Reframe it!

I start most of my coaching sessions by asking my client what’s working well in their life. I began doing this because I noticed most people would focus on what wasn’t working.Yes.

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Five Secrets for Cash Infusion Mania

“I need a cash infusion!”I’ve said that hundreds of times to myself. Bills were due and I didn’t have enough money to cover them. I needed money to come in quick. I.

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Managing Meltdowns Magnificently

Everybody has meltdowns. Some do it and the whole world can see. Others do it more quietly. But the feeling is the same… it feels like too much emotional pressure happening all at once.My.

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Optimism Becomes You

“What is wrong with this picture?” I asked myself. Why were the people I was coaching not seeing how easy it would be for them to achieve their goals? I felt like I was dragging.

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Up Your Money Vibe

It’s easy to get caught up in the magical miracle ways that you can make money fast. “If you do X in your business, you can make millions!” is the message coming from all.

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Follow the Impulse

It was nine o’clock in the evening, the night before we were leaving for a nine-day vacation. There was a lot to pack because of the logistics of the trip.My mate and.

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Extreme Mental Sports

Success in any arena comes down to one thing, mental focus. If you can focus your mental and emotional mind on the end outcome you’ll have the capacity to focus on the details that.

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Full Permision

“I’m so exhausted. I could really use a cup of coffee,” said Tim over the phone.“So, have one,” I said.“I gave it up almost a year ago.”“Why?”“I don’t know.

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