If you want to attract an endless flow of clients you adore, you don’t need more marketing.

Let me show you how easy it can be to attract a flood of perfect potential clients to your virtual doors with a simple, soulful system that works like magic.

So, you get up early, pour yourself a cup of something hot and caffeinated, grab a notebook, sit down at the kitchen table, and start making plans.

For that new program you want to launch. Or that online product you’ve been dreaming up. Or your goal to fill your biz with one-on-one dream clients. Your heart beats a little faster. Your smile gets a whole lot wider. And you do a little internal happy dance. Because you love this! You love thinking about “what’s next” in your biz.

But then, suddenly… Pfffffft!

All the air comes squeaking out of your bliss balloon.

Because you know… if any of your big ideas, dream projects, and shiny goals are going to come to fruition, you’ve got to find a way to get more people interested in what you’ve got going on. You’ve got to attract more prospects, cultivate more leads, and create a big, fat flow of primo clients to fill those programs, buy those products, and eagerly commit to working with you.

But how the heck are you supposed to do that?

You’ve already tried a zillion and one things. You’re completely burnt out on marketing stuff that doesn’t work. You like the idea of attracting more potential clients online. But the whole online scene is so… confusing. So hit and miss. And so darned time-consuming!

It’s not that you’re not willing to do what it takes.

You just wish it were easier!

If Only You Could...

put your perfect potential clients on autoship and receive an instant delivery every month.

If Only You Could...

convert those perfect prospects in a snap… without needing to convince, cajole, or sell your soul.

If Only You Could...

let go of all the time-consuming marketing madness so you could spend your days serving your clients… instead of trying to get more of them.

Yeah, well… you can. Let me tell you how.

A set-and-forget system that delivers a flood of ready-to-buy prospects to your virtual doors… without one lick of marketing “ick!”

Listen… the only reason you’re not already attracting enough potential clients to fill your programs, sell your products, or fill your biz to the brim with one-on-one clients is… you simply don’t have a system for doing so.

At least… not one that works. And certainly not one that feels fun and rewarding for you! But when you sign up for this 8-week mentoring program, you’ll get a reliable, step-by-step system that will:

Channel a steady stream of perfect prospects into your biz.

Create a soul-to-soul connection with those prospects so they become big-time loyal fans.

Convert your new prospects into happy, paying clients who keep coming back for more.

Transform all of your client-getting woes into client-converting wins and “woo-hoos!”

Whether you want to flood your business with one-on-one clients, fill your programs to maximum capacity, or sell the socks off of your new online product… Lead Magnet Magic gives you a plug-n-play system that takes your perfect prospects from cold to sold.

So you can…

Stop worrying about how to get more leads or find more clients.

Let go of all that soul-sucking marketing stuff you hate.

• Have a lot more time and creative juice to develop those projects you keep talking about.

• Take joy in serving your clients rather than stressing over how to sell them!

• Know that whatever programs, packages, or products you can dream up, you’ve got people who are ready to invest!

Have a blast engaging and connecting with your potential clients in a way that feels authentic and meaningful for you.


if you don’t have a swarm of prospects buzzing about your biz right now, it’s not because you’re some faded wallflower destined to stand in the shadows while other entrepreneurs shine in the spotlight. No way. It’s just because you haven’t figured out (yet) how to attract and engage your ideal prospects – those who are genuinely interested in investing in you – and lead them to an offer they can’t refuse. For example…

Which of these 4 issues is bumming you out?

1. You created a lead magnet, a freebie. But it didn’t do diddly when it came to attracting your ideal clients.

Hey. It’s not your fault. No one’s ever told you how to create lead magnets that make prospects line up like teeny-boppers buying tickets to an Adele concert. In Lead Magnet Magic, you’re going to learn how to quickly create lead magnets that always attract gobs of hungry prospects. In fact… you’ll actually create your own irresistible lead magnet during the program.

2. You’ve got a growing list of prospects, but no one’s buying.

That’s because you don’t have a system that elegantly and effectively leads your prospects to an offer they’re ready to buy. So they just stay on your list, sucking up your free content. In Lead Magnet Magic, you’re going to get a connect-the-dots system that automatically (but soulfully) leads your new prospects from curious to ka-ching!

3. You’re actually converting new prospects, but damn! You have to work your butt off to make it happen.

You’re spending way too much time on discovery calls, sweating bullets when you make your end-of-webinar pitch, and sometimes (just to get the yes) you throw in a discount. Yeah, no. No more of that. With Lead Magnet Magic, conversion comes easy. Because your prospects sell themselves on your offer! They don’t need to be convinced or coddled for hours. You just extend an invitation and pow! It’s done.

4. You’re not attracting enough prospects or converting enough clients and you’re so burnt out on the whole “get more clients” game you could scream.

I hear you! And I’ve got your back. You can let go of that crazy marketing game right now. Drop it like a hot potato. Because I’m going to give you a revolutionary new way to attract all the prospects, clients, and opportunities you want… without doing one stitch of marketing stuff you hate.

In one month I’ve doubled my email list!

“I used to feel that marketing was complicated and often avoided it. In one month I’ve doubled my email list and created two new programs. I’m more relaxed and at peace. I am more confident in all my actions. Thank you, Jeanna, for the great content; the way you share is unique and authentic!” –Isabel Macias

My business started thriving!

After just one month, my business started thriving! New clients constantly came to me, the launch of my retreat was ready, my new website was well under way and many other incredible things were happening in my professional and personal life.” –Laura Salvaneschi

I generated over $8,000 of new income!

I launched a new class that generated over $8,000 of new income using the techniques Jeanna taught. I’m more at peace, thinking bigger, excited, and more confident.” –Rachel Archelaus

Oh, but wait… you’re not just interested in making a quick, one-time sale.

You want a system that creates a lasting bond with your prospects so they become more than clients.

They become forever fans who keep coming back for more.

This is yet another reason Lead Magnet Magic is the perfect solution for you. Here are several more.

6 Reasons Why Lead Magnet Magic Is Going to Work for You…

Like Magic!

If you’ve tried other ways to generate leads and attract more clients, you might be wondering, “Why is Lead Magnet Magic any different? How can I know this will work for me?” Here’s why…

1. It’s Simple, Straightforward, and Stress-Free

No multilayered, convoluted, technically driven madness here! This is a simple, step-by-step system that is easy to create, set up, maintain, and tweak. With zero confusion or overwhelm. See… Lead Magnet Magic isn’t so much a mechanical system (though there are backend mechanics involved) as it is a method for automatically attracting, engaging, and connecting with your ideal prospects and turning them into ideal clients. So… no need to hire a team of 10 engineers to figure it out.

2. It’s Lead-a-licious!

If you’ve created lead magnets that didn’t do squat to build your list or generate any real interest in your offers, hold tight! Because Lead Magnet Magic is going to rewrite that story right quick. You’re going to learn the magic of creating and “magnetizing” freebies that a) drive your ideal prospects wild with a gotta-have-it desire, b) stand out and share your unique genius, and c) sell your prospects on your big money-making offer.

3. It Creates a Connection That Converts

Let me be clear. Lead Magnet Magic is not designed to dump a bunch of prospects into your business so you can make a quick sale and move on. No, the real magic of this system is that it gives you the power to attract and engage your prospects and create an authentic bond with them. A soul-to-soul connection that grows and lasts beyond the sale. So your prospects don’t just become clients. They become loyal, now-and-forever fans who refer others and continue to invest in you.

4. It Starts with the End in Mind

Do you want to know why so many lead-generating programs don’t work? They don’t start with a specific desired outcome in mind. Which is why you can end up with a bunch of leads… but no sales and no clients. With Lead Magnet Magic, you’re going to start with your eye on the prize by deciding which of your offers you want to sell the heck out of. Then, we work backward to create both a lead magnet and a system that automatically inspires your prospects to buy that specific offer.

5. It Turns Your Marketing “Ick!” into Marketing Ecstasy

No matter how you feel about your marketing right now, you’re going to discover a new way of connecting with your potential clients that turns you on, lifts you up, and makes it easy for you to reach higher and higher levels of success and profitability in your business. All of your marketing drudgery is going to become pure, client-connecting delight. No lie.

6. It’s 100% True to You

Lead Magnet Magic is a tried-and-true system that is built on rock-solid strategies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! All of your marketing has to be an expression of you if it’s going to stand out and connect with those you’re meant to serve. That’s why every aspect of this system, from the templates to sequences to structures, are designed to give you the creative freedom to do it your way! With your unique voice, message, and branding.

I created an amazing freebie!

“The material is digestible, understandable and doable – this will contribute to my finally succeeding big time! I feel more relaxed about my marketing. I’m more confident in myself, my product and my process. I created an amazing freebie and mini-course to launch my upcoming course.” –Hilde Kloppbakken

I attracted 6 new clients!

“I used to have major resistance to marketing and now I have a funnel with clear steps and systems to spread my message. I wrote my first two blogs EVER and it was AWESOME! I feel so much LESS STRESSED!!!!! I feel organized, which takes away the overwhelm I was previously experiencing around marketing. And I’m having so much more fun with my writing and my voice! The value in your content is SUPERB!!!!! I also have more confidence in my ability to “love” my clients and list up. Plus, I got 6 new clients!” –Sarah Richardson

I got flooded with clients!

I have a money funnel now! I’m actively taking care of previous leaks in my marketing ship, including creating more free gifts for my site and my subscribers to lead them to my services! I’m connecting with my ideal clients on a heart level and it feels way more natural to me. It made me realize how unorganized, unclear, and all over the place I’ve been. I’m much more relaxed about my business and marketing. I love the mindset stuff you do more than anything! The difference it has made for me is huge. When I started doing the exercises, I got flooded with clients!” –Karen White

I’m growing my wealth in a way that feels good to me!

“I felt guided through the process on every step which raised my confidence and creativity and now I feel inspired … I´ve stepped into the abundance for real. I was able to stand through some stressed times [during my launch] and I learned SO MUCH … everything I need for every future launch. I´m back at my Wealth Set Point which I was missing for more than 10 years and it feels so great, because now I know how to grow it even more in a way that feels comfortable to me. I feel inspired to teach some of what I’ve learned to my eight and a half-year old son so he can learn how to someday make a living in online education, teaching others … It brings such relief! I don´t worry about his future any more. –Sarka Katvalova

Finally! You can stop being confused about how to attract more leads and clients online.

You can dump all of the marketing that drives you bonkers and drains you dry.

And you can attract all the perfect prospects you want, connect with them at a soul level, and effortlessly lead them to an offer they can’t wait to buy!

Or you can keep struggling for years. Like I did. See, when I first started trying to get more leads and clients online, I totally sucked at it. I couldn’t figure out the whole lead magnet thing. There were so many rules, shoulds, and have-tos that I was confused about what worked and what didn’t. My marketing gurus kept telling me, “You gotta create a lead magnet and an opt-in page so you can attract new leads!” So I did. But none of those lead magnets did anything to build my business or attract new prospects. Sometimes they would create a tiny swell in my email list. But none of them resulted in sales or clients. Then… I discovered the magic. I stopped listening to gurus and started tuning into my ideal client at a soul level. When I did, I knew exactly what kind of lead magnet to create. And more often than not, I could create those lead magnets in less than an hour. And the really cool thing was… those lead magnets became super magnets. They attracted thousands of prospects who were sincerely interested in investing in my programs, products, and more. I also got wise to the fact that one of the big reasons my previous lead magnets had flopped was I didn’t have a smart, streamlined way to strengthen my relationship with those prospects, build their trust, and elegantly lead them to my money-making offer! Duh! No wonder those prospects never became clients!

Now, I not only create client-converting lead magnets in less than an hour, but those lead magnets deliver 5K/month clients to my door and flood my pipeline with prospects who cannot wait to participate in one of my programs or invest in one of my offers. I never have to convince my prospects to work with me. I never spend hours on the phone, trying to persuade them to join my program or become my client. Because my prospects already know they want to work with me. Before we ever get on the phone. It’s not because I have some special powers. It’s simply because I have a system! The same system I’m going to give to you. The same system that’s allowed me to pull off multiple 6-figure launches, attract my dream clients without even trying, and have more fun in my business than I ever dreamed possible. The same system my clients all over the globe have used to catapult their businesses to 6 and 7 figures in less than a year.

With Lead Magnet Magic, you have a system that does all your client attraction for you… so you can spend your time, energy, and focus on the stuff that turns you on, feeds your fire, elevates your business, enriches your life, and makes you happy!

Here’s what we’ll cover during this 8-week program:

Before you start, it’s good to know where you’re going. In this module, you’ll: • Identify your big money-making offer, the one you want your prospects to buy. • Find the perfect words to hook your prospects and make your offer sound divine! • Tap into your Inner Business Genius to download the guidance you need to convert all the prospects you want. • Discover the 3 keys to creating an offer that’s sure to make you money.

During this module, you’ll receive my proven 5-step process for creating a lead magnet that will: • Attract a big, fat river of ideal prospects who want what you’ve got. • Showcase your genius, elevate your brand, and get people talking about you (in a good way). • Make your ideal clients ravenous for more! • Convince your perfect prospects you’re the one they’ve been looking for.

Let’s create some buzz! During this module, you’ll: • Fall in love with a revolutionary approach that turns your marketing misery into marketing bliss. • Position and promote your lead magnet so it entices your perfect prospects and filters out any “freebie freeloaders.” • Get the nuts, bolts, and beauty of creating landing pages, social media posts, and more.

Writing copy was never easier. In this module, you’ll: • Get the secrets to writing copy that enchants, entices, and inspires your ideal prospects. • Quickly create opt-in page copy, email campaigns, follow-up sequences, and more… with cool tools, templates, and spot-on guidance. • Team up with your Inner Marketing Badass to write copy that speaks to the heart of your perfect prospects. • Write a follow-up series that takes your prospects from “I’m not sure” to “I’m all in!”

Get ready to lay down the tracks and let the client train roll in! In this module, you’ll: • Know what to include in your system to make it your own. • Lock in the From-Magnet-to-Money sequence that elegantly escorts your perfect prospects from cautious to fully committed. • Get my 6-figure, high-converting follow-up sequence… the one I use in all of my launches. • Leverage one lead magnet to sell multiple packages, products, and more.

It’s time to put on the finishing touches. In this module, you’ll: • Learn how to refine your system to take your results from “good” to “great balls of fire!” • Discover why metrics are your best friends and how to use them to blow the roof off of your conversions. • Know what to do (and what not to do) if you’re not getting the results you want.

By the end of this 8-week program you’ll have:

A hot lead magnet that fills your biz with ideal prospects who are ready to invest in you. Landing pages, thank-you pages, email sequences, and all the copy you need to immediately engage your prospects and get them super jazzed about your lead magnet and your big money-making offer.
 A forever-reliable system that attracts your perfect prospects, leads them to your targeted offer, and creates a soul-to-soul connection that lasts a lifetime.
 A whole new relationship with marketing that is thrilling, fun, and incredibly rewarding.

“I wasn’t really marketing before but now I’m taking massive action! I released a webinar and I’m launching my first program. I’ve learned so much and now I’m going to rock my marketing!” –Angela Quinty

Angela Quinty

The best investment I ever made!

“Working with Jeanna increased our prospect pipeline by 200%. We are close now to signing contracts with five major new players worth an additional £200k. We have achieved more focus and direction and are positive about our success. We’re also having a lot more fun in the process!! This has been a monumental change of mindset and attitude that has become an essential part of my makeup. Just do it! This has been the very best investment I have made—into myself more than anything. This really does work—throw away the cynic in you and step into a whole new way of thinking, being and achieving. Jeanna is amazing.” –Susanna Kelly

I’ve learned so much!

“I wasn’t really marketing before but now I’m taking massive action! I released a webinar and I’m launching my first program. I’ve learned so much and now I’m going to rock my marketing!” –Angela Quinty

You are what you teach!

I was resistant to wrapping my head around internet marketing until I attended your course, Jeanna. I need you to know – you teach differently! Your teaching is so refreshingly upbeat, that I’m finally getting what I was resistant to understanding through some very well constructed marketing training’s!!! Jeanna, the encouragement, and playful heart delight you bring to your teaching and to your interactions with your students, makes all the difference in the world! I am so grateful for your course!!! I just love your genuineness! You are what you teach!” –Haya Baker

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to let go of the long, hard slog to get more clients… and have some fun connecting with those who are genuinely interested in what you’ve got to give? Then, let’s do this thing!

Here are the down-and-dirty deets!

Lead Magnet Magic is a 6-week program that gives you a simple yet highly effective system for automatically attracting and engaging your ideal prospects, creating a soul-to-soul connection with those prospects, and seamlessly leading them to a money-making offer they can’t wait to buy. The program starts on May 1st, and it includes:

6 Online Lead Magnet Modules ($2,000 value)

Every Monday, for 6 weeks, you’ll receive a new module that guides you through a different phase of the system-creation process and provides you with the tools, templates, and resources you need. You can access these modules at any time after they’ve been released, even after the program is over.

7 Live Group Mentoring Sessions ($2,000 value)

Every Wednesday for 7 weeks, there’ll be a live mentoring call where I’ll answer your questions, guide you through that week’s module, and help you create your lead magnets, tweak your opt-in pages, power-up your email sequences, and make sure your new system is running on all 6 cylinders.

Private Facebook Forum ($3,000 value)

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you and your fellow Lead Magnet Mavens can ask questions, get answers, share your successes, and receive the extra support and expertise you need, when you need it.

Plus… My Top-Secret Treasure Trove ($5,000 value)

I’m giving you the templates, tools, and 6-figure email sequences that have allowed me to execute multiple 6-figure launches, build a prospect list of over 50,000, partner with some of the most successful 6- and 7-figure experts today, and attract millionaire clients without lifting a finger.

Transcripts, Slides and Recordings ($2,000 value)

You’ll receive complete transcripts, slides, and MP3 recordings of every module, and recordings of every Live Mentoring Call so you can access the information anytime and in any form you like!

Oh, but that’s not all! 

Check out these killer bonuses!

3 Bonus Sessions!

Bonus Session #1: Your Badass Backend… with tech genius Amber Miller ($500 value)

In this session, Amber will walk you through the backend twists and turns of your Lead Magnet system, including Lead Page tips, system setup and integration, and how to optimize everything.

Bonus Session #2: Online Marketing Bloopers… with graphic design expert Susan Johnson ($500 value)

In this session, Susan will share the dos and don’ts of creating landing pages, your lead magnet graphics, so your lead magnet system looks as good as it converts! Look like a pro… even if you’re a newbie! 😉

Bonus Session #3: Opt-in Pages That Convert Like Crazy… with copywriting coach Nancy Tierney ($500 value)

In this session, Nancy will teach you how to write the key elements of your opt-in page so it snags your prospects’ attention and makes them sign up fast!

4 Bonus Audio Courses:

Money Alignment ($500 value) How to raise your prices and your profits by kicking your old-school money rules to the curb, owning your value, and standing strong in your expertise.

Power Partners ($500 value) Why work your butt off trying to attract clients on your own? Here’s fun, creative, and profitable ways to partner with people outside of your business and attract massive abundance.

Upsell, Down Sell, Cross Sell ($500 value) The secret to connecting the dots for your tribe so they easily move through your system, invest in your offers, and become happy repeat customers.

And your investment is…

The tuition for the Lead Magnet Magic program is only $997. Or you can make 6 payments of $197.


Client Waitlist 30-Day Mastermind with me! ($2,000 value)

After the Lead Magnet Magic program is complete, we’re going to have some crazy good fun creating a full practice, filling your programs, or selling a ton of your products. You’ll learn how to gamify the client attraction process so that it’s 100% fun… and profitable! We’ll create an inspiring game plan to get the most clients you’ve ever gotten in a 30-day span. You’ll receive live calls, a Facebook group, and additional secret bonuses to rock this out!

Yes Jeanna! I want the Lead Magnet Magic Program and receive …

6 Online Lead Magnet Modules

($2,000 value)


Private Facebook Forum

($3,000 value)


Plus… My Top-Secret Treasure Trove

($5,000 value)

Transcripts, Slides and Recordings

($2,000 value)

3 Bonus Sessions with my Experts

($1,500 value)

8 Live Group Mentoring Sessions

($2,000 value)

4 Bonus Courses

($2,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE $17,500 for only $997!

So… gaze into your crystal ball and see… what will the future of your business be?

It’s up to you. Will you keep running in circles and slamming into walls, trying to find a way to fill your programs, sell your products, and attract enough clients? Or will you stop, let go of all that craziness, and snap in a system that does all of that for you? Automatically. While you walk the dog, order another glass of Chardonnay, or sketch out your plans for your next big offer. Just think… No more turning yourself inside out just to get by. No more time-consuming, soul-sucking marketing that makes you cringe. No more stressing over how to get enough clients. No more spending hours on the phone trying to convince one more person to say yes.

No more confusion! No more stalling! No more excuses!

Because right here and now is your opportunity to get a system that leads your ideal prospects from “I don’t know” to “Let’s go, go, go!”

Decide right now that you get to have it easy!

You get to have a way to attract endless clients that works… without working you to death!

You’ve been asking for it. Now here it is! Will you let it in, or will you let it slip away? You’ve got the talent, drive, and power to reach thousands and make a big difference in the world. You’ve got what it takes to launch your business to a whole new level of visibility, profitability, and freedom. And now you can have a system that makes the whole journey sweet, spacious,  and full of fun. All you have to do is say “yes.”   P.S. Hey… if you’re still not sure Lead Magnet Magic is the program for you, no sweat. You can let it pass you by. But before you do, ask yourself… how’s it going for you right now, client-wise? Do you have enough clients to fill both your current and future programs? Sell out your packages? And make you feel all snuggly and secure about your biz? If not, I hope you’ll seriously consider joining this program. Because I promise you… attracting all the prospects and clients you want has never been so easy, fun, and reliable. Whatever you decide, I totally support you. Just make sure it’s the best choice for you and your biz. P.P.S. Oh, and money? Don’t even try to give me the “I don’t have the money” excuse. Because this program is going to blow the lid off of your money-making potential by generating a stampede of ready-to-buy prospects who want what you’ve got! Prospects who won’t buy and then say goodbye. Prospects who will instead become your forever fans and repeat customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a lead magnet?

If your current lead magnet is sending you more than enough 5-star leads and converting them into paying customers and clients… you probably don’t need this program. But if you want to increase the effectiveness of your lead magnet, then you should definitely come play in this program. We’ll tweak your system and the marketing mindset mojo behind it.

What if I’m a total rookie at marketing?

Have no fear! I teach ecstatic marketing, which means it’s fun, intuitive, and on brand for YOU. I break everything down into digestible steps that taste extremely good. 😉 You’ll be looking and feeling like a pro, even if you’re a newbie. Even the pros could stand to learn from this program! Many of them aren’t having half the fun and success that’s possible because their mindset sucks. #justsayin

What if my business is new?

Then you’d be a super duper smart cookie for beginning with a solid system in place to send you ideal clients from the get-go! Consider yourself a rock star, and let’s get cracking on giving you clarity on your next inspired steps for client attraction. Good marketing isn’t luck… it’s planned. =)

Will this work in all niches? Brick and mortar?

Uh, yes! Yes! YES! This works for any business at any stage. If you’ve got expertise and a product or service to sell, you can create a kickass lead magnet.

How much access to Jeanna will I get?

Honey, I’ll be with you each week on the calls and in the Facebook forum darn near every day… I can’t help myself! I look forward to walking through each step with you. Ask for as much support as you need to rock your lead magnet… and the mindset behind it.

I’m on the fence; what should I do?

Focus on the return on investment. (Have you seen the testimonials?!) How many new clients or product sales would you need to create $997? If Lead Magnet Magic helps you at least double that, that’s huge ROI. But most likely you’re going to make WAY more than that. If you dig my style and content so far, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re going to love this program (and the badass results you get from it!). If the program resonates for you and you still haven’t clicked the registration button, get curious.

  • What part of you is saying “yes” and what part is saying “no”?
  • Are you focused on profits coming in – or money going out?
  • What’s possible for you if you say “yes”?
  • Do you need a way to attract more clients and build your email list?
  • If the only reason you’re hesitant is out of fear that you may not get what you want, then you especially need a heavy dose of what I’m serving up. If you don’t expect to get what you want (including new clients) you’re going to have a very rough time in your biz.

However, please don’t say “yes” to the program unless you’re 100% aligned with your decision. You may feel stretched (a positive sign of growth), but you want to be excited, too! If you need to talk to one of my coaches to help you make a decision that feels good, please just click on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

Can I talk to someone about a topic that’s not covered here?

YES! Let’s get you what you need to ensure you’re making a decision that sets you up for success. Email us here: Info at MasterPeace Coaching dot com or to speak directly with one of my coaches,  you can arrange a private phone convo at a convenient time for you here: https://leadmagnetmagic.youcanbook.me/

The amount of return was astronomical!

“Jeanna’s programs are the best money I have ever spent. It was quite a stretch for me financially (or so I thought) but the amount of return I received from the investment has been astronomical. Not only has my income doubled, but my company has expanded to a national brand!” –Anna Livermore

I wake up excited each morning!

For the first time, I have a completed a lead funnel, including follow-up, and the activities for launching my signature program are outlined and placed on my marketing calendar. I’ve developed new habits to stay consistent. There is an inner peace of knowing all will be well with my business and marketing. It’s so much fun. I wake up excited each morning. So much has fallen into place. I’ve taken other courses in the past and none of them pulled it together like your programs.” –Ann Rusnak

Jeanna GabelliniJeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Leveraging attraction-based principles, revolutionary mindset strategies, and over 20 years of business success, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs consistently increase their profits, create more wealth, and have a lot more fun building a business they love. Jeanna is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, along with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jack Canfield. Her newest books are 10 Minute Money Makers and Rock Your Profits.