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Have you ever wished there was a daily practice that would set you up for extreme success and abundance?


Speed Dial The Universe is a tool that guarantees your alignment Speed Dial The Universe Journaland focus with the things you want most in your life. Manifestation of those desires will be your outcome when you use this journal consistently. This isn’t rocket science. Most people do not have the peace, relationships, money, fun and health they desire for one reason. They are not taking the time to be deliberate about what they want, how they feel and what their most important focus is in any given moment. There is more reaction than inspired action! All you have to do is take about ten minutes a day to fill in the journal. The time you spend in your Speed Dial the Universe will literally be the most productive time of your day. It will set you up to create your desires with ease and flawless results.

Lisa Cherney“The Speed Dial Journal is a masterpiece!” “After my morning meditation I dive into my journal and it gives me the perfect recipe for aligning my mind and sending clear messages to the Universe for what I want to create in my day. And recently I credit the Journal for helping me turbo charge my income. I went from being in financial fear to feeling abundant in all ways!” Lisa Cherney, Conscious Marketing, Inc.
Stephanie Bell“OMG Jeanna! I’m still pinching myself about what I manifested after using your SPEED DIAL THE UNIVERSE Journal! I thought I was nuts asking The Universe to deliver me a big fat check right to my mailbox, but I kept writing it and picturing it! I was literally speechless when I opened my mail one day and found a HUGE (mid- 5 figures!) check from a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED source! I just NEVER would have expected to receive THAT sum from THAT person for NO reason!!! Your journal REALLY works! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!” Stephanie Rainbow Bell, The “Align & Shine” Coach, www.StephanieRainbowBell.com
Rob Goyette“I started using your Speed Dial Journal at the beginning of this month and here are the results within the same month: 1) My income has gone up $6,000! 2) The legal problem seemed that it would cost me about $5,000 in expenses if I won, much more if I lost. And I just got off the phone with my attorney a few hours ago and she told me it looks like the whole thing is just going to go away. Incredible!” Rob Goyette

This journal was created out of frustration. I was using several different notebooks to capture my daily gratitude lists, my intentions for the day, my great ideas and visions for my future. I’d bought other journals where you fill in sections daily and it was never quite right for me. My coaching clients were having similar frustrations. I decided to make one that would use the best processes I’ve found for mastering the Law of Attraction all in one place.

The processes in Speed Dial the Universe are your short cut to infinite ideas, solutions and connection.

Here’s what you’ll experience from this journal:

  • Get positively aligned immediately by focusing on what is working well in your life.
  • Decide how you want to feel through out your day.
  • Clarify your top actions for the day so you’re not pulled in a thousand different directions.
  • Delegate all desires, problems and actions you don’t want to deal with today over to the Universe. That’s right!
  • Let them go so you can be present to what is most important to you today.
  • Expand your intention muscles by clarifying what you may consider outrageous desires.
  • Give oomph to your desires by bringing in all of your senses and creating a crystal clear vision of it’s unfolding.
  • Dialogue with your inner being. Ask a question and receive the answer that is perfect for you.
  • Created to last three months when used daily.
  • And a few other bonuses that will assist you in having your life feel like one fun ride!
Wendy Braun“Jeanna’s amazingly easy-to-follow guided journal helped me to stay in a state of joy and alignment” “Speed Dial The Universe is like having a pocket coach with you wherever you go! It gave me a guide to focusing my thoughts and then creating my reality! Jeanna’s amazingly easy-to-follow guided journal helped me to stay in a state of joy and alignment as I listened to the Universe answer my calls! It’s amazing to see how Jeanna’s no nonsense approach to Law Of Attraction really works! She is the real deal. If you need any assistance on HOW to attract what you want, use Speed Dial The Universe! Jeanna makes it as easy as a phone call!” Wendy Braun, actress, www.wendybraun.com
Bridget Engel“The section for creating a laser focus for the day has changed my life. I have been using many different systems to capture my daily intentions, gratitude, to-do lists and affirmations. I had special books for each one and often felt overwhelmed. I have recently been using the Speed Dial journal and I am noticing the effects already! The section for creating a laser focus for the day has changed my life. I used to have 20-30 actions to do on my list every day and usually accomplished them but was always very stressed and very out of balance. Now I can easily accomplish my six most important things and my days feel so spacious and clear. I am feeling so successful and calm, people are noticing and want to know what is different. I feel like the girl that just won the lottery!” Bridget Engel, www.angelsareus.com
Gretchen Hughes“Life is so much easier now that I Speed Dial! I have always known about the law of attraction, but lately it is as if I had forgotten everything I knew. My life had turned into a routine (not a word in my vocabulary), and a stressful one at that. In the morning I’d find myself not wanting to get out of bed from fear and stress regarding the day ahead of me. I am in real estate and with the stress of the adjustment of today’s market, I have been extremely fearful and working extremely hard so I could sustain in an unknown market. With all the doom and gloom currently around me, I have been finding it extremely hard to keep a positive attitude. I got lost and stayed lost. Immediately after I wrote in my Speed Dial the Universe I felt the shift. Instead of the, “How quick can I get everybody what they need today?” question that I would begin each day with, it shifted to “The most important thing for me to focus on today is”. Ahhh…such a relief. My creativity is back and I feel in control of deciding what kind of day I will have. Picking I have a take charge attitude that I seem to carry with me throughout the day. Speed Dial the Universe feels like a little present I give to myself each morning.” Gretchen Hughes, Realtor

Writing is your greatest point of focus. When you are writing, it creates a vacuum for your thoughts. There is room for three months of your positive focus in this journal. When you are positively focused, you are literally attracting people, places, things and circumstances to create all that you desire.

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Speed Dial Universe

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“I have been on default and stuck for awhile and really needed the jumpstart. This was it!
Jeanna, I LOVE your book ‘Speed Dial the Universe’. It leads me into higher vibrational states by allowing me to flow to my core…joy, Joy and JOY! I have found that I am more centered in my personal power after completing my writing. I have been on default and stuck for awhile and really needed the jumpstart. This was it! The synchronicities, BIG ones even, since starting your book are awesome, and it’s only been a week! Thank you for creating it! Love to you and all you do!” Rebecca Nichols, Om’ Ah Goddess Boutique
“To anyone who is thinking about buying this book – do yourself a favor and get it now! It easily sets the tone for my whole day. I can almost feel my “helpers” keeping me on track with my dominant emotion, which in turn gives me the peace knowing that the Universe is taking care of everything, which in turns ALLOWS them to take care of everything…this is very freeing! I wrote a script of how much I wanted to pay for the recent repairs on my car. My jaw dropped when I got the bill…almost to the penny! I was so grateful and delighted. This is going to be a gift for all my friend’s b’days and Xmas gifts galore. It is the best journal for this type of thing.” Julie Brock
“As usual, much more than I expected. Got my journal today and I am literally dancing around. I love it! As usual, much more than I expected. Three words: Fan-tas-tic. Hooray! Your picture and description don’t begin to let the reader see how mind opening it is. I look forward to creating in it. You inspire me.” Marie Pippin
“Just wanted to email you to say a big thanks. I have purchased your Speed Dial the Universe and Mind Game Visualisations; I love both products and have had great results using them. I am loving your style, honest, upbeat and fun!! I plan to start my own practice and when I do, I plan to hire you as my coach to help my business grow into the success I know it can be.” Emily Hill
“Speed Dial the Universe is brilliant and concise! My days are much better when I start with your journal…. simplified — gets me to sit & be still for a moment, dream & have fun! I smile as go through it and my mind chatter stops.” Karen O’Donnell
“Negativity hits me hard in the morning, especially before I’ve had my coffee! Now it’s easy to dispel because of your little Journal. I’ve never been one to keep a journal, although I’ve always heard that it’s a good thing to do. You’ve made it so easy! And I love the way you mix it up. I love Covey’s work and I was so happy to see you incorporate it. Now I start my day on solid footing in such a short time. And during the day I find new things to be grateful for and more wild hair thoughts keep popping up. And the scripting is helping me put into words those far off dreams so they can become a reality. Thanks so much for making it available!” Sandra Roos, Shadow Executive Services
Greg Joseph“I LOVE the book ‘Speed Dial The Universe’ that you created and sent me, I can feel my energy focusing and coming into alignment. This must be one of your greatest works! It’s hard to say… there is so much brilliance HERE! I can feel your heart in this whole book. I have mentioned many times, that so many times during our sessions, while I think that I have so much to clear, my mind goes into a blank and peaceful state, and your job is done! You are a true Master!” Gregory Joseph, www.gregjoseph.com
Beth Ruske“A friend was raving about your workbook, “speed dialing the universe”, so I bought one. I started 2010 using it every morning and I love it. It is a wonderfully grounded way for me to start my day, and in the 10 minutes it takes me to complete the two simple pages I feel calm, clear, and very confident as I launch into my day. After 45 days I really feel the power it’s creating in my life. Last week, I got a call from an old client who wanted to schedule a meeting with us to create a new solution to roll out a leadership development program to their entire firm. The really wonderful miracle is that on Thursday, the day before, the one thing I wrote down in the journal that would be “really great if it happened” – was if a new business opportunity appeared out of nowhere. I love the book and the processes that you have woven together to create a very powerful, and more importantly, productive new daily ritual for me. Thanks so much. ” Beth Ruske, Tiara International LLC
This one is a Home Run! I have been completing the journaling each morning. Wow this is very powerful and I LOVE IT!!” Arthur Fletcher, https://www.FBonacci.com
This journal literally changed my life. Instant manifesting!!!! I need to order 3 more for my family. They are in love!!” Joan Lynch Owens, Executive Producer ESPN Original Entertainment
Anne Livermore“I wrote my wild hair intention in my Speed Dial the Universe journal: “Chicago Scene Magazine decided to do the article on V.Mora and the editor gave the go ahead, from there VH1 approached us about doing our own reality show.” Four months later I manifested it!!!!!! How cool is that?” Anna Livermore
“AMAZING things started to happen after writing my first page in this journal! Year-long money problems resolved. My creativity became unstuck. I’m now going for a college interview, passed my driving test (which I’d previously failed twice) and my relationship has improved. I’ve also had lots of small things happen every day that make me feel so damn lucky daily!!! This Speed Dial journal has had more positive impact in my life than anything else I’d tried for the entire previous year! Thank you, Jeanna, so much ” Diane Eaton
“Since starting her Speed Dial the Universe Journal I suddenly gained several new clients and even previous clients from two years ago have got back in touch to re-book. This was not a blip, it’s been sustained to the point that I’ve been fully booked and taken on extra clinic time. The future I’m looking forward to is one of even more ease, prosperity, client satisfaction and fun. Thank you Jeanna.” -Jane Prescott
Betsy Sobiech“We love this practice at Tiara International LLC. Thanks, Jeanna Gabellini, for all of these practices that really work. Thanks for all you provided for me and my life too.” -Betsy Sobiech, Tiara International
Jennifer Crews“I ordered your Speed Dial the Universe ebook and love it. Within a week of using the process I asked for and received an unexpected $10K! I bought two more journals for loved ones and also recommended it to a few other people. Thanks for creating a great tool that has really helped me internalize everything I have learned about the Law of Attraction. – Jennifer Crews

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Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Leveraging attraction-based principles, revolutionary mindset strategies, and over 20 years of business success, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs consistently increase their profits, create more wealth, and have a lot more fun building a business they love.

Jeanna is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, along with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jack Canfield. Her newest books are 10 Minute Money Makers and Rock Your Profits.

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