVE into it. Your theme will become your slogan, your image, and the beingness that you will embody!

2. Choose your revenue and profit goals. Be clear on your GROSS number and your take- home. Your profit can be a dollar amount or a percentage.

3. Choose your top 3 projects to support your money goals. You probably have 10 or more ideas that are already in motion. Get it down to 3 or you’ll be overwhelmed and will not be able to do each one in excellence. It’s hard to monetize when your focus is spread thin, right?

4. Choose 5 inspired actions to get the party started and put your projects in motion. What does NOT go here are things like: begin a social media campaign. That’s a big project, with lots of steps. In this case, the first step may be to research articles on Facebook ad campaigns. That’s one step. Baby steps create momentum that will blow you away.

When you break your actions down into doable steps, you’re more likely to feel inspired, right? That’s why I wrote a book filled with profit-doubling strategies that you can implement in 10-minute chunks.

5. Who are the first 3 people you need to contact for help? Ask them before you shy away. Send them an email or text; call or calendar a meeting. Tell them your goal and how they can best serve you. Leverage the genius of other people. And if you have to invest money to get that help, focus on the return on investment, not the expense or money going out.

6. Name the top fears you’ll have to transform to attract your profit goal. My fears were that people wouldn’t get the power of my message, that I sucked at marketing, and that I’d never get up the courage to ask promotional partners for help.

7. What will you invest in to ensure you easily nail your profit goal? Marketing strategist, graphic designer, webmaster, mentor, new computer, an assistant? If YOU KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that you were going to get your profit goal, what would you say HELL YES to investing in for your business?

8. Create a spending plan. What are you going to do with the money when it comes in? When I designed my 6 figure launch last year, I made a list of everything I was going to buy, save for or put back into the business. I prioritized the list so I knew in what order to spend. That made my plan VERY real and energized. It’s easier to increase your money vibration when you’re excited about what you’ll do with the money. You’ll have fewer emotional triggers this way, too.

Happy planning and I’m here to support you if you’re ready to double your profits and fun! W00T!

Any questions? Please let us know: lori @ masterpeacecoaching.com

Jeanna Gabellini