It’s Up to YOU to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

A few years back, my relationship was not looking much healthier than the insane one that came before it.He had some issues that were clearly not designed to empower a committed relationship. He needed.

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Pro or Amateur?

 You’ve got two choices in your business… be a pro or be an amateur.Professionals (pros) are people who take their hobby, sport, or passion seriously. They’ve decided they’re no longer satisfied.

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Addicted to Action

Action can be addictive… and not in a good way.I’m not against taking lots of action. I love it! I thrive on it when I’m being deliberate and grounded. It feels good.

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Don’t Work Harder… Go Bigger

If you’ve been coached by me, you may have heard me say, “You’ve gotta go BIG!”I’ve written several articles on going BIG, created visualizations around this concept, and coached people to.

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Intentional Marketing - It’s Easy, Fun & Lucrative

If you have a business, you market. Anytime you tell someone the impact of using your products or service, you’re selling.Marketing and selling may trigger resistance for you but I guarantee you’re.

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The 100% Guaranteed Solution… for Everything!

For years, anytime I wanted to find a solution to an issue I wanted to resolve I’d go directly into analyzation. Rushing in was the controlling side of my personality that wanted to force.

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Five Secrets for Cash Infusion Mania

“I need a cash infusion!”I’ve said that hundreds of times to myself. Bills were due and I didn’t have enough money to cover them. I needed money to come in quick. I.

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So What, Now What?!

Is business down? Did your last launch bomb?COVID and politics throwing off your game?Are you fighting with a family member?Are you wondering how you’re going to keep your house?Does your.

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