Are you Really using Attraction to Manifest Money?

Are you Really using Attraction to Manifest MoneyIt’s not enough to be aware of the Law of Attraction. You’ve got to
get the dynamics of the principles in the cells of your body, on a conscious

For over a decade we’ve experienced many people who say they know Law of
Attraction. We’ve even listened to people who say they are experts in
Attraction. But after listening for a bit, it becomes evident that they’ve only
got pieces of it.

It’s not rocket science but there sure are some minor details, that when
left to chance, can sabotage the path to manifesting your most important goals.
And, it is especially important to infuse your business with these

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ImagineI’ve bungled up quite a few awesome manifestations in my life with the thought,“This feels too easy. Can I get away with this?!” And pretty soon thereafter, trouble stirred. Since thoughts create things,I practice trusting that things get to be easy and stay easy. Now I live that experience daily. It wasn’t easy. It took a ton of practice.

For all of you who get scared that something is too good to be true or you think life only gives you good stuff after you’ve worked hard enough, long enough, and paid your dues…think again. My graphic artist and friend, Susan, sent me this poem that she wrote below a couple of days ago. It’s one of those ones you need to print out and read again and again.

Imagine a life where it only gets better and better. How good can you stand it?!


Have you ever been truly within reach of your heart’s deepest desire? Right there, teetering, on the edge of everything you dared to expect?

You wiggle your toes often — just to verify they’re actually still on the ground… and sometimes, you’re not actually sure they are.

What is that tingle quivering in your gut? The anticipation or the terror? to jump, with your heart wide open, and exposed …again.

What is that accelerated heart pound that makes your skin sizzle with magic? Confirmation, or purely a rocket of desire flying full-throttle into wishful thinking?

But what if – just imagine … the rush of in-your-soul-knowing you still believed it was not only possible, but actually happening?

People who say dreams don’t come true, must not dare to have any. For I know some who are so blessed, it’s surreal to realize it can, in fact, be too good and true too.

The wonder of it– this human capacity to experience dreaming the “impossible” and then actually getting to live it too!

It makes my head spin and my heart soar.

-Susan Johnson

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Make It a Game

Make It a GameEver notice that when you want something really bad that you make the process of getting it harder than it has to be? It’s not a unique situation. You decide you want something. It feels a little (or a lot) out of your reach. You feel you have to get it or your life just won’t be as good. You’re emotionally attached and uptight now. You start feeling that pushy and controlling energy bubbling up. Fear of not getting the desire starts rearing its ugly head. Now it’s no longer uplifting to think about it.

When the process of getting the goal becomes hard, make it a game. When you’re trying to shift a belief or a habit and you’re going nowhere fast, make it a game. If you’re doing a chore that needs to be done, but you’re hating it, make it a game. Creating a fun and simple game shifts your perspective and makes the manifesting journey more pleasant and shorter.

Here are some ideas for increasing your money flow:

•    Log all money that comes to you in a journal. Whether it’s a new client or you find a penny on the ground, log it. If you are shopping for a new toaster and you get it on sale for $10 off, write it down. Acknowledge your money magnetism and counting each cent as evidence that you are in the flow with money. This keeps your focus on the money you do have, not the money that it isn’t here yet.

•    Set a small money goal each day or week. If on average you pull in $2000 a week, focus on $2100 a week. As soon as you get $2100, focus on $2200. This makes the target bigger, but not so big that it seems hard.

•    Make a list of what you are going to do with your money once you manifest the desired amount. For instance, I’m in the middle of an ongoing house remodel. So, the first thing I focused on after the bulk of remodel was done was picking out water faucets. I shopped until I found the most perfect choices and then decided the date by which I’d buy them. Once the money came in, I did the same process with ceiling fans for every room. Then, onto the six-burner range with convection oven and a dishwasher. By focusing on what the money would buy me, I got very excited and took inspired actions toward the purchases.

You can also make a game of attracting new clients and customers:

•    Contact a certain number of people each day for new business. I’m not necessarily talking about cold calling. Make contact with people who can connect you with your target market. People who you know already but who may not know you are looking for new clients. Follow up on new or old leads. It’s just about connecting, not focusing on the selling.

•    Get five people to say no to you each day. I played this game and filled my coaching practice. I would ask people if they knew someone who’d like coaching or if they’d like a sample session to taste my style of coaching. I rarely got five no responses in one day because so many people said yes. When you focus on getting a “No,” it takes away the fear of rejection.

When doing chores:

•    If I’m pruning roses, I tell myself I’ll fill three buckets or prune two bushes and then I’ll stop.

•    You can set time limits as to when you’ll finish the job and see how much you can accomplish in that time frame. Add some high-energy music to the mix for extra oomph or take along your favorite smoothie, coffee drink, or cocktail!

•    Ask a friend or family member for help. When my son is in the garden with me, I can work for hours. Or when I was moving, two of my friends came over and made me show them everything in my closet and they voted if I could keep it or not. They made a job to which I had complete resistance very easy.

You can make anything into a game. Even the most serious of circumstances, like health issues or looking for employment are worthy of a game. Taking things serious is seriously over rated. ;-)

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The Prosperity Challenge is BACK - No Cost Teleclass
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Pleasing Yourself

Pleasing Yourself
Can you imagine a life where you only said yes to things that you really wanted to do?

I’m talking about truly only doing the things you want to do. This means you never go to any affair out of obligation. You never did another favor for someone unless you really wanted to. You could change any plan at the last minute because something better did come along. You could watch movies in the middle of a weekday. You could have sex out in nature with your mate just because it’s Thursday. You could drop a few grand on a new toy because you were near some sand and needed something to ride on it.

  •     Can you imagine a life where you followed your bliss and you
    were making a great income?
  •     Can you imagine having the best time and all of the details
    always worked out
  •     Can you imagine being able to honor others when they
    to live in that same way?
  •     Can you imagine never taking anything personal because nothing is personal?
  •     Can you imagine living in freedom rather than dreaming
    about it?
  •     Can you imagine saying no to people who bring you down, stress you or depress you?
  •     Can you imagine having only stimulating conversations?
  •     Can you imagine crossing off one or two things a week on your “someday”
  •     Can you imagine never worrying about money again?
  •     Can you imagine always knowing that you’ll always get
    your needs met
  •     Can you imagine loving your body and soul?
  •     Can you imagine never disrespecting anyone?
  •     Can you imagine living your dream?
  •     Can you imagine that all it takes is saying yes to living in
    this kind of manner to make it real?

Pleasing yourself is the only way to true fulfillment, prosperity and joy. Funny thing is, it’ll also end up creating happy people around you. It’s your life. You decide. If not now, when?

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Abundant Practices

Creating daily practices for success is always a big focus when I first begin working with a client. The trick is to make sure that the stuff you say you want to practice is a “want to” not a “have to”.

The practices that most people want to focus on have to do with exercising, eating, action steps to take while working, cleaning, reading and bookkeeping.

I’d like to suggest that you also have practices that support you in feeling and acting abundant. Not just abundant with money but to also know that your world is bursting with abundance of all good things.

If you feel a shortage of time, daily practices for you might be:

  1. Reading a fun book for 15 minutes
  2. Blocking out time for special projects you’ve been meaning to do
  3. Before you get up in the morning intend for time to feel expansive

If you feel a shortage of confidence, daily practices for you might be:

  1. Do one thing that you know you are good at (a sport, cooking, puzzles, writing articles)
  2. Write five things you love about yourself
  3. Make a list of your successes for the day

If you feel a shortage of money, daily practices for you might be:

  1. Carry $100, $500 or $1000 in your wallet at all times
  2. Virtually (in your imagination) spend money on two things you’d like
  3. Write a list of five ways money has served you well in the past
  4. Pretend money is your BEST friend, what would you say to it?

If you feel a shortage of luxury, daily practices for you might be:

  1. Drinking amazing wine, tea, coffee and/or eating your favorite foods
  2. Spend 15 minutes or more doing something you usually reserve for only when it’s the weekend or when you’re on vacation
  3. Wear an expensive piece of jewelry or something that reminds you of your current abundance
  4. Fresh flowers always in the house

You have abundance in your life right now. Daily practices that encourage you to enjoy it will allow you to create more joy and abundance.

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