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Jeanna Gabellini

One-on-One & Business and Team Coaching

Entrepreneurs, leaders and big thinkers … I’m calling you forth to PLAY … and play BIG!

I know you have a vision for your life and your business. And when your day-to-day reality doesn’t reflect that vision, when your goals feel far away and your time and energy are exhausted, it’s easy to lose sight of that vision and cave in to fatigue, doubt and overwhelm.

What you need is a coach who can keep you aligned and focused on your goals while giving you the attraction principles and leadership strategies to shift your life and business from overwhelm to overjoyed.

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Are You Ready to Thrive as a Business or Organization

Right now, you can make significant changes in your organization that will powerfully and positively impact your life and the lives of your employees. But you need to know what changes are needed and how to bring them about with the least amount of effort, stress or disruption to the flow of productivity.

Whether your company is large, medium or small, MasterPeace can help you create and implement a strategic action plan that is aligned with your values and your overall vision so you are consistently moving towards what you want.

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Behavioral DISC Assessments

A DISC assessment is a totally non-judgmental tool that helps you learn more about yourself and why you behave the way you do in various situations.

Each person has a personal style and the DISC assessment reveals what yours is. For example, some people like to move through projects fast while others prefer to take their time and make sure all the bases are covered. Some individuals love to lead. Others work better behind the scenes.

Are you an analyzer or totally spontaneous? Is quality or efficiency more important to you? What do you think is the best way to solve problems? Are you a team player? All these things and much more are revealed in the DISC assessment.

Putting the Information to Work Although the written results by themselves are fun and fascinating, when we explore the results of the DISC assessment together, you discover how to use the information to benefit yourself and others.

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Coaching Extreme Adventures

Xtreme Adventures

Extreme Abundance Coaching Adventures

I love to skydive. It’s all about going to the edge … and then jumping! And that’s what the Xtreme Abundance Coaching Adventure is all about. No, it’s not a skydiving excursion. But it is about going to the edge of where you are in life and jumping … into Xtreme Abundance™!

It’s about discovering that you are in control. It’s about experiencing the rush of asking for what you want in life and knowing it’s yours. It’s about living the ultimate prosperity adventure.

If you have a goal in your life that you’ve been wanting so bad you can taste it, but something has been holding you back, then the Xtreme Adventure is for you!

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