What Do You Want to Attract Into Your Life in the Next 4 Months?


The Prosperity Game


Manifest Your Top 3 Goals or Desires, (Without Stressing, Struggling or Working Like a Dog), And Become a Master at Making the Law of Attraction Work for You.


No more wishing and hoping and thinking and praying!

No more pushing, controlling, trying or efforting!

You’re going to learn how to manifest what you want the easy way … which is the only way there is!

Are you itching to experience a greater level of prosperity in every area of your life?

Are you tired of knowing all about the Law of Attraction yet you still can’t seem to easily manifest all that you truly desire?

Is it time to stop putting up with “just enough” when you know there is so much more for you to have, do and be?


Come on then!
Let’s kick-up your experience of prosperity and
turbo-charge your powers of manifestation
so you can have what you want now.



Hey There! It’s Jeanna & Eva from Abundance Abounds, and we are so thrilled to invite you to the newest edition of The Prosperity Game … on Steroids!

But before we tell you all about it, we want you to know …

If you’re tuned in to the Law of Attraction, if you’ve been doing your best to set clear intentions, raise your vibration and allow all kinds of good things into your life, but you’re still not experiencing the level of easy prosperity you know is possible, relax!


We’ve got you covered!

Because we’ve both been there. Yeah, sure, we’ve been Master Law of Attraction coaches for years now, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been times when we’ve hit a prosperity plateau.

In fact, that’s how the Prosperity Game program got started. We’d both been bobbling along at a certain level of income. And while it was a good income, we were ready for more! We knew we needed to kick it up a notch, raise our expectations, increase our focus, empower our intentions and let more good stuff in!

So, we took full responsibility for our financial flatline. Then, we got down to the real nitty-gritty of creating a big leap in abundance by using what we knew best: the Law of Attraction.


Did we work longer and harder? No way!


Did we make a lot of sacrifices. Not a one.

    Did we give up time with our families or spend hours meditating every day?


Uh … NO!

In fact, we did just the opposite.

We had fun getting focused on what we wanted and why. We set our intentions and made our demands of the Universe. And we plunged headfirst into feeling good every day.

We stopped working so hard.
We ignored anything that felt ill-timed, out of sync or annoying.
We made fun, pleasure and feeling good our top priority.
And when we took action, it was inspired action.

In less than a year, one of us tripled (yesTRIPLED), her income. The other one created a 2.7 million dollar bottom line. Hello! No more financial stagnation here! We both manifested more than we’d even imagined! Without struggling, trying or stressing out!


We Figured Out How to Apply the Law of Attraction to

Create Manifestation Magic,

and We Had to Share It With the World.

In 1999, we offered our first 4-month immersion program in the Law of Attraction, and we called it The Prosperity Game. And for almost two decades,

the Prosperity Game has been empowering people to master the Law of Attraction, manifest their top 3 goals, and fine-tune their ability to create extraordinary prosperity and abundance in all areas of their lives.

But now it’s more powerful than ever!


“The Prosperity Game … on Steroids!”

Join us for this high-vibin’, spirit-soaring immersion in the art of attraction so
you can master your ability to attract what you really want.
Now, and for the rest of your life.


When you play the Prosperity Game on Steroids with us, you will:

  • Manifest your top 3 goals, desires or intentions (or come pretty darned close) in 4 months or less.
  • Turbo-charge your power to attract more and more of what you really want in your life without effort, struggle or stress.
  • Experience the truth that nothing, NOTHING, is too big, too “unrealistic” or far-out for you to request and receive.
  • Identify and then wave goodbye to the limiting beliefs and old mental tapes that limit your ability to have what you want.
  • Enjoy unexpected windfalls, bountiful surprises and mind-blowing opportunities.
  • Become a true master in the art of attraction and make “prosperity” your middle name!

The Prosperity Game on Steroids is a 4-month, 12 session tele-experience where you will get the guidance, tools and support you need to manifest your 3 top goals and master the art and science of attracting what you want into your life.

Whatever goals, desires or experiences are calling to you right now, we’re going to show you how to use the Law of Attraction (and some other pretty cool stuff) to easily and joyfully attract what you want.


“I almost hit my income goal of $10K per month”


bradwarrenI’m aware of and am being conscious of how to implement the LOA on a daily basis. I almost hit my income goalof $10K per month in April ($9407) and I surpassed my goal in May!

As a result of this course, I am calmer, having more fun, ecstatic throughout the day.

Brad Warren


I’m making more today than I ever have!


“I’m making more today than I ever have! Money is becoming a non-issue. I am moving through my days with ease and grace and amazing things are happening as a result.

stephanie-pgsI am consistently surprised at how a reality continues to unfold that contains all of the most important elements for me, but I also continue to be delighted when it goes above and beyond – almost as if I’m being personally rewarded for my ability to feel good.”

Stephanie Yost Mentzell


“I set the intention to be debt free, and I’m well on my way!”


pgsdemi“At the beginning of the program I visualized a pie and the very next day received a pie. Next, I asked for $4000 and received $3000 in one sum and then $4000+ later. I asked for 5 coaching clients and I have 4 already. I asked for $20,000 and had an opportunity present itself to make $20,000. I set the intention to be debt free, and I’m well on my way. I’m more energized and at peace!”

Demi Karpouzos



So, Tell Us…

What Do You Want to Attract Into Your Life in the Next 4 Months?

Do you want to radically increase your income?
Snuggle up with your ideal mate?
Create peace and understanding in all your relationships?
Feel fabulous and free in your body?
Move into your dream home?
Get your kids to clean their room?


Or maybe you just want to know, once and for all, what it takes to make the Law of Attraction work for you on a consistent basis.

Hey, the truth is, you already know you have the power and ability to attract what you want. But then there’s that other part of you that keeps gumming up your prosperity pipeline with doubt, confusion and a lot of “why isn’t working for me ….”

Hey, that’s okay!

Because we’re going to show you how to clear out that pipeline, expect miracles and then manifest them!

We’ve seen it, time and time again.

Prosperity will rush into every area of your life once you get focused on what you want, get into the flow of feeling good, and spend your time doing what turns you on.


After all, the Law of Attraction IS a law.

It works, no matter what.

So let’s get it working for you.

With the Prosperity Game on Steroids, not only will you learn how to manifest your top 3 goals, you will also learn how to:

  • Create more peace, cooperation and understanding in your all of your relationships (and attract new, satisfying relationships as well!).
  • Feel happy, excited and on top of the world … no matter what.
  • Blow your own mind as every day becomes your Law of Attraction laboratory (and you get to be the madly manifesting scientist!).
  • Snap out of those old stories and turn off the mental soundtrack that diminishes your ability to attract, receive and have what you really want.
  • Discover the secret of sacred selfishness and how it enriches everyone’s life.
  • Tap into a deeper, more consistent level of connection with your inner wisdom, intuition and joy.

Oh, and About Those Steroids …


The Prosperity Game Is Now Even More Powerful,
Expansive and Mind-Blowing Than Ever.


Because we’ve taken it to a place where failing is not an option.

As Master Law of Attraction coaches, we know exactly what it will take for each participant to reach their goals.

Plus … we’ve got Theos, Eva’s kick-butt spiritual guides.

If you’ve experienced Theos, you know they generously pour forth Universal Truth, love and leading edge information whenever Eva channels them. Well, now Theos is our co-teacher in the Prosperity Game, so the wisdom, support and insight you’ll receive will be super-charged, super-clear and super-fine.

  1. You will experience a big leap into a new level of prosperity.
  2. Your ability to manifest what you want (and more) will surprise and delight you.
  3. And you will know more joy, confidence and inner peace than ever before.


I am more in the flow and not so overwhelmed with the details


pgsjuanita“My time in my office is so much more pleasant. I am more in the flow and not so overwhelmed with the details. I see every thing that happens as a step to getting me closer to my goal.

I’ve realized that if I don’t like what is “showing” up then I can change my focus and shift my vibration. All of the tools and exercises to help us shift our vibration were fantastic.

Learning how to separate time from money is one of the biggest tangibles from the course. When I separate time from money, I am no longer concerned if my actions will bring in revenue. Instead, I do what I feel inspired to do and know that money is on the way.

I no longer feel as if “I” am the one that has to generate all the income. I know that source energy is my partner in creating wealth.”

-Juanita Ecker



“I am making more money, keeping more of it…”

I nearly tripled my coaching fees and have three new clients at the new fees…! They all “found” me without me really doing anything…Two Founders of other Coach Training Schools and I are doing programs that are already filling up – BEFORE we have even announced them… Nearly all of my evening commitments eliminated themselves to spend more time with my family…All my relationships are more in alignment with what I really want.

There is even more but this is the most TANGIBLE stuff. The real power I feel is in the INNER shifts. I am very grateful to our two guides, Jeanna and Eva, for their wonderful energy and BELIEF in our abilities to create new realities! I am making more money, keeping more of it and opportunities are everywhere for a lot more!”

Sharon Wilson, Founder of “Coaching From Spirit”



What one participant had to say about one of the many powerful processes taught in The Prosperity Game on Steroids:


EmilyWebber“Yesterday’s class made me realize that I have had this limiting belief…For the past 3 years (since I married my husband) my belief has been that because this is his house and these are his teenage sons that come here once a month that I couldn’t uphold my values of respect, integrity and good work ethic with his boys. So of course, I have gotten disrespect, especially to our home, and when the boys came here and worked, we got laziness and “sorry-ness” as we say down South. In fact, hubby and I had an argument because I spoke my truth about one son’s laziness this past weekend and he offered a lot of excuses as to the why he couldn’t get the job done.

After class I did the ABUNDANCE Technique and my new belief is that this is My home, too…where this home and the people in it are respected and we do things with excellence and with integrity. Two hours later….a teenage kid comes to help us with the same job…weed eating…that step son had done the week before and that took him half a day with a lot of moaning, groaning, and having to “rest” because it was too hard. This kid down the road did the job in a hour and 15 minutes! My husband looked at me and said, “Wow” and shook his head. Immediately the tension was gone between us and he seemed to see things in a different light. I believe had I not shifted my negative belief this wouldn’t have happened! And it all happened in just a couple of hours! Thank you, Eva & Jeanna!

-Emily Webber


Here’s an outline of what we’ll cover (and uncover)
during our adventure into limitless prosperity:

Session One: The Abundance Foundation

  • Get clear on your destination: claim your top 3 goals.
  • How to bump up your vibration with the What-If Up Game.
  • Start attracting more immediately with the Prosperity Checkbook.
  • Meet your fellow players!

Session Two: Putting Yourself First: Being in Extreme Self Care

  • Why it’s imperative to put yourself first.
  • How your selfishness enriches the lives of others.
  • The art of setting boundaries to increase prosperity.
  • Your Pure Pleasure Day!

Session Three: Paving the Way to Your Dreams

  • Place your order and let the Universe deliver.
  • Gather your Universal Team and get them working for you … 24/7.
  • The only way to write a to-do list.
  • Amp up your attractor-factor by being instead of doing.

Session Four: Being an Extreme Creator

  • Move beyond “okay” and into “amazing”.
  • Our tried-and-true Dream Scene Process for outrageous manifesting.
  • 17-Seconds on Steroids.
  • Get grooving with the Law of Deliberate Creation.

Session Five: Changing Your Perspective to Radically Change Your Life

  • How to transform any unwanted situation into an enlightened opportunity.
  • How to stop resisting what is, turn judgments inside-out and break free of limited thinking.
  • Liberate yourself from knee-jerk reactions, false beliefs and patterns that negatively impact your life.
  • How to employ elegant and effective conflict resolution.

Session Six: Creating Relationships That Flow

  • The real nitty-gritty of defining and attracting perfect relationships.
  • A 5-Star Process to create 5 Star Relationships.
  • Super short-cuts to establish harmony in all your relationships.

Session Seven: Claiming Perfect Health

  • Proof positive that your body always responds to your emotions.
  • Choosing how you want your body to be.
  • What perfect health is to you.
  • Shortcuts to attract your own Perfect Health now.

Session Eight: Raising Your Vibration

  • The Focus Track to make your joy-o-meter move off the charts!
  • How to step out of your old reality and into the new.
  • Find delight and delicious prosperity in paying it forward.
  • How to use contrast to spark inspiration and appreciation.

Session Nine: Choosing and Claiming

  • What to do if what you want still hasn’t shown up.
  • How to take control of your point of attraction.
  • How to apply “The Work” to clear any energetic obstacles.
  • Move beyond “acting as if” into “what must be.”

Session Ten: Taking Extreme Inspired Action

  • Where do inspired actions come from?
  • Looking, leaping and succeeding with inspired action.
  • The Abundance Technique: 9 Steps to Outrageous Abundance.
  • Why you cannot fail.

Session Eleven: Relaxing … Doing Nothing

  • The essential step to manifesting what you want.
  • How to stop the negative chatter around your goals and desires.
  • Laying out the welcome mat for inspiration, insight and inner wisdom.
  • How to let go, find peace and thoroughly enjoy your life right now!

Session Twelve: Taking the Leap of Faith – Jump and the Net Will Appear

  • Your Before & After Picture: Your new reality – extreme prosperity.
  • How to set yourself up to win: the Picture Perfect Solution.
  • Soaring into your prosperous future.

Plus tons ‘o fun, support, excitement and
big-time joy all along the way.


“I have so many awesome successes…”

I grew so much from working with Jeanna and Eva and I still am!! I have so many awesome successes…I sold my house in under 4 months, quit my job, married the love of my life, signed up for coach training, and let go of mental and physical stuff that have set me free!

Best of all I have many great things to use that I learned from both of you that I use whenever I need. My world is so much more and growing daily from my experience with your Prosperity Game!! Love you both and can’t thank you enough!”

Kim Raymond


“It feels fantastic to be so at ease with money and it just keeps coming in.”

So many fabulous wins! I am loving my new laptop and our new (to us) car. We just bought my mom a freezer and gave my brother a nice house warming fund. It feels fantastic to be so at ease with money and it just keeps coming in. My weight is down over 10lbs now. I love it! And my flights are booked for our family vacation. It is turning out way better than planned and better timed. We got an amazing flight deal (and with 8 tickets that makes a BIG difference). Our vacation is costing us half of what we planned and is going to be even better than planned!”

Szara Turpel


Eva and Jeanna are gifted coaches who really get the game


Eva and Jeanna are gifted coaches who really get the game; not to mention the divine dose of clarity and love delivered regularly by Theos in their classes.

I will be using the tools, techniques, resources and FUN! FUN! FUN! processes they taught me for the rest of my life and I highly recommend their lessons to anyone wanting to cut their learning curve in half!”

Kami Bowman


“Playing The Prosperity Game last summer brought so many small and large gifts”


“Playing The Prosperity Game last summer brought so many small and large gifts including: a 30K debt being forgiven, my son’s being very helpful around the house and doing chores without my asking (changing light bulbs, dusting ceiling fans, doing dishes and laundry, cleaning out his room … who is this kid?), almost the whole inside of the house painted by a wonder woman for $500 (steal of a deal) … and she is returning now to fix some drywall and paint another room (included in the original deal), my house de-cluttered and cleared after years of extreme mess by a pro organizer who is also a wizard. After years of not dating, met an interesting, kind, cute, single man without leaving home—he sold me a window and door and keeps returning for coffee (I wasn’t open to it but had decided that it is time to let that in and voila!). Got free airline tickets to visit a friend in TX, and was invited to California to stay at a coach’s home and attend her fab workshop in the mountains at a serene and gorgeous monastery with fab food and view. And much more!”

Kimberly Simon


Oh yeah … one more thing:
Those old impulses to push, effort, struggle, sacrifice or
take massive action … they’re not invited to this party.

Because nothing will mess up your manifestation magic more than those killjoy party poopers.

The Prosperity Game On Steroids is Ideal For You If:

  • You’ve already experienced a certain level of success and prosperity in your life, and you’re ready bump it up another notch or two.
  • You know about the Law of Attraction and you’re willing to take full responsibility for your own experience and level of prosperity.
  • You’re ready to let go of blame, complaining, overwhelm and excuses.
  • You’re willing to make fun number one!
  • You want to attract a massive flow of abundance into your life, and you’re ready to invest time, energy and focus to make it to happen… but without effort, control or hard work.


“Fantastic! When Do We Start?”

Next program TBA

Want to get started now? Please check out our Prosperity Game Home Study Course:

But you may want a few more details.

For instance, here’s How it Works:

  1. The Prosperity Game on Steroids is a teleclass series, so you can participate by telephone from the comfort of your own home or office.
  2. The Game lasts for four months and includes 12 Classes + 4 MasterMind calls.
  3. Classes take place the first three weeks of each month. They are 1 hour in length. During these calls, you will receive a principle of prosperity and specific processes to apply to your life. Plus, you will be coached on how to use these processes to get what you want.
  4. All the Classes will be recorded and the Mp3 audio will be available for download the day after the live call.
  5. MasterMind Groups will meet the fourth week of each month.
  6. Between Teleclasses, you will receive fun, high-vibin’ activities to help you apply these new principles to everyday living.
  7. You can also communicate and receive coaching by email in between classes.
  8. Plus … you’ll receive the Prosperity Playbook and some other pretty powerful tools to use on your computer.


As soon as you register, the game begins!



Yes Jeanna and Eva, I’m Ready to Have the
Law of Attraction Work for Me!


Next program TBA

Want to get started now? Please check out our Prosperity Game Home Study Course:


When I enroll in this life changing 4-month telecourse, I will receive:

12 Coaching & Training calls, each about 60-minutes long, taught personally by Jeanna Gabellini & Eva Gregory
4 Mastermind calls, to keep the momentum going, brainstorm and receive amazing support, about 60-minutes long
MP3 audios of all 12 Coaching & Training calls – accessible the day after each call, in case I miss a call or want to hear any of the calls again
98-Page Prosperity Game Playbook with all the lessons, processes and powerful inquiries
Unlimited email coaching in between classes

By signing up for this program, I’m know that I’m not only going to receive incredible value from Jeanna, Eva and Theos, but I’ll also receive this additional bonus:


Make 1 Easy Payment of $2495

Make 5 Easy Payments of $525 Month

Next program TBA

Want to get started now? Please check out our Prosperity Game Home Study Course:

NOTE: Limited seating is available, so register today to guarantee your spot!

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Nothing is too big to ask for…”


“Nothing is too big to ask for. I can have anything, do anything, be anything … there is no limit! It feels soooo good!”

– Diane B.


I’ve experienced the thrill of asking for something…


“I’ve experienced the thrill of asking for something, believing it was coming, and then reveling in the total experience of it happening!


My life will never be the same!


“Thank you for helping bring realism to the whole quest for success. My life will never be the same.”


Being in this class has been a tremendous experience for me.


“I do what I feel like doing all the time, and do whatever it takes to feel good. That alone is transformation of the highest order!


I feel as if my life is decluttering, and my house seems to be following suit (one of my original goals was to declutter my house). I now have over $8000 saved up in my savings account, and the total funds available to me have increased by tens of thousands! Here’s to a new lease on life!?” Konnie Lee



After your payment has been approved, you will receive all the information you need to participate in The Prosperity Game.

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