Attract All the Clients You Want… Without Even Trying.

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Break the Rules. Be the Boss. Own Your Genius.

And Automatically Attract More Than Enough Clients.

Without Hustling, Hard Selling, or Trying to Be Someone You’re Not.

You’ve got the kind of passion and commitment that makes dreams come true.

And when it comes to your business, you’re all in. 150%.

But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to attract enough of the right clients to make the kind of money you really want. Enough to feel wealthy, happy, and free.

You’re doing all the “right things.” Implementing marketing strategies, learning sales scripts, taking list-building challenges, showing up on social media, attending networking events. The whole client-attraction kit and caboodle.

But the clients aren’t coming fast enough. Or consistently enough.

Even though you’re working your tail off!

And while you love your business to pieces, you don’t love the never-ending hustle to do more, market more, and sell more

especially when, in spite of your best efforts, you still don’t have all the clients you want.

And you’re still not making the kind of money you want.

Or you’re up to your eyeballs in clients. But you’re still not making any money.

Because none of those clients are paying you enough for the value you’re giving.

Screeeeech! Slam on the brakes!
Because you’re getting off of this crazy train right now.

Listen… there is no reason why you can’t have all the clients you want.

And I’m not talking about any old clients.

I’m talking about your very best clients.

Clients you adore. The ones who don’t blink twice before paying your top fees.
The ones who refer others and keep coming back for more.

And there’s no reason why you can’t attract these clients in a way that is natural, easy, and 100% fun for you.

Without hustling, hard selling, or implementing some new-fangled marketing strategy.

Without pushing yourself to do more, be more, or step outside of your comfort zone.

Listen, I know you’ve been told that to attract more clients, build a high-profit business, and become the go-to expert in your field, you have to push yourself to the limit.

You’ve been taught to leap way outside of your comfort zone, market like a maniac, sell like a magician, create 14 metric tons of content a month, show up everywhere, and go, go, go like your pants are on fire.

But what if all of that is nothing but a big crock of cornflakes?

What if instead of having to hustle to get more clients, you could position your business so your 5-star clients automatically come to you… in droves?

What if you never had to “make the sale” or convince someone to buy, because your prospective clients were already sold on you and what you offer?

What if instead of constantly pushing to do more, market more, and sell more you could kick back, stay in your zone of genius, instantly attract all the 5-star clients you want, and build your business in a way that feels deliciously good to you?

Well, all of this and more is going to be your new normal when you get ahold of…

A revolutionary “screw the rules” formula that makes it easy and fun for you to attract all the clients you want… without hustling, hard selling, or forcing yourself to be someone you’re not.

Once you’ve got the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’ll never have to go chasing after clients.

They’ll come chasing after you.

But not just any clients. Your 5-star clients.

Clients who have the qualities, values, and traits you most desire. Clients you love to work with. Because they want what you’ve got and they’re happy to pay for it.

The Five Star Client Attraction Formula makes it easy for you to attract all the 5-star clients you want because it’s NOT another marketing program, sales strategy, or business-building blueprint.


It’s not about doing more, marketing more, selling more, hustling more, or twisting yourself into a pretzel to get enough clients.

It’s about making simple yet profound changes in what you think, what you offer, and your overall approach to client attraction so you never again have to work to get clients; they simply come to you.

Wave bye-bye to all the stress, struggle, and soul-sickening marketing nonsense that drains you dry, drives you crazy, and makes your skin crawl.

It’s time to get hip to a formula that allows you to:

Attract all the 5-star clients you want, whenever you want, without even trying.

• Dump all the marketing, sales, and business-building BS that drives you crazy, and develop your own inspired way of attracting and serving your clients.

Create offers your 5-star clients can’t resist so you never have to hard sell or convince anyone of their value.

Raise your rates, charge what you want, and make more money by working less and playing more.

• Choose only those marketing activities that are fun, exciting, and inspiring for you so everything you do has the Midas touch to instantly attract your 5-star clients.

Stop feeling desperate during sales conversations because your best clients are already sold on you.

Make more money than you can imagine by being true to who you are, doing what you love, and staying safe and snuggly inside your comfort zone.

I have achieved more financially than decades of working with other coaches.

I have Tripled my income, have Friday’s off, created multiple streams of passive income and have a very clear vision of my financial future.

Jeanna showed me how to R-E-L-A-X into my business, to bring in more FUN and thus more Profits!


To all you skeptics (pessimists) out there wondering if this class really does create these massive results, (I was right there … it sounded too good to be true!)

“Go for It!!!”

You will be shocked and amazed at how quickly your business expands in ways you can’t even imagine.

Flora Peterson Sage

My first full year working with Jeanna, I more than tripled my income, after two years of struggling in my business, and really feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing. Jeanna taught me how to create concrete, manageable action steps to grow my business. I learned to check in with and trust my inner guidance always. Most importantly, I learned to follow my heart and to only take action that felt good. I completed Jeanna’s program, which was hugely instrumental in helping me overcome many longstanding and deep-rooted ‘money issues.’

It all worked! I had more fun in my business than ever before, I started programs that I had only dreamed about, and I made more money than ever. Jeanna is the full package and seriously turned around my life and business. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Jeanna!

Cathy O’Brien

Here’s Why the Five Star Client Attraction Formula Is Going to Work for You… Even If Nothing Has Worked for You in the Past.

Anytime you need more clients, more money, and more of anything in your business, what do you do?

You get busy.

You make plans, implement marketing strategies, schedule more discovery calls, attend more networking events, get more visible on social media, brainstorm ideas with your mastermind partners, and do whatever it takes to get the results you want.

You may even tweak your prices, modify your offers, or extend some kind of client-getting discount.

None of this is inherently wrong.

Except for the fact that you’re so stretched, stressed, and desperate to make something work, you’re miserable and drowning in “not enough, not enough, not enough.” As a result, you might attract a few more clients. But certainly not enough to warrant the amount of stress, energy, and action you put into it.

But what really sucks is this: your confidence gets shot to holy hell!

Because here you are, giving your time, energy, and what’s left of your sanity to do a bunch of stuff that drains you dry, makes you grumpy, and keeps you from the work you really love.

And you’re still not attracting enough of the right clients. You’re still not making the kind of money you want. And your personal freedom? Forget about it! Because you’re working nights, weekends, and any chance you get just to get a bit more cash in the door.

Ugh! Yuck! Enough!

The Five Star Client Attraction Formula is going to take all of that disappointing, exhausting craziness and throw it out the window.

Right now.

The moment you dig into the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’re going to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Because you’ll realize that all the hustling, pushing, and contorting you’ve been doing to get more clients… you can let go of all of it. Right now. Because it isn’t doing diddly to get you more of the right clients.

In fact, a lot of what you’ve been doing is actually pushing your best clients away!

See, your 5-star clients aren’t attracted to marketing strategies, sales techniques, and hard hustle.

They’re attracted to you.

Your energy. Your genius. And your unique approach to serving them.

And no amount of marketing, sales, or action is going to help you attract the right clients UNTIL you address the 3 make-or-break things that will attract the right clients:

Your offers.
And how you serve your clients.

Here’s what I mean:

Right now, you’ve got some old, crusty thought patterns and totally bogus beliefs bouncing around in your brain. And they’re seriously sabotaging your ability to attract all the clients, money, and freedom you want. But with the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’re going to clear out all the mental garbage and revamp your mindset so it will be easy and natural for you to automatically attract your very best clients… just by being you and staying true to your natural zone of genius.
When you’re completely in love with your products and services and everything you offer is a total joy to deliver, your services and products will literally sell themselves. You won’t need to convince anyone of their value or turn yourself inside out to make the sale. Because your 5-star clients are already sold! They already know your offer is their perfect solution. With the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’re going to create your biggest money-making, soul-pleasing offers, the ones your 5-star clients can’t resist and you can’t wait to deliver. Plus, you’re going to design a menu of hot offers that instantly attracts your ideal clients and keeps them coming back for more.
No more crazy marketing and sales stuff you can’t stand. No more nervous and uneasy conversations with potential clients. No more pushing or pretending to be someone you’re not. Because when you force yourself to do client-attracting activities that make you miserable, you cut yourself off from the very things that make you magnetic, magical, and client attractive: your guidance, your unique genius, your values, and your inspiration.

In the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’re going to dump whatever’s hard, dreary, or just not you and design your own client-attraction activities… ones that light your creative fire, fuel your confidence, and make you happy!

“I have been very busy with all the manifestations attracted by this program! I decided to create a platinum program and it totally sold out (I even had to add more space!). I reached my goal of 6 figures in one month. My intangible results were peace of mind and more personal power. I am very happy with what I learned and feel that my investment was just a fraction of what I gained back.” Olivia Reyes Mendoza

This program has totally exploded my business. Not only did I triple my income instantly, so many of my own clients now triple their incomes instantly and like magic (it really can be easy, fun and creative!!) I just hired someone wonderful to support my business, too! With your help I did this. Scary and amazing. A great big thank you. PS—I am taking it again for a second round. Grateful!!” Diana Young

Here are 6 of the steps in the Five Star Client Attraction Formula that will take you out of client-hustling hell and move you into client-attraction heaven.

Break the Rules

You’ve got an old set of rules and a lot of old stories that are severely compromising your client-attracting mojo. We’re going to break those rules, clear ’em out, and create new ones… ones that allow you to instantly attract your perfect 5-star clients with ease.

Get Clear. Get Picky.

No more clients who drive you crazy, don’t pay your full fees, or complain about practically everything. Instead, you’re going to get exquisitely clear about who your 5-star clients are, what makes them tick, and then tweak everything you think, do, or offer to be super attractive to those clients.

Create Your Big, Fat Money Makers!

This is critical. If you’re not offering products, programs, and services that turn you on and make you insanely happy, your 5-star clients aren’t going to buy. Because if you’re not crazy in love with what you offer, they won’t be either.

We’re going to hit that sweet spot where your programs, products, and services make you dance with joy while inspiring your 5-star clients to buy without batting an eye.

Price It Right

Do you sometimes wonder if your pricing is preventing you from attracting all the clients you want?

Well, wonder no more.

Because you’re going to shift your thinking, get clear and confident in your value, and perfectly price your services and products so they deliver big profits and off-the charts client attraction.

Marketing on Ecstasy

Up to this point, your marketing has been something you either make yourself do or you wish someone else would do for you. But with the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’re going to blast off into marketing bliss because everything you choose to do will be perfectly aligned with you – what you love, what you’re good at, and what inspires the heck out of you.

In fact, your marketing is going to feel so good, you’re going to become seriously addicted.

Keep ’Em Hungry

If you walk into a restaurant that serves only appetizers when you’re starving for a four-course dinner, you’re going to leave and find someplace that can serve the whole enchilada.

The same is true for your 5-star clients. You need a complete menu of offers that satisfies their hunger for a solution, yet keeps them coming back for more. In the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, you’ll create your own menu of offers to satisfy any appetite and make them eager for yet another taste of what you’ve got cooking.

Make your own rules. Create offers that thrill you.

And only engage in client-attraction activities that fill you to the brim with creative bliss, joyful energy, and irrepressible excitement.

When you do… your 5-star clients are going to slam down doors to work with you.

I got 4 new clients! I’m taking more risks and looking at projects instead of just getting clients. I’m also waaaay more relaxed and trusting that all is well.

I loved how you delivered all the information, the system of how you gave us homework, your enthusiasm and that you were very active at keeping us engaged!”

Demi Karpouzos

“Since working with Jeanna I have doubled my income in my Home Staging Business in the last year. Woot! Woot! She has helped me to believe that anything is possible through her insight and guidance. Jeanna is the whole package…delightful, smart about business (and people) and an incredible coach. Investing in her program has been the smartest thing that I have done for my business! Marianne Cherico

If you’re wondering, “Can it really be this easy?” let me share this with you:

I don’t do anything to attract new one-on-one clients.
Zip. Nada. Zilch.

My clients find me.

From billionaires (yes, really!) and millionaires to business newbies, my clients are already sold on working with me before we even speak by phone. They love what I do, value what I offer, and working with them is a complete and utter joy.

Plus, they refer the best people to my programs and products.

And many of these clients continue to work with me for 2, 6, or sometimes even 10 years!

But, oh lordie! It wasn’t always this way! That’s for sure.

Not all that long ago, I was struggling hard to get even one new client. I was deep in debt, my income was plummeting, I’d maxed out my credit cards, and I couldn’t seem to get anyone to say yes to anything.

Meanwhile, both my clients and my colleagues were doing great! It killed me to watch them celebrate big 6- and 7-figure wins, record-breaking sales, and high-profile successes while I was paying for groceries with my credit card.

So, I did what everyone kept telling me to do.

I got super aggressive with my marketing. I got a new credit card, hired a marketing expert, and I did exactly what he told me to. I paid close attention to what my most successful colleagues were doing and tried to mimic them. I took on marketing systems and strategies that were so far out of my comfort zone, I woke up every morning feeling like my hair was on fire.

And you know what? I got a few clients. But they weren’t my ideal clients. They complained about my prices. They insisted on ridiculous payment plans. And they were a total drag to work with.

And the killer?
My money situation got worse, not better.
And I was more miserable, discouraged, and confused than ever.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped everything I was doing, dug deep into the spiritual laws, took responsibility, and made peace with what I’d created.

And that’s when I stumbled upon the simple yet profound steps that would eventually become the Five Star Client Attraction Formula. I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was that I’d taken my power back and:

  • Dumped all the strategies, marketing, and uninspired tactics I’d adopted out of fear and desperation.
  • Cleaned up my mindset like nobody’s business, ditched all the rules I’d learned over time, cleared out my mental money blocks, and stepped into who I wanted to be in my business.
  • Shifted my focus from getting clients to being of extreme service to anyone who inquired about my products and services.
  • Promoted myself to CEO of my business, started valuing my worth and my work, and tripled my coaching fees.
  • Trusted my inner guidance and created a rock-solid foundation of offers designed around ME – offers that made me excited, happy, and on fire.

Nine months later, I’d paid off all my debt and tripled my income.

Almost every year since, I’ve doubled my profits.

And best yet?
I run my business my way.
In a way that feels easy, fun, and thrilling for me.

I still use the Five Star Client Attraction Formula for everything I do in my business…

from my 6-figure launches to product creation to joint venture projects and more.

I’ve refined, deepened, and elevated the formula over the years, and it never fails to attract my very best clients, skyrocket my sales, and deliver big payday launches.

But this formula doesn’t work only for me.

Thousands of entrepreneurs all over the globe, from all different industries and at all different income levels, have been amazed and relieved to discover the truth:

Attracting an onslaught of crazy-good clients and making big gobs of money doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t require marketing acrobatics or sophisticated sales conversions or oppressive visibility strategies.

It only requires a get-real, get-clear, get-aligned formula that turns you and everything you do into a 5-star client magnet.

With the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, my clients have jumped up to stunning new levels of profitability and income in just one year’s time. Many have done so in one quarter! Some reached six figures for the first time. Others more than doubled their income.

And you can do the same.

I’m going to show you how.

“This program is the most transformational program I have ever experienced! Jeanna is a genius in her field. I got one new $6,000 client (highest I have ever charged). I also have the most clients I’ve ever had at once! And my new magazine project has shifted my world on its axis. Thank you, Jeanna, for creating a program that focuses on both the mindset and the practical.” Rozlyn Warren

“I shifted my inner game and that was one of my biggest goals for this course! I was feeling pretty hopeless when I first started. I’ve created more peace, doubled my income, created my membership program, and did a mini launch!Maryann Candito

No matter where you are in your business, whether you’re heading for seven figures or just getting started, the Five Star Client Attraction Formula allows you to put your client attraction on automatic so you can do your best work and run your business in a way that makes you extraordinarily happy.

Here’s what we’ll cover during this 9-week program:

Module One: Your One and Only Client Attraction Expert: In this module, you’ll discover:

• The single most powerful resource you have for attracting all the clients you want: your Inner Business Expert.

• How to instantly receive spot-on guidance and exquisite clarity about anything in your business.

• The secret to being a business badass who knows how to attract more than enough clients and more than enough money anytime you want.

Module Two: Make Your Own Rules – In this module, you’ll get the lowdown on:

How to shake off the struggling entrepreneur syndrome and start kicking ass as the boss of your business.

A no-fail method for clearing out any money blocks, mental habits, or old-school thinking that’s screwing with your client-attraction mojo.

• Your own perfect-for-you Wealth Plan that locks in your financial security and guides you in creating true wealth in all areas of your life.

Module Three: Five Star Clients Gone Wild! – In this module, you’re going to get hip to:

The Five Star Client Attraction Process that makes it easy for you to attract only those clients who light you up.

How to identify your 5-star clients, know what they want, and position yourself as the ideal expert to serve them.

The Instant Authentic Connection: how to create an immediate, magnetic connection with your 5-star prospects without using sales scripts, networking techniques, or phony persuasion tactics.

Module Four: Your Big Money Maker – In this module, you’ll totally dig:

The secret to creating a high-profit offer your 5-star clients can’t resist.

The Idea to Income Formula: how to create, price, and position your offers so they sell like crazy.

The Attractor Factor Tune-up: how to tweak your existing offers so they become high-powered client magnets.

Module Five: Power Pricing – In this module, you’ll get the goods on:

The #1 shift to turn your so-so sales into record-breaking income, repeat business, and extremely happy clients year after year.

• How to get clear on the true value of your services so you stop selling yourself short and start charging what you want.

9 questions that pinpoint the perfect price point for all of your offers.


Module Six: Ecstatic Marketing – This module is going to blow your mind when you discover:

Your Genius Zone: how to know your strengths and leverage them to engage in marketing activities that make you happy!

• How to stand out and become known as the go-to expert in your niche by simply being you and doing what you do best.

• Why it’s critical for you to dump any marketing strategy or activity that makes you cringe.

The Easy Yes: How to easily engage and enroll potential clients without scripts, shoulds, or anything that isn’t 100% authentic to you.


Module Seven: Your Push-Button, Pleasure-Filled Client Attraction System – In this module, it all comes together when you integrate:

Your Menu of Hot Offers: How to design a perfect, progressive menu of offers that turns curious prospects into fully committed 5-star clients… and keeps those clients coming back for more.

• How to select and showcase the products and services that are the most profitable, popular, and pleasurable for you.

• The 11 pivotal questions to help you design your business your way… so it easily attracts a huge waitlist of 5-star clients every year.

Now… it’s up to you.

You can keep climbing that steep mountain of struggle to get enough clients and make more money.

Or you can stop and get what you need to make every aspect of your business a wide-eyed joy ride to all the clients you want, whenever you want.

If you’re ready to dump the dull, dreaded, and difficult from your biz, own your unique genius, stop settling for less than you’re worth, and automatically attract all the clients you want… here’s how we roll:

The Five Star Client Attraction Formula starts on February 20, 2017, and then continues for 9 weeks with 7 Online Modules and 9 Live Five-Star Mentoring Calls.

Online Modules

Every week, a new module will be released on Monday. You can access them online at any time once they’ve been released, even after the program is over.

In additional to the online modules, there will be:

9 Live Five-Star Mentoring Calls:

Every week, you’ll have a live mentoring call with me where we’ll dive into each week’s topic and material. I’ll help you release your old success-sabotaging stories, clear your money blocks, brainstorm, and develop your money-making offers, pricing, and menu of offers. Whatever it takes to position your business for automatic client attraction!

The Five Star Client Attraction Forum:

This private forum is one of the most powerful, productive, and helpful advantages of the program. You’ll have access to me and another Five Star Client Attraction coach. Plus, you’ll also have the support, connection, and community of your fellow 5-star peers.

Templates, Wealth Plans, and More!

For almost every module, you’ll receive templates, examples, and guidelines for creating your wealth plan, designing client-attracting offers, ecstatic marketing activities, and your own push-button client attraction process.

Transcripts & Recordings

You’ll receive complete transcripts, slides, and MP3 recordings of every module, and recordings of every Live Mentoring Call so you can access the information any time and in any form you like!

Plus… Check Out These Super-Hot, Five-Star Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Your One-Page “Hell, Yes!” Business Plan – a Bonus Module!  ($500 Value)

If you’re not sure what your long-term or short-term vision is for your business, and the idea of creating a business plan gives you the heebie-jeebies, then you’re going to love the one-page “Hell Yes!” Business Plan. It’s easy, inspiring, and so instrumental in keeping you on track to your goals… all year long.

Bonus #2: Magnetizing Money Program ($200 Value)

Attracting oodles of money, like attracting all the right clients, can be a cinch. Once you know how. That’s what this bonus program is all about. You’ll discover how to attract money from multiple sources and in any amount. Many participants have had huge money breakthroughs even before the Five Star Client Attraction Formula coaching program starts… which is why I’m giving you access to this program the moment you enroll!

Bonus #3: The Debt Eliminator ($500 Value)

If you have debt or fear creating it… your debt juju is repelling clients and putting a low ceiling on your earning power. This bonus module will allow you to eliminate debt and fears faster than a speeding bullet.

Bonus #4: Plan, Develop, & Bring It to Market  ($500 Value)

Do you sometimes get stuck in confusion or procrastination when you’re creating a new product, program, or service? Well, this bonus will turn you into a super-inspired, clear-thinking CEO who knows how to take anything from start to finish with flow and fun.

Bonus #5: Speed Dial the Universe to Double Your Profits ($25 Value)

This daily journal is gonna rock your world by keeping you focused on the practical and magical elements you want to inject into each day. It’s life changing!

Bonus #6: The Big Shift Experience 2017 – Live Event ($1,000 Value)

I asked one of my favorite mentors, Bill Baren, to give you a ticket to his incredible 3-day private workshop where you’ll learn Bill’s system for adding $100,000 in revenue to your business in one year.

There’s no other event that combines this level of deep transformation and road-tested business-building strategies in a fun and supportive environment. You’ll experience your own Big Shifts to 6-Figure Success, a Business You Love and a Bigger You. Last year’s Big Shift Experience sold out with 600 conscious business owners attending.

Here’s the straight scoop on your investment…

The Five Star Client Attraction Formula coaching program is $197 a month for 12 months.

OR… you can pay $1,997 right now and save over $350.

Plus, if you pay $1,997 up front, you’ll also get one of the most valuable programs I’ve ever offered…

Full Pay BONUS!

The Divine Guidance programs sells for $1,000, but it’s your gift when you choose the full-pay option.

How to tap into the infinite wisdom of your own Inner Business Expert and get crazy-good results every time.

This program shows you how to access your most reliable resource for profitable business projects, spot-on advice, creative inspiration, genius marketing ideas, and so much more.

Never again will you need to wonder which product or service to create, what decision to make, or what road to take because you’re tapped into your own divine guidance.

Hey… check out this ridiculously good 30-day guarantee!

I’m so certain that you’re going to be blown away by how quickly and easily you start to attract your best clients that I’ll make you a deal. Register now for the program. Implement the modules and take advantage of the Live Mentoring calls in the Five Star Client Attraction Formula. And if you’re not completely thrilled with your progress in the first 30 days, I’ll get on the phone with you and help you move through anything that’s getting in your way.

Then, if you’re still not satisfied, I’ll issue you a refund.

We require that you submit your completed homework before we refund you, because we know if you take action and apply the Five Star Client Formula training program, you’ll get results.


Yes Jeanna! I want the Five Star Client Attraction Formula and receive …

7 Modules

7 Modules to attract all the clients you want
(Value $1,997)

Live Calls with Jeanna

9 Live Five-Star Mentoring calls with Jeanna
(Value $5,000)


Private Coaching Forum

Round-the-clock private coaching forum
(Value $5,000)


Templates + more

Templates, worksheets, cheat sheets + more
(Value $2,000)


My personal Business Plan + more

My personal Business Plan, Wealth Plan + more
(Value $1,000)


Transcripts for each module
(Value $1,000)


Recordings of each live call
(Value $1,000)


Hell Yes! Business Plan

Hell Yes! Business Plan bonus
(Value $500)

Magnetizing Money Program

Magnetizing Money Program Bonus
(Value $200)

The Debt Eliminator

The Debt Eliminator Bonus
(Value $500)

Plan, Develop, & Bring to Market Program

Plan, Develop, & Bring to Market Program Bonus
(Value $500)


Speed Dial the Universe for Profits

Speed Dial the Universe for Profits Journal
(Value $25)

Plus… The Big Shift Experience 2017 – Live Event ($1,000 Value)

TOTAL VALUE $19,722.00 for only $1997!

12 Payments

Every 30 Days

Hurry! Program Closes In...








Just think how friggin’ fabulous it’s going to be when your very best clients come to you… instead of you needing to turn cartwheels and spin plates just to get their attention.

Think of the time, energy, and freedom you’ll have when you let go of all the marketing and sales stuff that drains your energy and smothers your soul!

No more hustle and jive to get clients… because they’ll be swarming to get to you!

No more low-balling, deal-making, or discounting your products and services because you’ll only be attracting clients who will want to pay you what you’re worth.

No more worrying about money! Because, baby, you’ll be swimming in it! By doing less, laughing more, and having the best time in your business ever!

“I have gotten several new clients (without even trying!) while taking this course. Most importantly, I have acquired a more narrowed focus for my business! It has allowed me to relax and enjoy my business. Instead of trying to work harder, I am now able to plan and implement things I love. I love how this class was presented. It felt so organized. Your leadership energy is amazing. Thank you!” Connie Haley

“I feel more relaxed about running my business and switching to a maximum 4-hour-per-week contact with clients workweek; which was quite a stretch. You are a great spiritual teacher and coach, Jeanna. I love how you combine spiritual work, inner work, and practical steps. I feel that most coaches/teachers out there either focus too much on one or the other. I also love your humor, down-to-earthness, directness and how you share your own stories and experiences as teaching-material. You are one very smart, intuitive and highly skilled coach! :))” Brigitte van Tuijl

If you’re not sure or you’re thinking…

“Yeah, I know this formula has worked for thousands of other business owners. But will it really work for me? I just can’t bear to invest in another ‘get more clients’ program that fails to deliver.”

Okay, I hear you. So let me tell you straight.

This formula will work for you if you’re willing to:

  • Let go of your “struggling entrepreneur” scenario and step up to be the boss (not the slave) of your business.
  • Release all the crap in your business (and in your head) that doesn’t work, wastes time, and keeps you chained to a prison of “gotta get more, do more, and work harder.” All of that has got to go!
  • Stop accepting everyone who has a heartbeat as your client and only accept those who fit your 5-star profile.
  • Get real about your worth and start pricing your products and services accordingly. Because if you don’t value you, no one else is going to value you either.
  • Stop complaining, doubting, and looking for reasons why you can’t have what you want, and instead focus on what lights you up and makes you happy.

If you say “Yes!” to the Five Star Client Attraction Formula, dig into the modules, take advantage of the live mentoring, and decide this is going to work for you, it will.

Decide right now that you get to have it easy!
You get to have all the clients, money, freedom, and fun you want!

You have the talent, the support, and the courage to rock at this if you’re willing to release what hasn’t worked and allow yourself to receive.

This program has the power to transform your business into a big, profitable joy ride with 5-star clients, 5-star offers, and more time, confidence, income, and pleasure than you can imagine.

All you have to do is say “yes!”

P.S. I know you might’ve invested in other “get more client” programs that have let you down, and that sucks. But I promise you, the Five Star Client Attraction Formula is not like anything you’ve experienced. It’s not about doing stuff to attract clients; it’s about being the “you” who automatically and effortlessly attracts your perfect clients. It’s about making the inner shifts – inside your head and inside your business – that make client attraction a piece of cake, creating offers your clients can’t refuse and choosing to reach and serve your clients in a way that is 100% delightful for you.

P.P.S. If you’re still not sure if this program is for you, please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact me here:

Jeanna at

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program for?

Business owners who really want (need) to attract loads of ideal clients and customers… and want to have a helluva lot more fun doing it. If your efforts to grow your income aren’t netting you $5k–$10k each month, then you haven’t set up your business from the inside out. This program will allow you to attract as many clients as you want…without hustling, hard selling, or trying to be someone you’re not.

This program will work for any industry, any niche, any country… brick or mortar.

This formula has blown the minds and lined the pockets of stock traders, psychics, financial planners, lawyers, television producers, coaches, massage therapists, escorts (hey, I don’t judge), healers, fashion designers, marketers, speakers, therapists, and so many more. The only biz owner it won’t work for is the one who refuses to change.

If you want to go 100 miles an hour, enjoy being pressured, think mindset doesn’t matter, and want to stick to your old stories and past tragedies… I’m not the mentor for you. 😉

What if I’m just starting my biz?

Then you’re a super duper smart cookie for setting yourself up for success straight out of the gate! You’re going to dial in your ideal biz model, offerings, and pricing so you can attract your Five Star Clients faster than the rest of the world who struggles to get their business profitable in their first few months (and often years!). I can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you’re rocking a profitable business you love, working with clients you love, and turning everything you do to gold!


What if I’m already earning six figures?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at six figures. (I hovered right above $100k for years and couldn’t move the needle no matter what I did.) If you’re interested in making more money, shaving hours of time off your work schedule, and serving more ideal clients… this program can take you into the high six digits or more. One of my fav clients did a million plus a year when he showed up on my doorstep. Now he makes even more and does less. Want some of that?! BAM! It’s time to make easy and fun your top priorities when it comes to attracting loads of clients.


How much time do I need to devote to this program each week?

Those who set aside 3 to 4 hours a week for this program will be the ones who most quickly attract kickass results. Some weeks will be less, and you can break your learning into 30- to 60-minute chunks. The time you set aside will be to listen or read the modules, ask questions in the Facebook group, and hop on the Q & A calls if you want coaching.

Plus, there are life-changing assignments and homework for each session… but it’s fun stuff that sets you up to be profitable for the rest of your life. And more money and fun is a good thing, right?!

If you’re busy some of the weeks and get behind… don’t sweat it! Not doing the assignment for the week won’t hamper your progress. It’s better to do it when the timing works for you than getting your panties in a bunch and forcing yourself to get it done under pressure.

You’ll get whatever you need out of this program, no matter the time input… so enjoy the ride. Let it be easy.


I’m in another program. Should I do this, too?
Many participants are in other programs or are working with another mentor while participating in the Five Star Client Formula. This program will enhance and expand upon what you’re learning elsewhere… increasing your results. This program will take away stress, overwhelm, and fear… not add to it.
I’m on the fence; what should I do?

Focus on the return on investment. (Have you seen the testimonials?!) How many new clients or product sales would you need to make this worth your time and investment? If the Five Star Client Formula helps you at least double that, that’s huge ROI. Most likely you’re going to make WAY more than that.

If you dig my style and content so far, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re going to love this program (and the badass results you get from it!). If the program resonates with you and you still haven’t clicked the registration button, get curious.

  • What part of you is saying “yes” and what part is saying “no”?
  • Are you focused on getting what you want or on the fear of not getting what you want?
  • What’s possible for you if you say “yes”?
  • What will change if you don’t?
  • What does your Inner Business Expert say?

If the only reason you’re hesitant is out of fear that you may not get what you want, then you especially need a heavy dose of what I’m serving up. If you don’t expect to get what you want (including all the ideal clients you want), you’re going to have a very rough time in your biz.

However, please don’t say “yes” to the program unless you’re 100% aligned with your decision. You may feel stretched on time, energy, or money (a positive sign of growth), but you want to be excited too!

I still have more questions. Can I speak to someone?

YES! I’m doing tons of live Q & A at the end of my webinars and the Five Star Client Online Party.

I don’t want you to miss out on this business and life-altering program if it’s in your best interest. I also don’t want you to say yes unless it truly is going to serve you.

Please feel free to email me personally: Jeanna at If you can’t make it to one of my free trainings and want to talk to someone voice-to-voice, just click the chat button on this page and my team will hop on the phone or Skype with you. They’ll take good care of you so you can make a decision that feels good!

Jeanna GabelliniJeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who makes it effortless and exciting for conscious entrepreneurs to attract all the clients they want without doing more, working more, or marketing more. Leveraging attraction-based principles, revolutionary mindset strategies, and over 20 years of business success, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs consistently increase their profits, create more wealth, and have a lot more fun building a business they love.

Jeanna is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, along with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen, and Jack Canfield. Her newest books are 10 Minute Money Makers and Rock Your Profits.