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The bottom line: my passion is to assist people to let go of the limiting beliefs that cripple their abundance, health, peace quotient and business growth. It’s time that we all take back our power and have some fun attracting high-octane results!

I have established an Affiliate Program to provide you with an opportunity to discover how easy it is to experience abundance by referring people to what I offer and earning a commission. Win-win-win!

What Do You Get As A MasterPeace Coaching Affiliate Partner?

  • 10-50% commission on every sale referred by you
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Fast and reliable payments, as often as every month
  • Real-time, accurate sales tracking
  • FREE, ready-to-go promotional materials. You get access to multiple text ads, tweets, graphics and banners that you can begin using right away to attract customers and earn commissions!

Erika“You, your team and your launch were beautiful! A total model for how awesome business can be. I totally appreciate your extra care and behind the scenes snap shots xo. Wishing you and your new profit clients the best!”

Erika Watson

Who Can Become An Affiliate?

We’re delighted that you are considering becoming an affiliate partner with MasterPeace Coaching. If you use social media, blog, distribute an ezine or have a mailing list where you share positive information to have people live into their full potential, I’d love to play with you.

How Do You Get Paid?

You’ll get a check mailed directly to you, or you can choose the PayPal option to receive your commissions. We pay as often as every month, as long as you’ve acquired at least $50 in commissions. Our shopping cart system does all the work for us and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can login to our site anytime and check your stats. It couldn’t be simpler!

We love paying affiliate commissions and we’re grateful when you refer customers to us! Our policy is to compensate the person most directly responsible for a sale.*  If you feel you’ve referred a customer to us, but have not been recognized, please contact us at: Partners @

*See below for more details.

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Just fill out this form below and you’ll be walked through everything you need to know to begin earning money today!


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Just fill out this form below and you’ll be walked through everything you need to know to begin earning money today!
It’s your very own KaCHING Machine! I truly appreciate your help in spreading my message.
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By jumping on this awesome opportunity you are allowing wealth to come to you … easily and effortlessly.

*Details: No commission applies to:

  • Programs you did not directly promote.
  • One-on-One Coaching.
  • Your own purchases.

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