The Prosperity Game

Here we go …



Put on your seat belt!


The Prosperity Game teleclass will be taking you to a destination from which there is no return! There are no limits to what you can create there. It’s a magical land where you hold the magic wand to create your life as you please. No worries. Ahhhhh …

Our departure date is Tuesday, June 4th at 2:00 pm PT / 5:00 pm ET. Dial into our bridgeline at 1-567-314-0034 and enter Passcode: 31468# for a smooth take-off. Well … there may be some turbulence. But that’s where the learning occurs. All calls will begin at the same time each week on this same bridgeline.


  1. Open mind — you’ll be going places you never thought possible!
  2. Willingness to be coached.
  3. Commitment to attend entire program as each class builds on the previous week. The Attraction Principles are BIG. It may take 3 months to embrace, but your life will change forever.
  4. Your voice — these classes are interactive. The more you share the more you get out of them.

To ensure the best teleclass experience for everyone involved, please call from a quiet environment, and if at all possible, use a land line for this class. Speaker phones, cell phones,cordless phones, headsets and VOIP (Skype or Vonage) lines may cause static or create echoes and crackling which can impact the other callers, as well as the class recording. If you are unable to use a land line, or if you are calling from outside of the United States, please press *6 on your telephone to mute/unmute your individual line.

Everything you need to participate will be located on your Class Information Site here:

This includes:


· Alternate Conference Info – Technology being what it is, if you are ever unable to call in to the regular teleconference line, we have an alternate for your use.

· Class Roster – If you have a concern, question, insight or anything else you’d like to share – please let the class know! This way everyone learns and wins.

· Recordings – Need to miss a class? No worries! Instructions to listen to the recording of each class are listed. You won’t have to miss a thing!

Please note:

You are purchasing one seat in this class. This seat entitles you to the information and materials presented in the class. By purchasing a registered seat in this class, you agree that you will not share this information with anyone. This teleclass will be recorded and your name, voice and comments may be used in a future information product designed for sale. Your registration indicates your understanding of this. It further indicates your agreement to waive any and all rights to ownership, to compensation for participation, and to royalties on sales of the work. Please do not register for the class if you do not agree to this policy.


That’s it! We are now cleared for take off! Looking forward to supporting you in this awesome journey!

Your co-pilots on this journey,
Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory