Activate Your Inner Money Maker

3 heart-centered shortcuts to quantum leap your income... and attract an abundance of 5-star clients in less than 30 days.

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In this straight-to-the-point training, you’ll discover…

  • Two heartbreaking ways you block your natural money-making ability... and how to avoid ’em
  • A trick to relieve yourself of the pressure to make more money so you can immediately attract the coolest clients evah
  • A mammoth move for coming up with badass services and products that clients instantly jump on
  • How to release disappointing results from your past so you can manifest more 5-Star Clients now
  • A soul-based ninja move to take your inspired idea and turn it into new sales in record time

Attract more clients, get insanely inspired, and uplevel your income all in one shot!

BONUS: Attendees receive a powerful daily game that cranks up your money makin’ vibe!

I’m Jeanna, Master Business Coach and Chief Rabble Rouser of MasterPeace Coaching. After 20+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” I know, without question, you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions (even if you’ve been struggling for years) if you’re willing to flip the switch in your thinking, chuck the old-school rules in the toilet, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on.