Case Study:  How Anna Livermore
Unlocked Her Profit Code 

If you’ve ever wondered how to go from unpredictable revenue and chaos to peace, flow and continually increasing profits, you’ll love my unscripted interview with Anna.

Anna went from worrying about paying rent each month to having profitable offices in Chicago, New York and (launching soon) San Francisco. Listen to the 35 minute audio below.

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Jeanna Gabellini  


Bill Girone"I have made a difference in thousands of people’s lives because Jeanna helped me discover the power in who I am. My income has increased 7 times over since when we began our coaching."

Bill Girone

Laura Salvaneschi“After just one month of working with Jeanna, my business started thriving! New clients constantly came to me, the launch of my retreat was ready, my new website was well under way and many other incredible things were happening in my professional and personal life. I feel so positive and joyful all day long.”

Laura Salvaneschi

Bill Welden“We tripled our income and I’m working fewer hours than ever, averaging fewer than 20 a week.”

Bill Welden, Essential Software

Susanna Kelly“Working with Jeanna increased our prospect pipeline by 200%. We are close now to signing contracts with 5 major new players worth an additional £200k. We have achieved more focus and direction and are positive about our success. We’re also having a lot more fun in the process!!”

Susanna Kelly

Joan Lynch“My vision board included the following: A beach house. Move to California. An Emmy. A husband. Charity/Nonprofit opportunities. Increased salary. Healthy body at ideal weight. Guess I need a new vision board because every single one of those things has come true”.

Joan Lynch, Television and Film Producer

My sales soared … increased 200%, just when I thought all was lost. I feel better about myself and enjoy living every busy moment of my life at a more complete level of happiness and fulfillment”

Sherry Bedsworth

Betsy SobiechI went from a $30,000 solopreneur to a $1,500,000 consulting practice over 3 years without requiring more effort AND supporting everything I’m up to in my life.”

Betsy Sobiech