Rapid Expansion Audio Package

Everything You Want In Life Is Yours
It’s Already Been Given To You
All You Have To Do Is Receive It!


How many times have you asked for something (love, abundance, prosperity, perhaps even a miracle) … you even believed it was yours … but it never came?

Well, guess what!

You missed an important step. You didn’t RECEIVE it!

Isn’t it time to start receiving — and enjoying — all the wonderful and precious things you want in life?

GOOD NEWS! Now you have the opportunity to …

E – X – P – A – N – D

Jeanna and Eva offered an exciting teleclass called Rapid Expansion, based entirely on Abraham-Hicks Law of Allowing (opening yourself up to receive the things you want in life), where the participants were challenged to let go and surrender to the experience of receiving.

The teleclass was a phenomenal success!

Participants described it as high-spirited, exciting, dynamite, and outrageously fun!

Being the smart business women they are, Jeanna and Eva recorded the three hour-long sessions of this fantastic teleclass. So now YOU have the opportunity to learn and experience everything the Rapid Expansion teleclass participants did … for a fraction of the price!

Now YOU can order the downloadable mp3 recordings for the HIGHLY REDUCED price of $197. (Value $474)



Not only do you have the opportunity to E-X-P-A-N-D your capacity to receive the things you want in life for an incredibly low price, you also receive the following FIVE fantastic BONUS GIFTS! Jeanna and Eva have asked five of their favorite experts to each give you a very special one hour teleclass for F*R*E*E!!!

gift Bonus #1

The Compounding Effect of Choice
with Mary Allen, CPCC, MCC

It’s the simple disciplines or simple errors in judgment that are shaping your life everyday. The Compounding Effect of Choice is a model that illustrates how your choices are working for you or against you. Embrace four fundamental choices and dramatically affect your sense of inner peace and well being while maximizing your ability to manifest your goals and desires. Based on key principles from Mary Allen’s new book The Power of Inner Choice. Visit Mary at https://www.PowerOfInnerChoice.com

Bonus #2

Embracing The Angels
with Bridget Engel, CPCC

Imagine feeling the loving embrace of the Angels! These powerful, beautiful beings of the light want you to know that they are real and they do exist. They are your biggest admirers and expert coaches. They want to help you succeed and fulfill your life purpose. Your Guardian Angels are always with you, loving you and holding you to your highest vision. The reason you may not feel them is because of fear blocks or simply not knowing that they exist. Expect to leave this call feeling lighter and peaceful. Visit Bridget at https://www.SoulScrub.com

Bonus #3

Getting Speaking Engagements
with Sharyn Abbott

Learn 8 Techniques to Get Booked — how to prove your value, create speaker’s relationships, speak at service organizations, strategies to get referrals, collaborations, how you can become famous, back-of-the-room sales materials, finding the paid engagements. Visit Sharon at https://www.EliteLeads.com

Bonus #4

Go Bigger by Going Deeper
with Leah Jackman-Wheitner, Ph.D.

Most people do not really know what they are good at. They can’t easily describe their businesses or career aspirations to others. They want to use their strengths with a great mission and vision for their careers. But they get lost in too many options without a clear focus on who they are as reflected in their careers and lives. You have to know who you are to be who you are. Being who you are is the core to developing the rest of your life, career, and business. You will learn the core processes to hearing your own voice and gaining clarity to your life. Once you have clarity and depth to your articulation of who you are, then you expand easily and effortlessly.

Dr. Leah Jackman-Wheitner is a career and business consultant specializing in helping people be who they are. She is the author of “Achieve Success Business Systems™, Your Career, Your Way™” and the upcoming book, “5 Steps to Complete Confidence.” Visit www.DiamondCareer.com.

Bonus #5

Blasting Through Your “Stuff” to Playing Bigger in Your Life!
with Wendy Yellen

A special double session (over two months) designed to help you blast through whatever holds you back from “playing bigger.” Whether it’s in your personal or business life (or both), you’ll discover a simple, breakthrough technique for almost instantly turning what once seemed difficult into something that now seems easy.

“This may be one of the most powerful human development technologies available.” — Paul Scheele, Chairman & Co-founder, Learning Strategies Corporation


You can’t deny it! This is a …

Steal of a Deal!

(3) Hours of Audio Lessons on Downloadable Mp3 Files
Plus (5) Hours of Bonus Teleclass Lessons

So what are you waiting for?


If you have ANY questions about this program, please Contact my rockstar team.

Jeanna Gabellini

P.S. This is an adventure that will amp up your energy and explode your ideas on what it takes to have what you want in life. That’s a promise!

P.P.S. Remember, when you order the Rapid Expansion Audio Package, you’re going to receive access to not only the Three One-Hour Recordings, but also the Five Bonus Teleclasses.




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