If You’ve Been Putting Your Heart and Soul Into Your Business
And It’s Still Not Pulling In Enough Profit To Make You Feel Secure,
Happy And Freeeeee … Then Listen Up

It’s Time Shake Things Up And Easily Get You That Moola Fast!
You can TOTALLY do this)


You believe in your business. You know it has the potential to not only make a lot more money but give you the freedom to create the life you want.

After all, you’ve witnessed other business owners in your industry make huge profits every year. And they all seem to be having the time of their lives.

But somehow, no matter what marketing tricks you try or whose advice you follow, you can’t seem to make that leap into a new profit-rich income level.

That’s because all the marketing, branding, advertising, networking, hard work and long hours in the world are not going to make one iota of a difference in your bottom line until you:

  1. Put a hellava lot more focus on how you think about your business, rather than what you do to build your business.
  2. Create your own plan, structure and profit-making system that is fully aligned with who you are, your inner knowing and your greatest vision.
  3. Stay connected and committed to what’s fun, inspiring and easy for you as you implement your plan.

It’s not complicated.
But it can be challenging without a strong focus.


And once you get those three key principles working for you, you will:

Mastermind Program Be amazed as you watch your business grow and profit in exactly the ways you want it to.
Mastermind Program Never again feel desperate to get that next contract or client so you can pay the mortgage.
Mastermind Program Breathe easy as your debt disappears in great, big chunks.
Mastermind Program Know the sweet security of having a big savings account that provides more than enough for your retirement, your kids’ education and special events.
Mastermind Program Go on those dream vacations that are on your bucket list … and let your business runs itself while you’re away.
Mastermind Program Hire team members, invest in mentors and attend those events and conferences that support your personal and business growth.
Mastermind Program Experience unshakable peace of mind and renewed confidence in your business, because you love your life, your work and the mind-blowing amounts of money you are raking in.

Come on. It’s time to get started.

DemiI got 4 new clients! I’m taking more risks and looking at projects instead of just getting clients. I’m also waaaay more relaxed and trusting that all is well :-) I loved how you delivered all the information, the system of how you gave us homework, your enthusiasm and that you were very active at keeping us engaged!”

Demi Karpouzos www.StrategicalCoaching.com

Connie Haley“I have gotten several new clients (without even trying!) while taking this course. Most importantly, I have acquired a more narrowed focus for my business! It has allowed me to relax and enjoy my business. Instead of trying to work harder, I am now able to plan and implement things I love. I love how this class was presented. It felt so organized. Your leadership energy is amazing. Thank You!”

Connie Haley, www.conniehaleylifecoaching.com

Cathy O'BrienMy first full year working with Jeanna, I more than tripled my income from the previous year! This is after two years of struggling in my business, and really feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing. Jeanna taught me how to create concrete, manageable action steps to grow my business. I learned to check in with and trust my inner guidance always. Most importantly, I learned to follow my heart and to only take action that felt good.

I completed Jeanna’s ProfitQuest program, which was hugely instrumental in helping me overcome many longstanding and deep-rooted "money issues." It all worked! I had more fun in my business than ever before, I started programs that I had only dreamed about, and I made more money than ever. Jeanna is the full package. She seriously turned around my life and my business. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Jeanna!”

Cathy O’Brien

Let me tell you about ProfitQuest,
your 10-week E-ticket ride to double your income.

ProfitQuest will guide you through the process of increasing your profits, alleviating stress, ditching your money stories…giving way to an entirely new way of attracting wealth steadily and consistently through your business.

This is a coaching program for business owners who are serious about getting beyond ‘what has been up till now’.

You will step FULLY and POWERFULLY into your role as a profitable business owner.

No more struggling, barely scraping by or feeling like you’re not making an impact in the world with your products and services.

Participating in ProfitQuest is a full body HELL YESSSSS to getting paid well for serving up products and services you love delivering to your ideal customers.

Profit Quest will work miracles for you if you are willing to learn and get coached to:

  • Address your money and business stories head on and make peace with them, so you can let in joy and profits.
  • Adjust your pricing to reflect the true value your company delivers to your ideal customers, clients and patients.
  • Create crystal clear financial targets that fire you up and cause you to stretch into your potential.
  • Create a healthy relationship with debt (if you have debt) and watch big chunks of it disappear each month (POOF!).
  • Learn how to use your inner focus to attract more money in the door without killing yourself marketing, networking or changing strategies as many times as you change underwear.
  • Easily access your Inner Business Expert to make super savvy choices for your business that free up your energy and tap fully into your genius.
  • Fully stand in your power about the value and talent you bring to the world so that you attract super star customers, high-level promotional partners, A-game team players and people who come out of the woodwork to support your mission.
  • Have a freakin’ blast day-to-day in your business and be excited and appreciative with every sale that comes through.

Brigitte van Tuijl“I feel more relaxed about running my business and switching to a maximum-4-hour-per-week-contact-with-clients workweek; which was quite a stretch. You are a great spiritual teacher and coach, Jeanna. I love how you combine spiritual work, inner work, and practical steps. I feel that most coaches/teachers out there either focus too much on one or the other. I also love your humor, down-to-earthness, directness and how you share your own stories and experiences as teaching-material. You are one very smart, intuitive and highly skilled coach! :))”

Brigitte van Tuijl, www.brigittevantuijl.com

Konnie Lee“I now only take steps that I feel inspired to take and that feel enjoyable and that the most important thing is to align with fun every step of the way. I have gotten some more things accomplished, like streamlining my operations, getting listed in a coaches’ directory, drafting a new blog post (the last one being a year ago!), and began creating an awesome free opt-in gift. I definitely feel an increased sense of peace and you’ve reminded me that everything can be turned into a fun experience.”

Konnie Lee, www.EaseAndPeace.com

Rozlyn Warren“Profit Quest is the most transformational program I have ever experienced! Jeanna is a genius in her field.

I got one new $6,000 client (highest I have ever charged). I also have the most clients I’ve ever had at once! And my new magazine project has shifted my world on its axis.

Thank you, Jeanna, for creating a program that focuses on both the mindset and the practical.”

Rozlyn Warren, www.LeanTowardHappy.com

Wouldn’t it feel really good to know that whatever hours you’re inspired to give to your business are truly driven by joy not the drive for money? And wouldn’t it be a relief to generate more than enough money to support your business and personal expenses, enjoy a lifestyle that is fun and freedom filled, while having excess money in the bank?

Watch what happens when you draw a line in the sand and say, “This is it. I want more and I’m willing to make the necessary changes that will attract more money to me so I can truly enjoy life without worrying about my bills or future security!”

Are you ready to be a business owner or professional that loves their business while enjoying more than enough money?

You may be thinking…

Mastermind Program I’ve been struggling for so long, would this really work for me?
Mastermind Program I can’t afford this program (even if you haven’t seen the tuition yet)
Mastermind Program I can’t picture myself having double or triple my current income.
Mastermind Program I’m starting from scratch and need to do something fast to get money in the door!
Mastermind Program Tons of programs promise wealth, what’s different about this one?

The truth is, this program can absolutely increase your profits. I know because I’ve watched hundreds of my clients move into six figures or double their income in less than a year. However, it takes constant awareness and practice with the tools, information and strategies I will give you.

Some of you will see extreme increases in profit in the first month. Others will have their breakthrough in four to six months. It depends on how willing you are to trust the process. However, even if it took one year to hit your desired income, wouldn’t it be worth it?

I’ve more than doubled my income from one month to the next and then sustained it. I made more money in the last quarter of that year than I did the three quarters before that. Was I disappointed? Hell NO! I was ecstatic. It changed my life.

It was liberating, inspiring and empowering. It changed who I was as a business owner. It also changed how I spent my money. I invested more money into growing my business. I put huge chunks of money in my savings. I took tons of vacations. And when I felt like being generous, I was able to do it. Except for my mortgage, I became debt free.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t envision yourself as super comfy financially. You just have to have a solid desire to change both your inner and outer world with consistent baby steps and you will begin to see changes in how you feel and in your bank account in direct proportion to your profit beliefs.

– How This Works –

loaleadersYour quest for profits can have a happy ending. This program is only for those who are committed to practicing the material long after the last class. A cash infusion that only lasts a few months won’t change your life. You want this to be a lasting change to your bank account.

Profit Quest is different because you’ll be changing your financial beliefs, making concrete plans that impact your profits, implementing proven business strategies and standing tall in your expertise and worth. This program addresses the issue from that angle so that it’s shifting your spiritual and physical world.

And you’re formulating YOUR perfect plan. Not mine. Other course leaders give you a cookie cutter formula that will only work if you have a similar behavioral style, values and a situation like theirs.

I’m giving you options within each step of the process. You have to create a formula that you can live into, practice and grow your profits…not run or bury your head in the sand to avoid.

I want to assure you any investment of time, energy and money that you’ve put into your business up to this point has not been a waste. The contrast between your desired revenue and your current reality is propelling you right now to take different actions and cause this financial gap to close.

The only problem has been the untrue stories you believed about having a profitable business. Those stories led to bad habits about what you expected, as well as the thoughts and actions you took to generate money. The real bummer about these money lies are that some of them are so subtle that you didn’t realize their massive impact on your revenue.

In fact, these money lies impact more than just your profits!

Your thoughts about money, that seem to be very real to you or ‘just the way it is’, impact the conversations you have with prospective and current clients, your productivity and creativity, your close relationships and health.

Money lies drain your motivation, inspiration and implementation of the very ideas that could push you into six or seven figures.

You might’ve had these thoughts…

  • I just can’t seem to get unstuck about making more money! I’ve tried lots of different things to increase my profits and it feels like nothing works.
  • People already say no to my services because of my prices, so I’m scared to charge more.
  • How can I feel abundant even when looking at my current bank account balance?
  • I’m stressed out about my debt and it getting bigger because I don’t have enough clients!
  • How can I be comfortable getting paid what I’m worth?
  • I’m already in overwhelm with a ton of clients, but I’m still not making enough.
  • How do I clear my subconscious blocks, even though I don’t know what they are, to allow more money to flow in immediately?!
  • I need to find a way to transition from a highly compensated corporate job into a more fulfilling role (aka business owner) without slashing my income in half!

Any of these ring a bell? Maybe your ‘stories’ seem more matter of fact. Maybe other people even agree with your stories, which make them even more concrete and justified.


“ProfitQuest has made me believe that ALL really is Possible!

I finished my website … huge. I found a way to consolidate all of my debt and make it manageable to pay off quickly. Huge! I 100% believe in my dream and my ability to manifest it. Huge! Not having a website has been holding me back. No More! I am ready to rock it!

You Rock! I am so grateful I took this course.”

Michelle Radomski, www.OneVoiceCan.com

“You have done your job! I feel more relaxed about how I think about my business, what I focus on, and I also have more moments of inspired creativity. I increased sales at one event and had one class increase in participants!

I have a stronger sense of knowing that I can do this. I found it useful on the calls that you answered people’s questions. I received clarity from these questions and answers. Thank you for mentoring me with both the inner and outer work and for giving me this opportunity to grow.”

Joy Cameron

“I have been very busy with all the manifestations attracted by ProfitQuest! I decided to create a platinum program and it totally sold out (I even had to add more space!). I reached my goal of 6 figures in one month. My intangible results were peace of mind and more personal power.

I am very happy with what I learned and feel that my investment was just a fraction of what I gained back.

Olivia Reyes Mendoza

There is no story worth hanging on to if it gets in the way of your happiness, inner power, relationships, well-being and prosperity.

You can absolutely cure the ‘money lies’ disease, permanently, without digging around into dark thoughts, painful cures or years of healing.

How do I know? Because I, too, had the same disease.

I felt I HAD tried everything. It was frustrating to watch my colleagues enjoying multiple six and seven figure businesses while I was paying for groceries on a credit card. I was fully irritated that I couldn’t crack the profit code.

Until I did. And it was so much simpler than I had ever imagined. I didn’t have a money coach to help me, so I figured it out through trying many things that didn’t work. I dug deeper into spiritual laws than I ever had. I got smarter about creating a solid foundation as a business owner (vs. self employed mentality).

And when I came out of my crippling financial funk (it was so freakin painful!), I was able to fully implement big girl business practices and strategies and leverage the heck out of what I had already created.

I tripled my income in less than a year. And I was SUPER stuck prior to that.

It is very difficult to carry out rock star business plans when you’re uptight about money. And of course, when you’re focused on the fact that you aren’t generating enough profits, it’s hard to attract more profits. It’s a cycle that feels impossible to break.

But it’s totally possible. You can do this. Any business owner can make the transition and transformation into doubling (and even tripling!) their profits in less than a year. I’ve watched many do it in one quarter!

I could easily justify charging $10,000 for this course because of the value and transformation it will bring to each participant. If you made $100,000 as a result of this course, that’d be a pretty great ROI, right?

But I’m not charging that much. You’d be stressing about the investment, and that wouldn’t help your quest for profits. It’d work against you. Stress and profits don’t go together.

In fact, you’re getting $1000 off the normal tuition! Why? Because I know this program will increase your revenue and the entire quality of your life.

It’s time to feel light, appreciative, thrilled, energized and creative when you think about profits. And it’s high time you saw profits steadily increase each month without twisting yourself in a pretzel to make it happen!

– What this program covers –

  • Set up profit goals that get you SO excited, (and feel VERY easy to do) that you’re inspired to do what’s needed to get them
  • Get the #1 secret to increase your “money attractor” energy
  • Release your stress around getting money in the door, so that it can flood in

  • Learn 2 shifts you must make to invite in more money (and not sabotage your client attraction efforts)
  • Discover an easy way to get rid of debt that takes months…NOT years
  • Create 100% flow with the 2 financial parts of your biz that leave most sticking their head in the sand

  • Learn how to turn your business model right side up to create your ideal life vision
  • Create a rock solid profit foundation (and stop leaving money on the table) with this ‘must have’ structure
  • Breathe new profits into your biz when you uncover your ideal marketing strategies

  • 10 critical questions to ensure you’re pricing for profitability (works every time)
  • How to use your #1 structure as your #1 tool to have your income flow (No more money leaking through holes you didn’t know were there)
  • Find out how to know the perfect timing to raise your prices so that your clients say HELL YES

  • Boost your profit mojo with an exercise that won’t leave a shred of doubt about the value you offer
  • Exactly what you need to know to easily attract clients that become raving fans
  • Get a 3-step process for cash infusions when you need them most

  • The perfect formula for attracting 5-Star Clients and team members (Looking for a miracle? I got this one to work in an hour.)
  • How to shift from desperation to bada$$ profit maker at any stage of your business
  • Find out how to discern between profitable actions and the ones that waste energy and lead to stagnation

  • A mac daddy process to create a wealth plan that pulls your perfect ideas, strategies and income to you like a magnet.
  • Discover what it takes to really own your business and have it stop owning you
  • Learn a Six Step No-Fail Profit Formula that works every time (this one crushes the old school rules!)

  • Reconnect with the single most valuable (and under utilized) resource in your business
  • Find out how to ask questions that attract solutions that work like magic to increase your joy and profits simultaneously
  • Get the secret to synergize your inner and outer games for sublime fulfillment and massive wealth

Terri Zwierzynski“Floored. Absolutely floored – just got a new client application an hour ago after an almost four-month drought. Squeee!”

Terri Zwierzynski

“I’m loving this already. ..within an hour or so of signing up I booked 2 more gigs!


PLUS Bonuses … Register and Also Get These Goodies!


Here’s what you’ll get in this 10-week program that will revolutionize the way you attract wealth through your business…

Next Program Starts Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 12pm pacific


If your intuition is telling you to go for it, then listen to that inner voice because s/he going to be speaking up a lot over the next 10 weeks and you need to listen up, sign up, and get ready to finally rise up and Master Your Money and Profits.


Have questions about ProfitQuest?

Please call 8am – 4pm Pacific time 707-747-0447 or shoot me an email to Jeanna at MasterPeaceCoaching.com

In extreme support,

Jeanna Gabellini


P.S. I’ve helped hundreds of people dramatically increase their income, so the strategies are solid. But this is the first time I’ve ever put this information into a course that will walk you down the path of wealth and put you in control of your financial situation. I’ll be excited to see you on the calls and in our private FaceBook group! Join us now:


Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. She is also the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, which she wrote with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield.

Combining vision, divine guidance and proven strategies, Jeanna delivers top-tier private coaching & sold-out seminars that have allowed committed entrepreneurs to blow past their self-imposed limits, ditch the drama of overwhelm and move into radical joy, inner peace and ever-increasing profits. W00T!



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