Attention Business Owners Who Would Like To Work Less While (at least) Doubling Your Profits (not revenue, profits), Have F.U.N. Along The Way and Ensure That Your Business Is Making The World A Better Place…

Hey, It’s Jeanna and you’re on this web page because I’m doing a special webinar just for YOU.

JeannaMy goals for this recorded webinar are to infuse you with excitement and passion about doubling, yes actually doubling, your profits in the next 10 months or less and to have fun along the way while making our world a better place.

So – you might be wondering, “Jeanna, what are you gonna teach us on this webinar?”

You will want to have a notebook and pen ready because on this complimentary training you will learn:

  1. The critical questions you must answer before profits will spike
  2. How to prepare for large profits and not sabotage your new success
  3. The exact steps 3 entrepreneurs take to double their income in 10 months
  4. How to leverage your way into multiple six-figures and work less
  5. The shift required to step into the zone that gets results…guaranteed

By the end of this webinar, we will have laid the foundation to set you and your business up for doubling (or more) your profits, fun and impact in less than 10 months.

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