What Are YOU Fighting For?

It seems as though everybody is fighting for something. We have the fight against cancer, war, Covid, hunger, racism… and so much more.City halls are always pushing against new construction in their town. There.

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Vibrational Immunity

Vibrational immunity.I heard the term on an Abraham-Hicks CD years ago, and it thrilled me to no end.It is a perfect “trigger” phrase. A trigger in coaching language is something that reminds.

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Your Cheat Sheet For Health

 Just because you know about the Law of Attraction doesn’t mean instant healing miracles with your body. Can you turn around a health issue fast? YES! But changing your thoughts and habits takes.

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Plan for Profits

Have you ever scurried around looking for your sunglasses only to find them on your head?Why didn’t you know they were there?Most likely you were rushing, not really taking your time to.

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Evidence Is There

When you want something to change, one of the first things you do is ask yourself (and others) what you can do about it. If you can take action, you do. If you’re anxious.

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When Nothing Else Works, Use This Strategy for Weight Loss and Increased Profits

Several years ago I posted on Facebook that I’d lost 15 pounds in six weeks. Of all the topics I’d covered before that, this one received the most “likes” and comments. I was.

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WOW Them with Your Freebie

Everyone tries to make their freebie sound like it’s going to rock your world. You enter your email address into their form in hopes of getting some life changing info, only to feel.

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Obesity is Not Hereditary

Obesity is Not HereditaryBy Jeanna Gabellini, Master CoachI have great compassion for anyone fighting obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease or even Obsessive-compulsive disorder.  All of these can cause great suffering to your.