If you’ve been putting your heart and soul into your business

and you’re still not making a big, fat profit, living the good life and

feeling totally happy and freeeee …

you need to do something different.

Something thrilling. And really, really fun.


You’ve been giving your business everything you’ve got. And more.

So why aren’t you up to your eyeballs in money already?

Sure, you have some amazing months where your income is off the charts.

But you also have months that seriously shake your confidence.
And scare you half to death.

And even in your high-income months, you’ve got so many expenses—both business
and personal— there’s nothing left for you.

For savings. Or long vacations. Or anything luxurious, indulgent and fun.


But it’s not just about the money, is it?


You're also short on time.
And creative juice.
And lazy weekends.
And the freedom to do
what you want,
when you want,
with whomever you want.

Bottom line:

You’re working way too hard (and stressing way too much)
for too little income and next-to-nothing profits.

And that needs to change right now.

Because you do not want to spend another year with your nose to the grindstone, working your ass off, only to make a teeny tiny bit more money than you did last year.


What if, you could set up and streamline your business so it made record-breaking profits every year?


What if, instead of working like a dog for far too little, you could actually make a helluva lot more by working a whole lot less?


What if, you could double or even triple your profits in less than one year’s time… without doing more marketing, networking or other stuff you hate?

Well, you can.

And the best part?

You get to have the time of your life every big step of the way!

Join me for…

profitquest Where making tons of money is the ultimate fun-filled adventure!

Jeanna Blue Excited Face and Side PointIn this revolutionary 8-session program, you get both the practical roadmap and mindset magic you need to score record-breaking profits every year by working less, playing more, and having more fun in your business than you ever thought possible.

ProfitQuest is not about doing more, marketing more, networking more, mastering social media or adding a big bunch of strategies and steps to your already overcrowded to-do list. (Haven’t you had enough of all that?)

No, ProfitQuest is about making the 3 foundational shifts you need to perfectly position your business to produce eye popping profits every year while giving you more free time, energy and creative juice to live your life to the fullest.

1. From Struggling Entrepreneur to Savvy CEO

How you think, what you believe and who you are being in your business determine whether you’re raking in the dough or struggling to make ends meet.

During ProfitQuest, you’re going to start thinking, deciding, creating and delegating like a CEO of a phenomenally profitable business so your income never fails to exceed your annual goals and wildest expectations.


2. Your Personalized Profit-Making System

In order to consistently make the big bucks, you have to honor who you are, what you love and how you work best. Otherwise, you’re destined to be an underpaid, overworked and very grumpy business owner.

In ProfitQuest, you’re going to design your own profit-making system, one that complements and supports your natural strengths, talents and skills so you can double your profits, your fun, and the number of times you smile in a day.


3. Work Less, Make More

If you’re not sitting on a sweet mountain of money right now, you’re working way too hard. And you’re doing way too much.

This may sound counter-intuitive. But during ProfitQuest, you’ll quickly experience the joy, relief and intoxicating freedom of making a whole lot more by doing a whole lot less.


ProfitQuest is about elevating both your mindset and your business model so you cannot help but blow the lid off of your profits every year… without working more, marketing more or stealing precious time away from your family or the soul-satisfying projects that mean so much to you.

Listen… everything you’ve done up to this point to build your business … it’s all good! It’s all been valuable and worthwhile.

But it can’t take you any further. You’ll just keep running in place until you upgrade your mindset and lock in a profit-making system that’s guaranteed to make you happy, wealthy and free.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to do on your ProfitQuest!

In just 8 sessions, which you can do at your own pace, you’ll be set to:


  • Double (or even triple) your profits while doubling your fun, freedom and peace of mind.
  • Radically increase your free time, creative energy and personal satisfaction in everything you choose to do.
  • Enjoy massive ROI on your favorite projects, products and launches without stressing out or running yourself ragged.
  • Design your days your way so you always have time for the activities that feed your soul and renew your spirit.
  • Stop worrying about money and have a blast spending your hefty profits on what matters most to you.
  • Stand strong in your authority and unique value so you always attract 5-star clients, top-notch promotional partners and A-game team players.
  • Be 100% confident in your decision-making, your unique value and the financial viability of your business.

"I have achieved more financially since ProfitQuest than decades of working with other coaches. I have tripled my income, have Fridays off, created multiple streams of passive income and have a very clear vision of my financial future. Jeanna showed me how to R-E-L-A-X into my business, to bring in more FUN and thus more profits! Woohoo!!! To all you skeptics out there wondering if this class really does create these massive results… (I was right there… it sounded too good to be true!)— “Go for It!!!” You will be shocked and amazed at how quickly your business expands in ways you can’t even imagine.”

— Flora Peterson Sage, www.florasage.com

“I have been very busy with all the manifestations attracted by ProfitQuest! I decided to create a platinum program and it totally sold out (I even had to add more space!). I reached my goal of 6 figures in one month. My intangible results were peace of mind and more personal power. I am very happy with what I learned and feel that my investment was just a fraction of what I gained back.”

— Olivia Reyes Mendoza, www.maestriadetuvida.com

ProfitQuest has totally exploded my business. Not only did I triple my income instantly, so many of my own clients now triple their incomes instantly and like magic (it really can be easy, fun and creative!!) I just hired someone wonderful to support my business, too! With your help I did this. Scary and amazing. A great big thank you. PS—I am taking ProfitQuest again for a second round. Grateful!!” — Diana Young

I’m holding nothing back!


You’re getting the straight skinny on the same profit-making strategies I used to completely transform my business (and those of my clients) from limping along to a 6-figure speed ride to mind-blowing profits every year.

If you know me at all, you know I’m rocking my business and my profits like never before. I’m having so much fun and making so much money it’s hard to believe that not too long ago I was deep in debt, barely making a profit and working way too hard.

It killed me to watch my colleagues celebrate big 6- and 7-figure incomes, record-breaking sales and high profile successes while I was paying for groceries with my credit card.

I was frustrated and discouraged. And really confused.

What the heck was I doing wrong!?

I knew my work was valuable because my clients were getting amazing results. I also knew all about the Law of Attraction and I was working it to my advantage in almost every area of my life.

But when it came to my business, I couldn’t seem to crack the code.

Frustrated but determined, I dug deep into the spiritual laws (and deep inside myself) and changed the way I structured and thought about my business.


  • I dumped my self-employed mentality and stepped up into the position (and mindset) of CEO.
  • I started valuing my worth, my strengths and the unique value of my work… and I started pricing my services accordingly.
  • I trusted my inner guidance and created a rock-solid foundation for my business that was designed around ME—my strengths, talents, preferences, behavioral style and natural inclinations.
  • I stopped trying to mimic what others were doing and designed my business, my marketing and my offerings, my way.

And sure enough, I rose up and out of my crippling financial funk. I started to fully implement savvy CEO business practices and leveraged the heck out of what I had already created.

The result?

I tripled my income in less than a year.

And every year since, I’ve made astounding leaps in both my income and my profits.

I’ve brought in massive amounts of cash in just weeks with 6-figure launches, become more visible and respected as an expert in my field, partnered with some of the most successful and soulful business owners in the world … and had more fun than ever!

All of this while raising 2 little boys!

Now I’m having a blast showing my clients how to do the same.

Hundreds of my clients have jumped up to stunning new levels of profitability and income in just one year’s time.

Many of my ProfitQuest clients have done it in one quarter!

Some reached 6-figures for the first time.

Others more than doubled their income.

And you can do the same.

I’m going to show you how.

My first full year working with Jeanna, I more than tripled my income from the previous year! This is after two years of struggling in my business, and really feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing. Jeanna taught me how to create concrete, manageable action steps to grow my business. I learned to check in with and trust my inner guidance always. Most importantly, I learned to follow my heart and to only take action that felt good. I completed Jeanna’s ProfitQuest program, which was hugely instrumental in helping me overcome many longstanding and deep-rooted ‘money issues.’ It all worked! I had more fun in my business than ever before, I started programs that I had only dreamed about, and I made more money than ever. Jeanna is the full package. She seriously turned around my life and my business. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Jeanna!” — Cathy O’Brien, www.heartsandpawsanimalhealing.com

I got 4 new clients! I’m taking more risks and looking at projects instead of just getting clients. I’m also waaaay more relaxed and trusting that all is well. I loved how you delivered all the information, the system of how you gave us homework, your enthusiasm and that you were very active at keeping us engaged!” — Demi Karpouzos, www.StrategicalCoaching.com

“Since working with Jeanna I have doubled my income in my Home Staging Business in the last year. Woot! Woot! She has helped me to believe that anything is possible through her insight and guidance. Jeanna is the whole package…delightful, smart about business (and people) and an incredible coach. Investing in her program has been the smartest thing that I have done for my business!— Marianne Cherico, www.homestagingbymarianne.com

ProfitQuest is not a paint-by-numbers, one-size-fits-all system that tells you what to do without giving you the guidance and creative freedom you need to create a profit-making system that works perfectly for you.

You are unique. You are one of a kind.

And the only way you will ever become happy, wealthy and profit-rich in your business is by designing a profit-making system that works for you  ... one that is 100% in alignment with your personality, your values, your gifts, your preferences and your unique way of getting stuff done.

One that makes you wealthy, happy and free!

And that’s exactly what you’ll get in ProfitQuest.

Here’s a smidge of what you’ll experience during your ProfitQuest adventure:


  • Dump your old money stories and self-employed mindset and start kicking ass as the profit-savvy, fun-loving CEO of your own high profit biz.
  • Create and implement your own Wealth Plan … one that makes extreme wealth a slam-dunk.
  • Meet and employ your Inner Business Expert so all your decisions, plans and actions are guaranteed to enrich you and your business.
  • Design your own perfect profit-making system, one that consistently increases your profits every year while fully honoring who you are, what you love and how you work best.
  • Revamp and streamline the inner structure of your business so you can devote your work hours to what lights you up and turns you on.
  • Stop being the invisible expert and start experiencing a whole new realm of visibility, recognition and renown.
  • Adjust your pricing, packages and priorities so they reflect the true value and huge benefit you provide to your ideal customers and clients.
  • Get rid of big chunks of debt at a time without feeling deprived.
  • Structure your days so that every day feels spacious and free … like a play-date with the very best people on the planet.
  • Focus on and fire up those high-profit projects that thrill you to no end.

More wealth, more profit, more fun, more freedom and
big, fat profits year after year.


Come on! Let’s do this thing!

“ProfitQuest is the most transformational program I have ever experienced! Jeanna is a genius in her field. I got one new $6,000 client (highest I have ever charged). I also have the most clients I’ve ever had at once! And my new magazine project has shifted my world on its axis. Thank you, Jeanna, for creating a program that focuses on both the mindset and the practical.” — Rozlyn Warren, www.LeanTowardHappy.com

“I shifted my inner game and that was one of my biggest goals for this course! I was feeling pretty hopeless when I first started. I’ve created more peace, doubled my income, created my membership program, and did a mini launch!

— Maryann Candito

But before you sign up, let me be clear.

ProfitQuest is NOT for everyone.

This program is designed specifically for business owners who are ready to make both the inner and outer shifts necessary to catapult their business into a whole new level of profit and possibilities.

You have to be willing to:

  • Change how you think about yourself and your business.
  • Throw out what isn’t working (even if all the “experts” say it will).
  • Trust your gut and inner guidance.
  • Discover what really works for you when it comes to creating and enjoying a high profit business that kicks ass.


If you’re ready to make the foundational shifts in both your inner game and business structure to profit big time, sign up for ProfitQuest now!

Each module of ProfitQuest gives you the tools, templates, strategies and visual maps you need to ramp up your income, revamp your biz and rock your profits.



Module #1: Ready, Set … Profit!

  • Set yourself up for major shifts and big-time successes during ProfitQuest.
  • Name and claim your 3 ideal outcomes for the next 8 sessions.
  • Meet and connect with your Inner Business Expert for spot-on guidance, exquisite clarity and decision-making confidence.
  • Release old stories that squash your success and kill your money-making mojo.

Module #2: Extreme Wealth? Right This Way

  • Stop being “a struggling entrepreneur” and start kicking-ass as the savvy CEO of your own profit-rich business.
  • Shake down your beliefs around money, debt and business expenses to accelerate the flow of cash into your business.
  • Create your Wealth Plan: a 3-phase roadmap to financial security and extreme wealth.
  • Eliminate big chunks of debt in a matter of months.
  • The magic of focusing on more than just the money.


Module #3: 5-Star Clients Gone Wild!

  • The 5-Star Client Attraction Process: How to identify and attract only those clients who light you up… and happily pay your top-dollar fees.
  • Two easy but powerful shifts that make it simple and fun to attract dreamy clients who are eager to invest in what you’ve got to offer.
  • The 6 key elements for creating a high-end signature offer your 5-star clients can’t resist.
  • How to know whether your project idea is a money-maker or an expensive mistake.

Module #4: Your Push-Button Profit-Making System

  • How to transform your business into a profit-making machine.
  • Dump the dull, dreaded and dead weight in your business to increase your profits, boost your energy and enjoy every minute of your work day.
  • Your Money FUNnel: How to turn curious prospects into fully committed 5-Star Clients without hard selling or hyped-up marketing.
  • 11 pivotal questions to help you design a business model that’s destined to bring in big profits every year.
  • How to select and showcase the products and services that are the most profitable, popular and pleasurable for you.



Module #5: Power Pricing

  • The #1 mindset shift that ensures record-breaking profits, repeat business and extremely happy clients year after year.
  • How to know the true value of your services and products so you stop selling yourself short and start charging what you’re worth.
  • 10 questions that clarify the perfect price point for all of your offers.
  • How to get aligned with your new pricing so your ideal clients don’t think twice before saying “Sign me up!”

Module #6: Double It Now!

  • Your Profit Doubling Roadmap: A step-by-step, stress-free action plan to double your profits this year.
  • How to align each area of your business so it fully supports your vision and your high-profit business model.
  • The quick and easy way to plug up any holes in your profit structure.
  • Go, team! A fast-action formula for creating and managing a 5-star team that seamlessly and fully supports your vision and goals.



Module #7 Magical Marketing

  • A game-changing approach that turns your marketing misery into marketing mastery so you get bankable results every time.
  • How to tap into your own Inner Marketing Genius to create campaigns that wow your 5-Star Clients, raise your visibility and make record-breaking profits… without selling!
  • The secret ingredient most business owners fail to include that makes every marketing project a business-building breeze.
  • Plug-n-play strategies that take all the stress, frustration and second-guessing out of your marketing.
  • Your easy-breezy marketing plan and marketing calendar to keep you on track, super inspired and in the money.

Module 8: Forever Profitable

  • The CEO wake-up call: A quick and easy process for knowing where you are and what you need to earn consistent profits year after year.
  • A no-fail formula for achieving any goal… no matter how bold, big or outrageous.
  • Establishing high-profit habits that effortlessly create more wealth, ease and joy in every aspect of your business.
  • How to elevate your thinking to consistently attract the best possible outcome in any situation.
  • The secret to achieving massive wealth, peace of mind and deep personal fulfillment.


This is your chance to shake loose of not-enough income,
piss-poor profits and long, hard weeks of working way too much…
and start doubling your profits, freedom and fun!

Here’s what you’ll receive in ProfitQuest:


Instant Access to all 8 Modules:

As soon as you purchase ProfitQuest you’ll get immediate access to the MP3 recordings for each module.

Each recording (approximately 75-minutes long) gives you the strategies, systems, formulas and exercises you need to quickly transform your business into a profit-pumping machine.


8 Bonus Q & A Mentor Call Recordings:

These 8 bonus Q & A recordings take you inside the group coaching sessions given to past participants in ProfitQuest.

You can listen and learn so much more as you witness others being coached on specific lessons within the modules.


Templates, Cheat Sheets, Meditations and more!

Whether you’re profit planning, business brainstorming or creating your wealth plan, you’ll have everything you need to get clear, get started and keep you going in the right direction.

Here are all the templates you get with ProfitQuest:

1. Your Hell Yes! Wealth Plan Template
2. Your Hell Yes! Business Plan Template
3. My Money Rules Template
4. The Debt Elimination Game
5. The 5-Stars Forever Templates:
* The 5-Star Client Creation Process
* The 5-Star Team Member Process
* The 5-Star Partner Creation Process
6. Your Money FUNnel Template
7. Life Style Business Meditation
8. Money Meditation
9. Unleash Your Inner Marketing Genius Cheat Sheet

My Personal Business Plan, Wealth Plan and Money FUNnel

To jump start your own profit and wealth plan, I’m giving you copies of my own personal plans. You can model any aspect of these plans that resonates with you.


Daily Profit Evidence Log and Visual Maps

You’ll get your own log in which to acknowledge and celebrate the big increases in your profits.

For every module, there’s a fun, colorful treasure map that illustrates the key points of that module. Post them on your wall for inspiration and focus.

Private Facebook Group

Support, feedback, guidance and friendly conversation are yours 24/7 in the private ProfitQuest Facebook Group. Rub virtual elbows with your fellow Questers and get the answers and help you need.


YES Jeanna! I want to revolutionize my business and receive ...



8 Audio Modules ($2,000 value)

8 Q & A Recordings ($1,000 value)


Transcripts from each module

Templates, Cheat Sheets, Meditations & more! ($2,000 value)

My Personal Business Plan, Wealth Plan, & Money FUNnel ($1,000 value)

Visual Maps ($500 value)

Private Facebook Group ($5,000 value)

TOTAL Value: $13,725

Yours for only $2997

Choose Your Payment Option Below!

 “I so want to break out of my measly profit, but yeow! The tuition is a big stretch for me right now.”

Listen, I know.

You’ve probably already invested a ton of money into your business. Or maybe you’re just not making enough right now to make this an easy “Hell, YES!”

But consider this:

If you participate fully in ProfitQuest, you can double or even triple your income within one year’s time. Or less.

And … you’ll reap a big return on your investment every year! Because ProfitQuest is not another “get a quick cash infusion” program.

Sure, you’ll learn how to attract cash when you need it. And it’s likely you’ll experience a big bump in income right away.

But more importantly, you’ll lock in an unshakeable foundation—within yourself and your business model—that consistently and steadily increases your income and profits year after year after year.

“I have gotten several new clients (without even trying!) while taking this course. Most importantly, I have acquired a more narrowed focus for my business! It has allowed me to relax and enjoy my business. Instead of trying to work harder, I am now able to plan and implement things I love. I love how this class was presented. It felt so organized. Your leadership energy is amazing. Thank you!” — Connie Haley, www.conniehaleylifecoaching.com

I now only take steps that I feel inspired to take and that feel enjoyable and I know that the most important thing is to align with fun every step of the way. I have gotten some more things accomplished, like streamlining my operations, getting listed in a coaches’ directory, drafting a new blog post (the last one being a year ago!), and began creating an awesome free opt-in gift. I definitely feel an increased sense of peace and you’ve reminded me that everything can be turned into a fun experience.” — Konnie Lee, www.EaseAndPeace.com

“I feel more relaxed about running my business and switching to a maximum 4-hour-per-week contact with clients workweek; which was quite a stretch. You are a great spiritual teacher and coach, Jeanna. I love how you combine spiritual work, inner work, and practical steps. I feel that most coaches/teachers out there either focus too much on one or the other. I also love your humor, down-to-earthness, directness and how you share your own stories and experiences as teaching-material. You are one very smart, intuitive and highly skilled coach! :))” — Brigitte van Tuijl, www.brigittevantuijl.com

“ProfitQuest has made me believe that ALL really is possible! I finished my website … huge. I found a way to consolidate all of my debt and make it manageable to pay off quickly. Huge! I 100% believe in my dream and my ability to manifest it. Huge! Not having a website has been holding me back. No more! I am ready to rock it! You rock! I am so grateful I took this course.” — Michelle Radomski, www.OneVoiceCan.com

"From the first conversation I had with Jeanna it was evident that she was the real deal, completely walking her talk, which was really refreshing in a sea of self & business help frauds. The biggest things I got from ProfitQuest were learning how to connect with my inner genius, and allowing myself to restructure my business and life in a way that feels good to me (which was so different to me!). I make time for the little things and don’t stress so much over the big scary things. I’ve created more streams of easy, feel-good income that flow perfectly with my business and who I am. I would highly suggest ProfitQuest if you are looking to reduce stress and friction in your business and learn the best, most fun, and easiest ways to up your profits. Hands down, THE best course I’ve ever invested in."

–Amber Bryce, Jewelry Designer, www.amberbryce.com

The ProfitQuest program was a game-changer for me and my relationship with my business. I was holding myself back and getting in my own way. The system helped me blow up the blocks and get traction to create what I really want. Jeanna is rock star, creating a supportive community including many experts who helped me iron out some challenges. Investing in ProfitQuest was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.” — Heather Bradley, Creator of the Career Defibrillator

"I have been moving forward with my opt-in pages, email follow-ups, and sent a VIP Day email to folks yesterday! I am feeling so great! I am finally doing this and with no resistance! Thank you Jeanna Gabellini! Through your guidance, you have helped me clear many years of resistance! Ahhhhhhhh!" –Sandi Jacobs

"I just gotta say—I have worked with SO many coaches—but Jeanna Gabellini and this group have made the quickest and biggest impact. Thank-you isn’t enough so next time you are having a glass of wine, Jeanna, pretend it’s from me!” — Trina Lo, www.FreshInk.ca

"Loved this course, it was such a savior for me. I have invested in many courses over the years, and whilst they have all been hugely beneficial in their own ways, without a doubt PQ was just on another level. It really got me out of my head and connected with my heart. PQ stopped me from giving up and going back to the day job!" –Roxy Ahmed

Come on!

Do you want to have yet another year of puny profits, disappointing income and slaving away just to make ends meet?

No, I know you don’t.

So, let’s do this thing!

This is your time to lock in both a business model and a business mindset that make it easy for you to receive big fat profits every year … while having the time of your life.

If you’re ready, I’m ready!

Let’s go!

In extreme support,

P.S. ProfitQuest has helped hundreds of people dramatically increase their income and profits, so I know this program works. It takes you by the hand and walks you down the path to ever-increasing wealth so you can take charge of your financial destiny. You’ll get exactly what you need to finally have the highly profitable business you’ve always wanted. Join us now!

P.P.S. Do you have questions about ProfitQuest? Check out our FAQs. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us: info at masterpeacecoaching.com or type into the chat box in the lower right hand corner of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ProfitQuest for?

Business owners who want (need) to attract more money and have a helluva a lot more fun doing it. It’s not for everyone. If you want to go 100 miles an hour, think mindset doesn’t matter and want to stick to your old stories and tragedies, I’m not the gal you want to be hanging out with. ProfitQuest is about setting up your business to serve you from the bottom up and inside out.

Can I really double my profits?

Hell YES! And if you need to more than double your profits, that’s super doable, too. In fact, you can do any damn thing in your business that you want. You’re 100% in control of your outcomes. Many participants have record-breaking sales right away, while others take longer. The time frame is TOTALLY dependent on you. The faster you can shift your focus from your current reality and be profit-focused while you implement the steps I lay out, the quicker you’ll see evidence that you’re on the right track. I’ll be sharing lots of tools to make this as easy and fun as possible! (Fun actually speeds up the results.)


What if I’m just starting my biz?

Then you are a super duper smart cookie for beginning with a profitable foundation and setting yourself up for success straight out of the gate! You may need to ponder a bit more about your biz model and have more action steps to take than the biz veterans, but you’ll be making more profit, in a shorter amount of time, than anyone who doesn’t dial in their biz this way. Consider yourself a rockstar and let’s get cracking on giving you clarity on your next inspired steps for profit.


Will this work in all niches? Brick and mortar?

Uh, yes! Yes! YES! This works for any business at any stage. I coach millionaires, billionaires (not a typo) and people with zero income. This process has rocked the profits of stock traders, psychics, financial planners, lawyers, television producers, coaches, massage therapists, escorts (hey, I don’t judge), healers, fashion designers, marketers, therapists and so many more. The only biz owner it won’t work for is the one who refuses to change.


What if I’m already a six-figure plus earner?

Cool! Are you ready to double it? One of my fav clients did a million plus a year when he showed up on my door step. Now he makes more and does less. Want some of that?! BAM!


What’s the time investment?

There will be assignments and homework for each session… but it’s double your profits stuff so it’s fun. And you want more money and fun, right? Some weeks will be under an hour, other weeks a little more. But not getting to the assignment for the week won’t hamper your progress. It’s better to do it when the timing works for you, than getting your panties in a bunch and forcing yourself to get it done.


I’m in another program, should I do this, too?

Many participants are in other programs in tandem with ProfitQuest or are working with another coach. The ProfitQuest process usually complements what you’re learning elsewhere and increases your results. ProfitQuest will take away stress, overwhelm and fear… not add to it.


I’m on the fence, what should I do?

Focus on the return on investment. (Have you seen the testimonials?!) How many new clients or product sales would you need to create $2997? If ProfitQuest helps you at least double that, that’s huge ROI. But most likely you’re going to make WAY more than that. If you dig my style and content so far, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re going to love this program (and the badass results you get from it!). If the program resonates with you and you still haven’t clicked the registration button, get curious.

  • What part of you is saying “yes” and what part is saying “no”?
  • Are you focused on profits coming in or money going out?
  • What’s possible for you if you say “yes”?
  • What will change if you don’t?
  • What does your Inner Business Expert say?

If the only reason you’re hesitant is out of fear that you may not get what you want, then you especially need a heavy dose of what I’m serving up. If you don’t expect to get what you want (including profits) you’re going to have a very rough time in your biz. However, please don’t say “yes” to the program unless you’re 100% aligned with your decision. You may feel stretched (a positive sign of growth), but you want to be excited, too!

Can I talk to someone about a topic that’s not covered here?

YES! Let’s get you what you need. Email us at Lori at MasterpeaceCoaching dot com.


Jeanna GabelliniJeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who supports conscious entrepreneurs to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging attraction principles, proven strategies and fun.

Her top-tier private coaching and sold-out seminars have allowed committed entrepreneurs to blow past their self-imposed limits, ditch the drama of overwhelm and move into radical joy, inner peace and ever-increasing profits.

She is co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, which she wrote with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield. Jeanna’s last book, 10 Minute Money Makers: How to Easily Double Your Profits in Just 10 Minutes a Day is available here: www.10MinuteMoneyMakers.com. Her NEWEST book is Rock your Profits: Stress-Free Steps that turn your Biz into a Badass Money-Making Machine.