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The path to success isn’t always pretty.

You can be falling to pieces behind the scenes, but the show can still go on. You have to keep your big boy/girl pants on and keep doing the things you know to attract money in the door.

No matter what stage of the game you’re in, there are going to be times where you have a financially stressful situation. You and your team will make embarrassing mistakes. You will say something stupid to a potential customer. There will be dry spells with your creative ideas.

But none of these things needs to be an emotional crisis or the demise of your success.  The faster you accept what is happening in the moment, the faster you can move back into your mojo.

Every situation is temporary. The bleakest moments in your business can always be your biggest breakthroughs. Use them as a springboard for upleveling.

Fifteen years ago, my entire life was in shambles.

My boyfriend went crazy (literally), and when I left him, he wanted revenge. My fear was triggered, and I began to put all of my focus on keeping myself from not being robbed or physically hurt. The more I tried to find safety, the more horrible things happened.

I stopped paying attention to my business. When I finally pulled my head out of the land of fear, I saw that I was in debt and no new clients had signed on in months.

Ruh roh. I was in deep doo-doo.

And to top it all off, I wasn’t able to tap into my creativity to get some much-needed solutions to this volcano of a problem. I felt like a loser.

Back then, my entire message was about extreme abundance, and yet I was in extreme scarcity. Then I layered guilt on top of all my other yucky feelings. I thought, “How can I coach about abundance when I don’t feel abundant?”

My stress and guilt about my situation caused me to suffer the most. And it kept me in bondage for almost a year! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t have made a big deal about any of it.

The best leaders don’t rip themselves to shreds when the shizzle hits the fan.

Once you stop judging yourself by your circumstances, you have access to power, freedom, and more control of your results.

I don’t need money in my bank account to coach others to be more abundant. I’ve had a coaching client for over a decade worth multiple nine figures. I’m worth nowhere near that. Guess why they hired me? To be more abundant!

I’m 100% confident in my coaching abilities… and my clients trust me because I trust myself.

They don’t give a rip if my house is clean, if I showered today, or if I had a fight with my man and cried all night.

You can be at your worst moment and still attract 5-Star Clients, investors, amazing team members, massive cash flow, and come up with best-selling ideas.

You are your thoughts, not your circumstances.

Clients and customers are attracted to you because they trust that you’ll help them get what they want… not because your life is perfect.

Have your meltdowns and your cake, too!

What if your meltdown led to your best life ever?!

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You really hit the sweet spot here. And in just the right minute, too. What you described looks very much like my last year up to today. The shambles part, not the abundance and self-confidence part, unfortunately. ;-))) I might better read this article on a daily basis, every morning, from this minute on... :-D Especially the invaluable sentence: "What if your melddown led to your best life ever?!"
Diane Boylan
It's no mistake that I saw this today. Thank you, Jeanna, for your vulnerability and your inspiration. You are an awesome power of example!
Celeste Bonnet
Best article ofyours ever, Jeanna....and I have LOTS of them! LOL
Thank-you, this is exactly what i needed to hear today :)