The Choice to Elevate

Are you sitting in the nosebleed seats of your niche?Are you so far from the excitement and action that you feel disconnected from it all… even if you’re doing all the things you.

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Banish Polite Conversation

Charisma is highly overrated and definitely not needed to have an engaging conversation. I love engaging conversations because they make you feel and think in new ways. I don’t always like to be in.

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Choose to Break Through

Everyone is looking for a breakthrough.The definition of breakthrough: a significant and dramatic overcoming of a perceived obstacle, allowing the completion of a process.Most people want one. They pray, wish, and hope for.

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5-Star Customer Experience

If you want to skyrocket your income in the next quarter…There are so many unique ways to do this without spending a lot of money or time.Before you get busy brainstorming how you.

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5 Steps to a Responsive Email List

I met Michele PW 8 years ago at a mastermind and instantly fell in love with her smarts and quirkiness. (A sister from another mother?!) She also impressed the heck out of me that her.

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Anatomy of a Bonus Package

Many online marketing experts tell people they have to have a fast-action bonus package to get anybody to buy anything.  Or worse, they say you have to discount your offers or give fast action.

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Marketing Is A Four-Letter Word

“If only I knew how to market in a way that made people get the value of what I offer!”Every time one of my coaching programs had few (or zero!) registrations, I cursed marketing.

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Be Promoted Everywhere on the Internet

Co-creating, marketing, and joining forces with other people can catapult your business into six or seven figures twice as fast as you going at it alone.People who endorse you to their tribe are.

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