“Stop Thief!”

Some years back I met a magical woman who teaches entrepreneurs how to tell stories that captivate their audience on their websites, masterpeacecoach-1eb2cf2a-7fb1-47e6-96a4-02bd90cb4e9f-v2workshops, webinars and more. Since then she’s been a guest speaker to my tribe, one of my top JV partners, a friend and my client. This article will blow you away. Meet Lisa Bloom.

By Lisa Bloom, Story Coach

You sit down to the computer, you need to write some hot marketing copy for your latest service or product, and you are blank, not one decent phrase shows up that sounds original or compelling.  You are deleting left, right and center – you just can’t find the right words.

Or you’re planning your talk, the chance to impress people about your work, and you just can’t figure out what to say that will engage the audience.

I frequently come across smart, attractive websites or flyers, emails or posters that are marketing services that I might be interested in.  More often than not, I read the first couple of lines and then quickly move on to something else entirely.

Often I’ll listen in to a webinar or lecture and find myself leaving long before the speaker is finished.

You know, I’m not particularly critical or picky; I just have a very limited attention span for stuff that doesn’t grab me immediately. I don’t want to waste my time unless I know that I will be engaged.  I suspect you are the same.

So what do you do?

Well, let me tell you a story.

It was a perfect spring day, bright, sunny and not too hot.  There was a cool breeze with that tingling in your nose feeling of new flowers that always reminds me of honey.  I could even hear the buzz of a nearby bush full of bees.

It was late afternoon; I love the light at that time of day. I was walking home from work. I had left the street where my office was and headed towards the main row of shops that led to the neighborhood I lived in.

I had planned to stop and buy some pasta and a bottle of wine. A good friend was coming over that evening for dinner; I was really looking forward to seeing her.

I remember the next moment as strangely silent; even the traffic passing was simply the quiet before the storm. Someone bumped into me. I was startled and it took me a few moments to realize that he had rummaged quickly but efficiently in my bag and grabbed my purse. He was running away with my week’s wages, my credit card and a photograph of my father that was taken when I was about three years old.

I think it was the photo that made me do it.  I knew I could replace everything else, but I really didn’t want to lose that photograph.

I chased him and started yelling, “Stop him, stop him, thief!”

There are a few reasons that you are still reading this.

It might be that you love stories.

It could be that you have experienced a similar situation and can relate to it.

You may have been drawn in by the feelings evoked by the description of the beautiful spring day.

You may simply be curious as to what happens next.

Whatever the reason (and there may be many more), stories work.  A story turns dry theory into compelling copy; a story turns advertising into a sensuous experience that the reader wants to participate in.   A story makes marketing interesting and fun.  A story allows you be present authentically and openly.  A story attracts ideal clients to you.

As it happened, the truth was indeed stranger than fiction!

There was an undercover detective sitting at the café on the corner. While the other passersby just watched the thief run away, the detective set chase. The thief glanced behind and saw this big guy running after him. Maybe he saw the gun that he had strapped under his jacket or maybe he sensed he had just picked the wrong day and the wrong gal.

He dropped my purse at the end of the street and disappeared into the crowd.  The detective picked it up and returned it to me.

Why was there a plain-clothes detective sitting at my local café?  I have no idea.  Why did the thief choose me?  I can’t tell you.

But it makes a pretty good story.  And you’re still reading.  Think about it!

So, next time you’re stuck on writing your copy, or trying to do any kind of marketing of yourself or your services, stop for a moment and tell a story.


masterpeacecoach-4f308312-a2ca-44a4-b3b8-98e15d90a13c-v2Stories Sell. But did you know that storytelling is the key to engaging, inspiring and empowering the people you serve? If you’re not telling your authentic, compelling story – you are not living your true purpose … and life is too short for that! Download Lisa Bloom’s FREE report on Storytelling strategies ASAP here.

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Structure Breeds Freedom and Abundance!

I asked the queen of structure to be our guest expert today, so she could enroll you in the power of getting your back office dialed in …go pro, baby!masterpeacecoach-93aa5cd4-826f-4c30-af29-78a1ae657aa2-v2

By Melinda Cohan, The Coaches Console®

Sounds totally counter-intuitive, right?!  How can structure lead to freedom? Doesn’t it lead to putting us in a box? Or keeping us playing small? The opposite of structure is freedom. Without structure shouldn’t we be able to do anything we want, however we want, however often we want? That is what we so often hear from coaches who are in purgatory; stuck between the worlds of hobbyist vs. business owner.

So many biz owners define structure to what we call the tug-of-war mentality of the entrepreneur: “Either I have structure in my business and I am confined to playing small in a box OR I abandon structure and can live free; live the life of my dreams doing what I love.” These are conflicting views and therefore the problem with this either/or tug-of-war is that neither side wins. It always ends up in a stalemate; each conflicting view pulling in equally opposing directions.

It is time to redefine “structure” through the perspective of Both/And.  You leverage the skills, resources, and people that integrate a sense of focused structure that paves the way to your greatest freedom.

It takes quite a bit more brain power, energy and time to reinvent the wheel each time you interact with a prospect, a client or a member of your team. And that is precisely what you are doing when you buy into the illusion that structure and freedom do not go hand in hand. When most coaches hear the word “structure”, it’s like finger nails on a chalkboard. The right-side of their brain, the part that makes them creative and outstanding coaches, goes off like a red warning light.  They quickly believe that if they apply any structure to their day, their activities and how they work with their clients, they won’t be able to “be fully present” to support their client in the best way possible or do what they love. And they also fear they won’t be able to live the life of their dreams.  We have been so fearful of the extreme end of the spectrum labeled “corporate structure” that we have abandoned the power of structure and the elements of structure that lead to our greatest freedom.

The three elements to leveraging structure into freedom:

1.    Knowing “What to do in your business”
2.    Knowing “How to do “it”
3.    Doing “it” consistently every time

Element #1 “The What To Do In Your Business”
This element of structure is all about the actions and activities you experience on a daily basis within your business. The “what” includes things such as:

    Attracting prospects and referral sources,
    Collaborating with strategic partners,
    Guiding contacts through your sales funnel,
    Integrating exquisite client support,
    Implementing the best practices when it comes to billing and payment processing.

Element #2: The “How To Do It”
This element of structure is all about the specific steps you take when you are involved in the above listed activities. In every activity in your business there is a specific sequence of steps that when done in sequence will generate the greatest flow and quickest results. When we reinvent the wheel each time we engage in these activities, we waste brain power, energy and time “figuring it out.” When we can identify in advance the specific sequence of specific steps, the “how” becomes effortless and we recoup much of our time and energy to put towards other result-based activity.

Element #3: Consistency
It is not just enough to know the specific sequence of steps to take in each business activity, but to do the sequence consistently each time. It is in this consistent application where we truly leverage our time.

Once you’ve identified the steps to take, how to take them and the best sequence to take them in, you begin to realize you are saving time, money and energy to focus on things such as:

    More clients in the same amount of time
    Doing more of what you love (vacations, travel, etc.)
    More time with your family
    Using your entrepreneurial creative juices to develop your next vision

It is through structure that we recoup our time. It is through structure that we reclaim our power and energy. Not the extreme type of structure often experienced in corporate settings where you are in a box (literally, a “cubicle”) and are limited in what you are able to do. As the entrepreneur wearing all the hats within your business, it is through these elements of structure, integration and automation that allow you to quickly and easily go back and forth between the various hats and leverage your strengths to yield the quickest and greatest results.

Are you ready to stop the tug-of-war stalemate in your business and integrate the Both/And approach to structure? Here’s access to our complimentary webinar.

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Play Your Position

I’m a huge fan of American Idol. Some of the feedback from the judges is very uncoach-like and disempowering. However, they emphasize masterpeacecoach-85dbcad2-a8c0-4947-921d-1501d99a06ab-v2several points that I love, over and over to the contestants:

    Play to win. Act like you want to beat the competition.
    Be consistent with who you are being on stage. Know who you are as a singer.
    Sing the songs you’d like to do if you were already a recording artist.
    Connect with the song you are singing. We want to feel your passion.

This advice can be used in any profession, or as a volunteer, stay-at-home mom or dad, or retiree.

It’s about playing your position FULLY. No holding back or just trying to get through it. If you just go through the motions, there is no momentum generated.

Act like the CEO. Sure, your paycheck may not reflect what the corporate big dogs are earning but you will attract a greater sense of ease and passion, and eventually your own income will increase. When you play your position full out, energy is created. That energy pulls together the people, places and circumstances you need to move mountains.

Most small business owners are lazy. Not lazy in the amount of actions they take. I mean lazy about their  commitment to achieving the desired end result.

A new client was recently complaining that sales were almost half of what they used be (this happened long before the excuse of the economy … and that IS an excuse!). I asked my client if he set weekly targets for new customers. Nope. I asked if he was giving his current customers the best service possible? Nope.

Employees do the same thing. They let stuff fall through the cracks. They like to blame Joe Blow for any breakdowns in their department. They are not thinking about the impact of each thing they do or conversation they have. They’re on automatic pilot. Just trying to get through the day.

Some of you who aren’t working are even falling down on your job of enjoying your time. You act bored. You’re not doing the things you most enjoy. Even if you are looking for a new job, you need to act like someone who is going to score the best position ever. Get into the job search with eager anticipation. It’s much more attractive than the person who is desperate or despondent.

Retired?  Are you fully relaxing, socializing and doing the things you dreamed of? It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or not; there is much joy to be found in everything you do and every person with whom you connect.

I tell people all the time, own your position. Don’t just go through the motions. That’s BORING and unsatisfying to everyone involved! Take the American Idol judges’ advice and make your life and work your passion. Do it in a way that connects you to your heart. Be fully present and totally go for it.

As a mom, I always check in with myself to make sure I’m playing my position. I want to have fun with my boys in the car, when we’re on walks or hanging out at home. I want to hold boundaries with them and not be wishy-washy. I want my sons to know what they can expect from a mom who wants to rock their world. (Actually, I just want to stay out of their way as much as possible. Those kids are tapped in!)

In my business, I am committed to taking a stand for ease and joy for my clients. I treat all of our customers as if they were million dollar clients. I don’t do this just because it makes good business sense, it’s because life is more fulfilling when I play my position like I mean it.

What do you do to be the best at what you do? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: https://masterpeacecoaching.com/freecd


Original Publish Date: March 22, 2010
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Choosing Your Ideal Joint Venture Partner

Co-creating, marketing and joining forces with other people can catapult your business into six or seven figures twice as fast as you going it masterpeacecoach-ec6126b9-040b-4eab-8e4e-f5401d8f7a5a-v2alone.

How can you joint venture with other people? Let me count the ways …

  •     Give your products or services as a bonus with your partner’s offer
  •     Add someone else’s products or services to your offers
  •     Co-create a product or service
  •     Promote other people’s offers
  •     Interview an expert and share with your tribe; you get commissions on their offer
  •     Trade promotions in your ezine

It’s endless.

Joint venture (JV) partners can be the best thing for your business or a straight up nightmare. The key to joyful and profitable partnerships is all about intention and a little research.

Some years back a colleague I knew asked me to promote his service. He was a copywriter and he was offering a screaming deal. I’ve seen so many people bomb in internet marketing because their copywriting sucked, so I was HAPPY to share his offer.

BIG Mistake. He humiliated me by pissing off the people who bought on my referral. He took forever to deliver the copy and was not communicating with them. I stepped in and put the pressure on. He finally delivered and they got great copy.

It taught me a HUGE lesson. Just because someone is good at their craft doesn’t guarantee they’re a good joint venture partner.

Now I’m anal about whom I choose to play with, in the JV world.

Before you say yes …

  •     Is their offer or expertise a fit for your tribe?
  •     Is their style of delivery aligned with your values?
  •     Have you experienced their products or services first hand?
  •     Is the price point good?
  •     Are their marketing materials professional and compelling?
  •     What is their history promoting this offer?
  •     Is there commission or prizes involved?  If so, do they motivate you?
  •     Do they have references you can contact?
  •     Do they have a dedicated Client Care person on their team to take care of your referrals?
  •     Does the timing of this partnership work for you?
  •     Does JVing with this person intuitively feel good?
  •     Is this a profitable and fun partner?

And when you say yes, treat your JV partner as a business partner, because you are during the time you play together! Ask for what you want, be clear on your outcomes and communicate expectations clearly.

I recently came together with Get Known expert, Nancy Juetten to co-create a program that we could offer as a bonus to our VIP clients and as a bonus with purchase for other JV promotions we were doing.

We spent a couple of hours brainstorming how it would work. We have been very forthright about sharing expenses, who gets the program as a bonus and how we can profit from it in the future.

It’s been a blast! And we’re creating new relationships, content and visibility as a result.

JV partnerships are a direct cause of my huge increase in profits the last few years.  Why limp along by yourself when you can soar with others?!

Make sure you grab this report on JVing:

The Top 12 Reasons JV Partners Will NEVER Promote Youand what you can do about it.

What have your experiences with a JV been like? Write your comments in the box below.


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here: https://masterpeacecoaching.com/freecd

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