Let Your Hair Down

Let Your Hair DownWhen I first named my business, MasterPeace Coaching & Training, I envisioned all of my clients playing BIG, peacing out, and having a good time. I had no idea how many people thought that you either made a lot of money or you had fun. They didn’t think it was possible that you could have both simultaneously.

Fun is the path to profits if you want a true lifestyle business.

C’mon party people and have some fun! Let your hair down.

Care less about what people think, and let your mind get creative and outrageous. What’s the most fun you can imagine having today? This week?

Some time ago, I met my brother and some friends at my favorite bar/restaurant near where our boat is docked. After enjoying some fish tacos and a mai tai (my fav fun drink), we headed out for some waterskiing. Near the end of the day, we saw several boats idling near a small island with summer houses.

I pulled out my movie camera for what unfolded next.

A boat in the water threw a ski rope to a guy on a small cliff onshore. He had already hosed down a 40-foot-long piece of plastic, laid out like a slip 'n slide all the way to the edge of the cliff.

To our delight, he gave a thumbs-up signal and belly flopped onto the plastic with ski rope in hand. The boat took off and the guy was pulled to the end, where he flew off the cliff and into the water. There were cheers from all the boats gathered around and the dozens of people on shore watching. I kept thinking, “This is something you’d see on YouTube!”

When was the last time you let your hair down and let the good times roll?

I suggest at least once a day, you set aside your to-do list and responsibilities and do something spontaneous and enjoyable. Walk in a new shop, peruse new websites, read the funnies... just do something unproductive. Savor every morsel of the moment.

Abundance will find you when you’re relaxed or having some good clean (or dirty!) fun. In fact, there is nothing better for your business than letting your hair down. Any energy that resembles pushing, trying hard, working hard, or stress is a recipe for disaster. If you catch yourself attached to an outcome and trying to squeeeeze it into place, let go.

Ask yourself, “What sounds fun right now?” Then follow your own guidance and watch your business grow… and flow.


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