On this webinar, Jeanna Gabellini, Master Business Coach, shares how your 2013 goals include increasing your profits, alleviating financial stress, and ditching your money stories to create an entirely new way of attracting wealth steadily and consistently through your business…Sorry – this Event and Replay are complete. For more information on the ProfitQuest Teleprogram please go here:

In this 1-hour complimentary webinar, you’ll learn how to:

Address your money and business ‘stories’ head on and make peace with them.
Create NEW stories so you can let in extreme joy and profits.
Adjust your pricing to reflect the true value your company delivers to your ideal customers, clients and patients.
Create crystal clear financial targets that fire you up and cause you to stretch into your financial and leadership potential.
Build a healthy relationship with debt (if you have debt) and watch big chunks of it disappear each month (POOF!).
Learn how to use your inner focus to attract more money in the door without killing yourself marketing, networking or changing strategies as many times as you change underwear.

Are you ready to transform the amount of profits you receive doesn’t have to be messy, complicated or depressing? Then listen in to this recording now!

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It’s time to feel light, appreciative, thrilled, energized and creative when you think about profits.

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It’s going to be a blast!