This is no time to back off! This is the BEST time to kick it up a notch. You’ve been planning, ‘a-ha’ing and shaking off the old stale profit setpoint. You are vibrationally ready to start LIVING as the Profitable CEO!

If you want to leverage the vibrational and inspirational momentum (it’s been happening even if you don’t feel it!) you’ll want to jump into this 3-Month Profit Quest Coaching Circle.

We’ll kick off the first week in April while you’re mindset is still fresh from Profit Quest. This will be a coaching driven course with some exercises, content and visualizations sprinkled in.

PLUS, I’ve invited my Marketing Genius, Rob Goyette, to give you some of his time during our 3 months together. He works with some of the biggest names in the coaching industry like Christian Mickelesen, Lisa Sasevich, Nicola Bird of Jigsaw Box, and Gary Henson of

And when our 3 months is done, you’ll be able to join the next Profit Quest course in July as my guest!

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying high or down in the muck of generating more profits at this point, where you are is perfect. This is a journey worth sorting out.

Some breakthroughs take longer than others.

The longer you pay attention to your profit game the more ahead you’ll be in the long run. You didn’t get to the place you’re at overnight. If you’re committed to the BIGGER profit game and you wan to do it without jumping through hoops, then come join this coaching circle.

What do you get?

  • Two group coaching calls with me each month
  • Special Facebook group for coaching in between calls
  • Guest consulting with Rob Goyette
  • MP3 recordings of each call
  • Admission to the July 2013 Profit Quest
  • Plus, special discounts on other programs

How much?

Only $297 a month or the full pay option is only $799 ($92 discount)

Tentatively, the calls will be the first and third Tuesday of each month at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern. However, I’m open to changing the day/time if it will serve the majority of you. Obviously, it will better (but not necessary) if you can be on the calls live because it is coaching/consulting based.