Behavioral Assessments

DISC Behavioral AssessmentsSeveral years ago, my boyfriend and I each took a DISC assessment. The information we gained was ‘dead-on’ for both of us.

In fact, the results were so powerful that I made an immediate decision to get certified (through Target Training International, Inc.) so I could offer DISC assessments to my clients.

What is a DISC assessment?

A DISC assessment is a totally non-judgmental tool that helps you learn more about yourself and why you behave the way you do in various situations.

Each person has a personal style and the DISC assessment reveals what yours is. For example, some people like to move through projects fast while others prefer to take their time and make sure all the bases are covered. Some individuals love to lead. Others work better behind the scenes.

Are you an analyzer or totally spontaneous? Is quality or efficiency more important to you? What do you think is the best way to solve problems? Are you a team player?

All these things and much more are revealed in the DISC assessment.

Putting the Information to Work

Although the written results by themselves are fun and fascinating, when we explore the results of the DISC assessment together, you discover how to use the information to benefit yourself and others.

For example, some things you may learn are how to:

  • best communicate with others who have a different style than you.
  • ensure others truly “hear” you and understand your intentions.
  • teach others to communicate more effectively with you.
  • handle stress (Did you know that when you are under pressure, you often alter your “natural” way of doing things, thus putting you “out of balance”?)
  • recognize and fully embrace your inner strengths.
  • develop and apply your passions.
  • live more authentically in any environment. (This leads to extreme confidence and prosperous results in everything you do!)

DISC Behavioral AssessmentMy clients have remarked the information they gain from combining coaching with assessment results has changed the way they interact with family, loved ones, team members, and business associates.

They feel like they’re living more authentically and responding more effectively to situations and challenges in their lives. Whether you want to do the assessment for yourself only, with a partner, or as a member of a team, I know you will greatly benefit from what you learn.

How It Works

The Assessment is completed online. The results are then sent to you via email as a standard Adobe Acrobat PDF file. I also receive a copy of each assessment.

Coaching and feedback sessions generally last 30-60 minutes and are done by phone (or in person, if you prefer).

Team Assessments

DISC Behavioral AssessmentsIf the assessment is taken by members of a team, each team member receives the same assessment instrument used by individuals. Supervisors/managers can design their own workshop to review the results. Or they may purchase a pre-designed workshop.

The workshop helps team members to identify the complement of talent on the team, the talent that’s missing from the team, and the strategies to overcome basic and complex conflicts. Those who specialize in sales often use the assessment to refine sales team talents and strategies.

See the results of a DISC Assessment that I took.

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