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Rockin’ Resources Here!


YOUR QUICK QUIZ – How Ready Are YOU to Rock the JV Leaderboards?

Click here for Questions to Take the Temperature and Measure Your Progress and Learning from this Training

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1) 5* Joint Venture Creation Process – Download PDF here.

2) 3 Blunders Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make with Joint Ventures that Keep Them Stuck at the Starting Gate

Click here for video

3) JV Sucess From Humble Beginnings Video

Click here for video

4) Why JV Partners Won’t Promote You Special Report.

Click here for report

5) Press Release Examples Used to Win Launches

Click here for Example 1

Click here for Example 2

Click here for Example 3

Click here for Example 4

Click here for Example 5

6) Winning Blog Post

Click here for Blog Post

7) Your Checklist to Prepare to Win Any Launch

Click here for the Checklist

8) Fireside Chat – List Building and Joint Venturing – What Has Worked for Nancy Juetten

Click here for the audio



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Instructors: Jeanna Gabellini – jeanna@masterpeacecoaching.com and Nancy Juetten – nancy@authenticvisibility.com

Client Care Goddess: Lori Miller – lori@masterpeacecoaching.com


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Jeanna and Nancy

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