The Inner Game of Creating Money

When it comes to creating profit, mindset always trumps strategy. Yes, even in these changing times.When you practice cultivating an abundant mindset, your profits will grow… no matter what!Do you tend to focus.

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A Value-Based Business Model

I had mastered a bad habit in my relationship. This particular practice was born out of the desire to keep peace in my house. It finally occurred to me that the thing I was doing.

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Perfect Pricing

“How much would you like to charge for your services, if you could ask for what you really wanted?” I asked. I instantly felt the resistance oozing through the phone. “What I want to charge.

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Bring Flow to Your Business

When my kids were smaller, my mom and I drove six hours to visit Disneyland. I used the time in the passenger seat to plot out our trip. I opened my iPad and researched show.

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Bigger Than a Miracle

I never tire of stories of survival of any kind. I like to learn the values, beliefs, and actions that supported survivors to come out of a crisis situation where it seemed the “odds” were.

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Embrace & Trust Your Left Turns

Many years ago I went to a sample sale right before the holidays. Display items from a high-end department store were for sale at rock-bottom prices. I spotted a treasure across the room.

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Be the Pattern Interrupt

Ever feel like you’re always tackling the same issue?You think you have it resolved, but then it comes back with a sneak attack.Many of my clients will ask me, “Do you ever.

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What Your 5-Star Clients Want You to Know

If you could tap into the energy of your bestest, high-paying clients and customers, here’s what they’d want you to know…We’re waiting.We’ve been waiting to find you since.

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