Extreme Mental Sports

Success in any arena comes down to one thing, mental focus. If you can focus your mental and emotional mind on the end outcome you’ll have the capacity to focus on the details that.

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A Simple Way to Stay Focused on Your Top Goals

Even though staying focused on your goals and outcomes seems like such an elementary topic, it’s an issue for most of my clients. It’s frustrating to clarify your goals, then a month later.

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A Reputation to Live Up To

Most of us complain about the people in our life. “Charlie never spends time just connecting with me.”“Sarah is overweight and won’t lose it.”“My kid never does what I ask.”“My employees.

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How To Jump Into a New Profit Bracket

I used to struggle mightily to figure out how to quantum leap my income. Funny thing is that anytime my profits jumped up in a significant way, it was never the way I had intended.

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The Force Is With You

I wasn’t a fan of the Star Wars movies when they first came out in the 70s. More than twenty years later, a friend told me I had to watch all of them, because.

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There’s a System for That!

While discussing life problems when in the company of fellow cell phone users, you’re bound to hear, “I bet there’s an app for that!” And there usually is an application that will help.

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Extreme Success

What does extreme success mean to you? Seriously, think about it. What would you have to be experiencing in your life so you could say, “I have extreme success!”For me, it’s consistently obtaining.

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Big Little Marketing Lies

If you want to grow your business and reach your ideal clients and customers, you’re going to have to let go of a lot of assumptions about what it takes to fill your pipeline.

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