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Visualizing is the most powerful action step you can take to create a profitable business, great relationships and your most important dreams… and that parking spot right up front.  But most people don’t take the time. Why?

Ask yourself right now:

  • What system do I have in place now to create and keep me focused on my vision?
  • How do I stay positive on a daily basis?
  • How do I keep on track with my journey towards my ideal life?
  • What tools do I need to stay motivated and achieve all my amazing goals?

If you can’t immediately answer one (or more) of the above questions, here’s a quick and easy way for you to cover all these bases … and a lot more!

The ULTIMATE Attraction in Action Vision Board System

This rockin’ software system just keeps improving… the latest feature:

Download your personal vision board movies in high resolution (MP4 format) directly to the latest generation of touch phones (iPhone, Droid, etc.) – plus an amazing full screen high definition version for iPad users.

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This is the COOLEST way to stay connected to your vision, desires, goals and who you want to be. PLUS, you’ll fell amped all day long when you use it.

Makes a GREAT holiday gift too! What better gift than an Attraction in Action Vision Board, which will keep your loved ones inspired to manifest the life of their dreams and achieve their goals? By giving someone a Vision Board you will give them a fantastic start to the New Year. Set them up right for 2011!


AND when you purchase during the month of December you’ll receive (along with 12 bonuses already valued at $1200) these two additional bonus gifts:

Extra Bonus #1: My ideal Life” 10-minute meditation, takes you through a detailed visualization of your perfect life. Use this recording to visualize your vision for 2011!

Extra Bonus #2: Receive a never before published ‘Special Report’: “How to define your New Year’s Resolutions and Guarantee their Success”, which will set you up for success in 2011, right from the start!

What are you waiting for? Attraction in Action Vision Board!

 “Do you think the main reason people don’t visualize is because it’s too hard or because it’s too easy?” –Mike Dooley

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Extreme Mental Sports

Extreme Mental SportsSuccess in any arena comes down to one thing, mental focus. If you can focus your mental and emotional mind on the end outcome you will then have the capacity to focus on the details that need to happen in between.

In fact, skill becomes secondary when you are able to focus on what is needed in the moment. You can over come any fear, lack of knowledge and physical coordination when you can focus the mind.

Seven years ago, when I was getting my skydiving license, I got stuck on level four. In that portion of the testing I had to do left and right hand 360° turns. I failed four times. I was ready to give up. I was frustrated and it was costing me a pretty penny each time I went back up in the air to try again.

Finally I got an instructor who pointed out why I was failing. This helped me in knowing how to correct it but I also had a lot of fear about getting injured, which was making my body tense. A tense body works against you in any sport. So, I did what any coach would do, I went to another coach for coaching.

My friend, Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success, was responsible for getting several of our friends into this sport and he happened to be at the drop zone the day I was ready to quit. When I asked him what I should do all he said was, “Jeanna, I think you’ll pass your next go round. Just do it.” What?! No coaching me on my fears, no strategic advice. DARN! Now it was simply up to me to get my head back in the game.

I decided that this was it, no more failing, only a pass score on this jump would be accepted. Of course, that’s exactly what happened. I have no recollection of “doing” anything different on that jump when it came to my body, but the mental and emotional focus on passing was 100% percent there.

  Extreme Mental Sports2When I delivered my second son, just a couple of weeks ago, I had a similar experience. I had back labor because my son was turned the wrong way, which is really painful. I was focusing the awareness of my breath to relax into each painful contraction. Even when I thought I was relaxing into it, my midwife would point out different places in my body that were tensing up, like my shoulders and face.

I had to keep digging deep within myself to focus on my breath and not the pain or fear. My first son was turned the wrong way during delivery and had to be “vacuumed out and then sent to ICU for a couple of days. I had that painful memory fresh in my mind, even though I had done my best to let go of it.

I asked my Inner Guidance to find the courage and focus to relax even more. I let breathing be my only focus. It worked. I was aware, in the moment, of how much easier it all got when I deliberately used my mind in this way. It’s the same for all things we wish to accomplish. We have to make focusing on winning the only focus when it comes to attracting more money, easier relationships and healing any malfunction of the body. It can all be done with extreme mental sports. Let the games begin!

Jeanna Gabellini, is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 20 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits. Get your complimentary Biz Building CD “Transforming from Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader” for the entrepreneur who wants to be a SUPERpreneur: Biz Building CD

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High Payoff Actions

High Payoff ActionsWouldn’t it be great if there were a magic formula you could follow to know what actions to take, and when, so that you could always get the best results in every project or business you focus on?

There really isn’t a cookie cutter, step-by-step plan that you can use to prioritize action steps. However, there is a way to determine the highest pay off actions you personally should take. I’m going to use the example of growing a business to demonstrate my process for choosing actions that pay off.

  1. Decide your desired outcome. I always create a one-year plan for my business, but then I break down more detailed actions for each quarter. This quarter my focus is to get all of my marketing materials done for two upcoming teleseminars, a live event and for a complimentary cd I will be offering on my website. I want things to be done several weeks before necessary deadlines so that my team isn’t scrambling at the last minute and I can spend more time with my new baby.
  2. Know what gives you peace. While being productive and monetizing a business are very important, being stressed out to get there should never be allowed. Take time to make boundaries and create practices for your workdays that will give you a sense of peace. A peaceful mind is a creative mind that will produce amazing ideas, solutions and strategies. A peaceful person has few health, people and money dramas in their life.
  3. Make a monthly and weekly plan for action. Strategically choose your TOP three desired outcomes for each month that will support your quarterly plan. Obviously some items will come before others due to timing issues. So evaluate those first. I had to create my schedule of seminars before I could calendar out my marketing plan. Other outcomes should be based on your level of enthusiasm. While it doesn’t sound very strategic to choose high pay actions this way, in the long run you’ll profit. If you’re excited about it, you’ll complete it and your confidence level will rise. This always produces growth in a business.
  4. Make a daily plan that includes strategical and peace-making actions. I’m a huge of fan of planning a day that includes no more than six to eight action items. I never start my day without writing down my top six. How can you be on purpose and focus if you haven’t deliberately chosen what will set you up to win?My daily plan always includes my three top peace making actions: yoga, walk and rampage of appreciation. While the typical CEO may not consider these high payoff actions, I would fully disagree. Because I take care of my emotional state, every strategical thing I do in my company yields me better and bigger results. I don’t experience chaos or last minute dramas during my workdays. I am able to complete projects in minutes rather than hours. I have access to my Inner Business Expert at all times because I am in the flow.

    I usually get several additional action items done with ease as a result of the way I choose my high payoff actions.

  5. Never let what didn’t get done be your cause for angst. Trust that the items you choose to accomplish each day are the ideal ones to grow your business. The rest must be released from your mind. You have to give yourself the space to be present to whatever actions you are doing. You can’t do it all, so don’t even try. Guilt and pressure have never been an ideal way to motivate anyone so why would you play into that?

Jeanna Gabellini, is a Master Business Coach who assists high achieving entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & their teams to leverage fun, systems and intentionality for high-octane results. An entrepreneur for 20 years she has a treasure trove of kick-butt tools to give you peace & profits.   A Gift For You! Get your complimentary Business Building Audio CD “Transforming from Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader” for the entrepreneur who wants to be a SUPERpreneur:

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Money Manifesting is the Name of the Game this Holiday Season!

Money Manifesting is the Name of the Game this Holiday Season
You KNOW my biz partner, Eva and I are masters at putting the fun back into the game of creating more than enough money and joy in your life.  We’ve been teaching people to shift their money vibe for over a decade. It’s time to stop talking about it and do something about it. It’s time for you to have more prosperity, security and freedom in your life.

THIS MONTH ONLY we are offering for the first time ever, a Prosperity Mega Bundle.  It’s four of our top-selling downloadable products, packaged together, at a price you won’t be able to resist!

Get it for yourself … and / or for a gift.

“FINALLY someone has put together a level-headed guide on how to easily attract money when you need it NOW.”
—Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Marketing

Here are just some of the benefits from the products in this powerful gift package:

•    Proven 3-step formula for easily creating wealth and prosperity in every area of your life.
•    Learn to shift your energy from negative to positive within seconds.
•    How to let go of limiting beliefs.
•    Exercises and processes you can put to use right away.
•    How to clearly and precisely hear your Inner Guide.
•    Transform your every how, what, and when question into instant answers.
•    How to take what you know about the Law of Attraction to the next level.
•    Learn to ‘read’ for other people by tapping into your Spiritual Guides.
•    E-X-P-A-N-D your capacity to receive the things you want in life.
•    The truth about Universal Laws and how to use them practically to get money FAST!
•    How to deactivate old beliefs and activate new ones so you make more money.
•    Marketing tools guaranteed to work regardless of what business you are in.
•    A very easy process to raise and manage your energy so you can draw money to you.
•    And much, much more!

The full retail value of this offer is $311.90 …

Our Prosperity Mega Bundle Steal of a Deal = $199!

Go get your prosperity game on! Mega Prosperity Bundle

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