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Jeanna Gabellini and
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If you’ve ever wished you could make a large amount of sales in a
short amount of time with minimal effort
and no deliverables, listen up…

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Starting a business that is mostly marketed online can be a steep learning curve. I’ve been in business for almost 20 years and every day I learn something new about marketing. I used to say that marketing was a four-letter word until I decided to layer FUN over every strategy I implemented.

And guess what? It drastically changed my profits.

Then five years ago I was bare-foot and pregnant (literally) and my best gal pal shared with me how much money she was making by promoting amazing people in our industry. My jaw dropped to the floor.

You see, I’d been promoting other people to my mailing list forever but rarely did I make any commissions. I was too casual about it. I promoted them because we were friends and I wanted to help them. But I had zero strategy or intention behind my actions.

Very soon after this I had an AHA moment…

I’m going to commit to making money when I promote other people, strategize my promotions and I’ll make it a lucrative income stream!

I went from zero commissions to thousands of dollars every month!

And truth be told, it was very little effort. I began to understand how lucrative this could be and got even more intentional (and strategic!). My name started appearing at the top of the promotional partner leaderboards for my colleagues.

Because of my success promoting other people, it’s opened the doors to meeting tons of people who are waaaay more successful than me. I now consider them friends with benefits (not those kind!). They graciously share insider secrets for making more money and they promote me!

Here’s the cool thing about promoting other people…

They do all the work, and your job is to help spread the word. They deliver great products and services, deal with customer service, give you the marketing materials and you get all the raves because your referrals are so happy that you introduced them.

Your email list or social media following doesn’t need to be huge in order to make juicy commissions. You just have to get a little creative.

My friend and visibility expert, Nancy Juetten, experienced similar results to me by being creative and clear about her outcomes.

Nancy and I are spilling the beans about a topic that can quickly change your business for the better…


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1) 5* Joint Venture Creation Process – Download PDF here.

2) 3 Blunders Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make with Joint Ventures that Keep Them Stuck at the Starting Gate

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3) JV Sucess From Humble Beginnings Video

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4) Why JV Partners Won’t Promote You Special Report.

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5) Press Release Examples Used to Win Launches

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6) Winning Blog Post

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7) Your Checklist to Prepare to Win Any Launch

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8) Fireside Chat – List Building and Joint Venturing – What Has Worked for Nancy Juetten

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