Speed Dial The Universe to Manifest Massive Profits:

A 6-Step Money-Magnetizing Process To Double Your Profits and Double Your Fun.

If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your sales, get in the flow, put your creativity into high gear and have a heck of a lot more fun … you gotta get this!

I’ve created a 6-Step System for radically increasing your income, doubling (or even tripling) your profits and creating more fun, joy and excitement in your business every single day.
And get this …

It only takes 10 minutes a day! (Solutions and awesome results don’t have to be time consuming or complicated!)

The Speed Dial the Universe to Double Your Profits Journal shows you the same 10-minute daily practice that helped me double, triple and then quadruple my profits in record time.

Entrepreneurs, leaders and sales people …

Use this journal for a month and I guarantee you’ll ditch your “work more, do more, get more” approach (which is seriously mucking up your money mojo!).

When you consistently use this journal you’ll …

  • Stop focusing on problems and create ideal profit popping solutions.
  • Be an idea machine for new strategies, products and services that put your business on the map like never before.
  • Feel in control of your outcomes vs. trying to control them.
  • Link your business to fun and joy.
  • Take inspired actions that produce profits.
  • Let go of your past history so you can let the cash flow!
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and access your Inner Business Expert.
  • Think waaay bigger and manifest waaay bigger. (Does doubling your profits and fun sound good?!)

The Speed Dial process is an easy-breezy way to create a whole new level of prosperity, profitability and manifestation power. Because when you’ve got the Universe on speed-dial, anything is possible.

Sound mystical, magical and just a tad too woo-woo?

Who cares? It works.

Heidi ScanlonI’ve been doing this process every day and it is working. This week has been great! I got a new client today, two appointments for consults Monday and a consult for a potential new student today. Last week I got 7 consult appointments!”
– Heidi Scanlon, CRMT
Jan WesdorfThis journal has turned out to be the best thing I’ve done in years!!! After leaving my bank accounts nearly empty, in less than a week money came in from unexpected sources and I ended up with not just the $5000 back, but $8000!

In your process you have a step called "Delegate to the Universe". I had been struggling with going to talk to businesses about doing health screenings to promote my practice, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. After doing your morning process the courage finally came to me and I got one set up, then a friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years popped back into my life. She manages a couple of Farmer’s Markets, which are perfect for me to do health screenings. She’s making the arrangements now and get this, she’s planning to set it up at no cost to me. Wahoo!

Your process really does encompass all the best practices for shifting energy, focusing on the positive, setting intentions, and thinking outside the box to expand your reality.

– Dr. Jan Wesdorf, Wesdorf Chiropractic

There is a reason why my original version is sold by the case and people send me testimonials by the dozens!

Do it consistently and you’ll become one of the thousands of people who send me their manifestation miracle stories.

Your journal will last 90 days when used daily. You’ll love looking back at your previous entries and giggling (and patting yourself on the back!) about all the desires that have come true!

Make your business work for you in just 10 minutes a day.

YES, Jeanna!

Give me access to Speed Dial the Universe to Double your Profits Journal!

I can’t wait to tell you my manifesting miracle!


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