Congratulations! Here are my fav 5 lessons from Flashpoint to support your plan to double your profits!

My gift for downloading Justin Livingston’s blueprint.

1. Create Your Ultimate Product and Service Funnel

A step by step process that ensures you attract your dream six or seven-figure business with ease and grace.

You’ll get everything you need to dial in your business model, offerings and pricing for this year and beyond.


Video Lessons

Lesson 1

Download Blank Funnel Here | Download Jeanna’s Funnel Here

Lesson 2

Download 5 Year Funnel Here

2. Up sell, Down sell, Cross sell

Connect the dots for your tribe so they easily move through your funnel becoming repeat customers.

This lesson is all about upselling!

Lesson 1 (Listen Time: 25:52)

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Lesson 2 (Listen Time: 27:55)

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3. BE the Brand –

Injecting every part of YOU and your culture into what the outside world sees and experiences. Dig into the nooks and crannies of your authentic style and bring MORE of it out. The more of YOU that shines through, the more the ideal customers say YES.

This lesson is all about how you can BE the Brand!

Lesson 1 (Listen time: 21:38)

Lesson 2 (Listen time: 34:05)


4. Crazy Good Conversions –

Copy & conversations that make your peeps swoon with delight and say YES. We’ll also tackle the almighty follow up process so that your customers love you even more!

This lesson is all about how much FUN it is when you make your peeps swoon with delight and say YES!


Lesson 1 (Listen Time: 58:45)

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Lesson 2 (Listen Time: 59:51)

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5. Exploit Your Natural (often hidden) Genius –

Make your message POP and clients rave by fully owning your natural gifts, quirks and values.

This lesson is all about your talents.

Power to your Genius!

Lesson 1 (Listen Time: 31:45)

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Lesson 2 (Listen Time: 16:46)

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