Tragedy or Opportunity?

It’s normal to have an emotional reaction when you get bad news. When I heard that my brother had an accident while riding his bicycle, I immediately lost my mind. I went to the.

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Step Out of Overwhelm

I think sharing a personal story of extreme overwhelm and how I stepped out of it may help while you shelter at home… and any other time you think there’s too much to do.

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You're Always Leading

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’re always a leader. The question is who, what, and where are you leading?Are you doing it by default or with a clear intention?Sometime.

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Irritation Is Good News

We all have those things in life that irritate us. Those things include people, traffic lights, a broken gadget, speeding tickets, those ten (or more!) extra pounds, being put on hold, a packed schedule, taxes.

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Profound Conversations

You’re either going to think this is cool or weird. There is infinite wisdom and truth found by talking to your higher self… or someone else’s. It’s pretty amazing and fairly easy.

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People That Irritate the Sh*t Out of You

Have you ever gotten upset with a colleague or client for not responding to multiple emails or phone calls? What about someone cutting corners or not being honest with you? I personally get really irritated.

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Overwhelm Is Just a Symptom

I used to be a slave to email. I was very aware of it and sought help. I got some relief, but email still felt like it was cracking its whip on me.If you.

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Get a New Label for Yourself

I inadvertently became an entrepreneur about the time I turned twenty-one. My mother told me that she and my brother were starting a business, and I didn’t want to be left out. I.

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