Partnering For Profit

Doing almost anything, besides meditating, is easier when you have two or more of the right people. So, why aren’t more people masterpeacecoach-4586ae34-57f6-4769-8ace-83ab1d2a5209-v2asking for help in their business or creating joint venture relationships?

Doing it alone is the trap of a self-employed mentality. Leveraging the resources, skills and experiences of other people is simply a smart business practice.

I’m going to do my best sales job to get you collaborating with one or more partners, and to make it a complete win-win. If you already do deals with partners, make it your intent to take it to the next level. How easy can you stand it?!

Benefits of partnering with someone outside of your team:

  • You have access to each other’s resources and contacts.
  • You get to share the expenses when you’re collaborating on a new project.
  • You have built in accountability and you can challenge each other to stretch into new areas of growth! You’ll get motivated to do more and be smarter about the way you get it done. A partner depending on you will get you off that couch.
  • You get another perspective. Your partner will have insights that you hadn’t thought of. They may also have expertise in areas that you don’t. You’ll have the power of two or more people brainstorming. There is power in numbers. Synergy creates magical results.

Like any relationship, it takes a commitment to communication and some upfront planning.

Taking a little time in advance, to plan what you want in the partnership and what you want it to provide is key.

Begin by making your wish list of what you desire from being in partnership. What will it give you? What type of person would be a great compliment to you? What are your weaknesses? You can either learn to make them into strengths or get a partner who is really great at the things you are not.

If you already have a partner, it’s good to do some checking in with yourself to see if the relationship is still a match to your needs. If not, what do YOU need to shift, say or do to make it better? Constantly redesigning your alliance with your partners will keep each of you expanding.

Things you must discuss honestly:

  • The way you will communicate with each other and how you will discuss any issues that come up. How will you deal will conflict?
  • What are your criteria for saying yes to a project or vendor? What is your exit strategy for the investment? What if one of you has a financial crisis? How will you dissolve the partnership if something comes up?
  • What will each of you be responsible for? What percentage of the load are you willing to handle (with no resentment)? Will it be equal to the percentage of money you’ll be compensated?
  • What are you unwilling to tolerate? Each of you needs to set clear boundaries. This means someone will know if they’ve crossed a boundary long before the other person gets mad.
  • Will there be agreements regarding other investment opportunities?
  • What needs to be in writing? Even if your partner is a very good friend, writing down all aspects of the partnership and each deal gives each of you clarity. This saves you from future misunderstandings.
  • What parts of the joint venture are you unwilling to do? What will be delegated? What do you need to learn? What makes your knees shake? What gets you excited? Where do you procrastinate? Where do you need support? What’s the best way for your partner to support you? Do you like a kick in the pants or a persistent nudge?

You can have a blast together and create big time profit with some specific planning. Win-win or no deal. Never make assumptions about what you think is happening in the mind of your partner. Seek to understand … ask questions to gain clarity.

I’d like to hear your partnership successes…share them in the comments below.


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Original Publish Date: November 25, 2006
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Intentional Joint Ventures

I’ve been doing joint ventures (JV’s) for well over a decade. Three years ago I had a major aha moment that changed the future of jvpartnersevery JV I do.

“A joint venture is a strategic alliance where two or more parties, usually businesses, form a partnership to share markets, intellectual property, assets, knowledge, and, of course, profits.” – Valerie Orsoni-Vauthey, ‘Happy About Joint Venturing’

There are many creative ways to partner with other people and businesses to boost your list size, increase sales, bring forth new products and sales, and add value to what your business already offers.

I’ve always found JV’s to be fun and if they put some extra cash in my pocket, all the better. But everything changed when a few years back my dear friends (and mastermind partners), Eva Gregory and Mary Allen, told me all about a live retreat I needed to attend to better leverage my JV partnerships. Plus, I knew I was limiting myself doing things the same ole’ way.

Part of my marketing strategy that year was to tap into new markets by connecting with rock stars in my industry who offer services and products that I can fully get behind. The JV Networking Summit, hosted by Christian Mickelsen, was the perfect fit for me. In fact, that was where I first met Milana Leshinsky, the rock star co-founder of JV Insider Circle!

While at the summit, it hit me. I had just been ‘squeezing in’ promotions, supporting people I liked and doing projects with people who had great insights. I also sent out copy for my affiliates every month letting them know which projects of mine they could support. While there was nothing wrong with any of these actions, I realized I had not been intentional … at all. Gasp!

Can you believe it?! I couldn’t. Here I am spending my time, money and energy, along with my team, to support other people and not really producing any results. I was just doing the minimum amount of effort to do what needed to be done. Heck, I give more thought to pruning my roses every month than I had to all my JV’s.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t for lack of enthusiasm. I really do love every person I partner with… but I never sat down and asked myself the most important questions:

  • What is the desired impact on my business from doing this JV?
  • What is the desired outcome I want for the JV partner/s?
  • How will I connect with them during the JV for maximum ease, fun and profit?
  • Who do I need to be and what to I need to do to have this JV experience be showcased for the highest good of all?

What a concept, huh? I’d been intentional about who I’ve partnered with but not how I moved forward with them. And I’ve known for a while that I’ve lost money and time on several JV’s because I was focused mostly on what needed to be done to make it happen and not enough focus on how we could best serve each other in the partnership.

My lack of intention created lack luster results for my team, the partner and myself. Since then I’ve made a major decision to always be intentional and strategic in every JV partnership. If I can’t say HELL YES to giving it 100% focus, then I will say NO.

My joint venture partnerships were the reason I was able to more than double my profits last year. My partners have become mastermind partners, dear friends, faculty in my programs and so much more. I can honestly say that by being intentional with these relationships I have been able to also double the amount of value I give in every program and product I offer. The wisdom that comes from sharing insights and strategies with your peers and partners is invaluable! I have mad love for my JVs!

Share your JV success stories in the comments below!


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:


Original Publish Date: February 8, 2011
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Lessons From Skydiving

All it took was asking my Uncle Jim once and he said yes to skydiving with me. He said he’d wanted to do it since I did my first ezine-jeannaskyjump. The day gave us beautiful, clear skies and no wind. He chose to do a tandem skydive so he could be harnessed onto an instructor who wears the parachute.

I sent him to the manifest desk – I love that they call it that! – to check in. Once he was through he came over and said, “I’m going to jump out at 13,500 feet, not 9,000, right?” I said, “Yes.” He said they also offered him the option to jump at 18,000 feet. I said, “Really? They don’t always offer that. Go pay more and go to the higher altitude.”

After his class, he said he’d gotten three of the other students to upgrade to 18,000 feet. Some students still chose to get out of the plane at 9,000 feet. I have never understood why they even offer this option, so I went to the manifest desk and asked. They said some folks are afraid, and think it’s less scary to jump out closer to the ground.

We both laughed, as we know this is far from what is true. Altitude is your friend. If a malfunction were to happen, the higher you are, the more time you have to correct it or pull your reserve chute. The reason why I would always encourage someone to go to the higher altitude is that you have more freefall time. Everyone always comes off tandem skydive with a smile, ear to ear, and wishes it were longer. It never fails.

I got to chase Uncle Jim out of the plane, which was the first time I’ve ever done that with a tandem. It was awesome! He got to pull the parachute out and steer once the canopy was open. What did he say when he landed? “It was awesome! It was too short (at 18,000 feet!). How long were we free falling?” I said, “About 60 seconds.” “Really? That’s all? It seemed longer.” He’s ready to go back!

So, how does all of this apply to making your life more abundant, fulfilling and joyful? Here’s what I observed in this story…

How many times do you make a choice with the expectation it will be scary, only to find out that it wasn’t scary at all? Almost all tandems wish that they would’ve gone to a higher altitude.

You can always change your mind. My uncle upgraded along with the other students to 18,000 feet.

Time expands when you are present in the moment. My uncle was so present that 60 seconds seemed like minutes.

What some people consider risky is no big deal to others. Many times the unknown makes you uncomfortable. I think skydiving is an extremely safe sport and it’s something that I looked forward to doing several times a month before I had my kids. Before I did my first skydive I thought it seemed like the scariest thing I could ever do. In fact, I said I never would do it! Where do you shut out a possibility even though you don’t have any experience from which to base that choice?

You need to ask, in order to get a yes. I used to ask people all the time if they wanted to go skydiving. I’ve gotten many yeses over the years. Until I asked, many people would’ve never had the inspiration to do it. Until you ask, the answer is always no.

Sometimes, you need to ask several times before you get a yes. I had asked two different times before to chase a tandem out of the plane. They always told me, “No, you need more skydives.” I asked again anyway. The tandem instructor said yes this time.

Let go of the way you think something needs to happen. I have always wanted to fly like a bird. I used to visualize it often. I never thought it’d be with a parachute on my back.

Everyone needs to skydive. No, I’m kidding! Although, I would like it if everyone stretched outside their norm to experience extreme fun. Skydiving is on many people’s ‘bucket list’ and yet they never follow through.

What’s something on your biz list that you’ve been saying you want and yet you haven’t moved forward? C’mon. You know there is an area that needs some revitalizing. Take one bold step today to experience thrill bumps.

Jump and the parachute will appear.

Share your experience in the comments below.


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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Evidence Is There

When you want something to change, one of the first things you do is ask yourself (and others) what you can do aboutmanlooking it. If you can take action, you do. If you’re anxious, you may hold off until you feel safer.

The next thing you do is look for evidence that you have done the right thing or that change is happening. Many times you’ll get immediate satisfaction. For example, if you decide to organize a closet, you will begin to move objects around. You may decide to give away a couple of items. Even if it took you a couple of weeks to complete the project, you see progress after each block of time you work on it.

What about those desired changes that don’t give immediate results after you take action? How do you keep your spirit up while you wait for a sign that this goal is coming?

There are a few topics that I witness people getting frustrated about when they get focused on making a change. These common areas of change also happen to be the most important to everyone: health, relationships, and money. These areas of your life require you to change emotionally and mentally. You can take action, but if you haven’t changed the way you relate to the topic, progress can be slow or even get worse.

As you make the journey to shifting your beliefs, you’ll begin to take different actions in a very organic way. The next step is to look for evidence that you are making progress. It’s always there waiting for you to discover. All positive change is evidence, even if it’s teeny tiny. The more you expect positive evidence to be there, the more you will find it.

Evidence seekers beware: If you are still second guessing if your manifestation will come, your eyes may be looking for both positive and negative evidence. If you find evidence in some nook and cranny that looks like no progress is being made … drop it! Drop it fast, and continue to seek out the evidence that something, even one small thing, is going well.

Here’s how it can look:

Goal: Lose weight.

You begin by seeing the picture in your mind of how you want your body to look. Next envision how you want the journey to feel. You’re excited to finally handle this situation. You have also decided that dieting and exercising seven days a week for 1.5 hours is not your idea of inspired actions. But going out dancing and working in your garden is.

Day 5: You look in the mirror, and you feel like you’ve gained weight.

Knee jerk reaction: This isn’t working. I’m never going to be able to have the body I want. Maybe I should start counting calories, but that doesn’t feel good.

STOP! Look for positive evidence.

The hunt: It has been fun to enjoy food. I know that I’ve been feeling like I’m relaxing into letting my body find its perfect weight. I am noticing that my skin has cleared up, and that was something I desired, too. I guess I do have power over my body. Somebody yesterday did tell me that I was looking great.

If you search, you will always find positive evidence. If it’s your focus, you will see an abundance of it. Jot down positive evidence in a notebook. Soon there will be pages of evidence, and your manifestation will be there. Enjoy the process because it’s the process that leads to the manifestation.

What is an area you want to change and what is the first action step you can take?


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to double (and even triple) their profits by leveraging intention, systems and fun. Grab her FREE audio on dialing in your biz here:

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