Meltdown or Mega Success?

The path to success isn’t always pretty.You can be falling to pieces behind the scenes, but the show can still go on. You have to keep your big boy/girl pants on and.

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Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow

Pretend you’re in a goal-setting workshop. Some of the goals you decide to put on your list for the year are really exciting. Some are frustrating.You’re tired of wanting that same.

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Launch Yourself Happy

Entrepreneurs seem to have an endless supply of ideas for new products and services. What they often lack is the follow-through to take an idea into a sellable format and the marketing “know how.

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Unwavering Faith

UNWAVERING FAITH is my focus right now. I’ve slammed all the doors shut on fears like…What if the money doesn’t show up?What if I don’t manifest the goal?What if.

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Taking a Stand for Change

Fifteen years ago I was talking to my BFF, Eva Gregory, about a desire of mine where I felt I was trying to “control” the outcome instead of attracting it. I shared with Eva that.

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Get a New Label for Yourself

I inadvertently became an entrepreneur about the time I turned twenty-one. My mother told me that she and my brother were starting a business, and I didn’t want to be left out. I.

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The Power of Educating Your Customers

Some clients are just a pain in the booty.Internally you roll your eyes, throw up your hands, and get exasperated.There’s only one way to whip them into shape… educate them on how.

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7 Steps to High-Paying Clients

Many entrepreneurs dream of doing what they love and getting highly paid for it. Not me. I was so off-my-rocker excited about the process of coaching that I left my first coaches training.

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