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You now have a seat reserved in this 3 month Mastermind to get the “inside scoop” on ROCKIN’ promotions for your Joint Venture Partners.

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Thursday, August 14th, at noon PT, 3:00 pm ET (Mastermind Calls are 2 hours)

Program Information Page:

Everything you need to participate will be located on your Class Information Page here (Please bookmark this in your browser.):

This includes:

* Alternate Conference Info – Technology being what it is, if you are ever unable to call in to the regular teleconference line, we have an alternate for your use.

* Recordings – Need to miss a class? No worries! Instructions to listen to the recording of each class are listed. You won’t have to miss a thing! Recordings will be uploaded within 24 hours.

Please note: This seat entitles you to the information and materials presented in the class. By purchasing a registered seat in this class, you agree that you will not share our materials with anyone. This mastermind will be recorded and your name, voice and comments, may be used in a future information product designed for sale. Your registration indicates your understanding of this. It further indicates your agreement to waive any and all rights to ownership, to compensation for participation, and to royalties on sales of the work. Please do not register for the class if you do not agree to this policy.

Have questions? Please email our client care goddess: lori at masterpeacecoaching dot com

We can’t wait to share our juicy strategies and formulas with you!

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